beauty in the simple everyday of our world

she sits up on a hill,
just behind my own home.
she was built over 100 years ago
yet her charm is daily, fresh treasure for me.
it was a normal busy day,
driving my little one to & from tumbling class.
6:00 pm
the magic hour.
the sun begins her adieu~
her loyal promise that she’ll return with new mercies as her gift.
new merics of the promise of a new day
i saw her peeking over the charming 100 year old farmhouse
& the image took my breath away.
photography is the medium in which i capture a moment such as this.
moments that i wish lasted longer than the blink of an eye.
whether in the laughter of one of my daughters
or the simple elegance of an orchid
the joy in my golden as he rolls in the grass
the hands of my strong loyal husband wrapped around my own
the waves along the emerald coast
& the sunset.
each are moments i love to come back to over & over.
each are reminders that there is beauty in the simple every day of our world.
i’m friends with the precious family that lives in that charming home.
they love her & they love her history.
i know the simple grandeur of the sunset over their property is a daily miracle
not lost on them…
but is it lost on us?
i know there are days where the “to-do” list is unforgiving
when the emergencies in life require our focus
or when we walk through the valley of the shadows
in which
¬†our vision is not fully intune with all that’s around us
on the simple sweet days
my hope is that i not miss the simple grandeur of the every day.
back to her…
she sits up on a busy street
where the people in my community bustle back & forth between
their work & their play.
to me, however, her presence serves as a reminder
all wrapped in lush greenery
behind a circular drive
& beside an equally charming barn
to be grateful for the simple beauty around me.
i don’t live on a rolling pasture.
my daily view is not that of snow topped mountains
or of the ocean waves that i dearly love.
but each day i can find & focus on the beautiful.
i can cultivate a heart grateful for the priceless pleasures 
found in the simple everyday of my world.