blogging, birthdays & a special easter discount

honestly i hesitate to start a blog post with the words-around here lately. these days the struggle is real to keep up a blog. instagram is the current princess of social media and blogging feels like an awkard wallflower. instagram is so do-able and noncommittal where blogging is a labor of love and by labor i truly mean labor of love. so if i title my post, around here lately, you’re probably thinking well i know all that already thanks to my sweet little iPhone! ha!

several weeks ago i wrote a little series on organization and decluttering. i’ve meant to come back & chat a little about how i do emails, texts and a little about social media. & i will later, but i’ll tell you the honest truth, i’m a little compulsive about insta. this is a true story. i’ll probably check it a few times a day, usually a long run through as i’m trying to wake up around 5 am. but frequently i will pull it up during the day. and i will go back to the last viewed post every time. every single time.  and let me tell you why. i’m sure this sounds wonky to you guys so try to withhold social media judgement for a second. i don’t wanna miss if a friend of mine posts that her kiddo has a medical procedure coming up. i don’t wanna miss my sweet friend mae who lives in china when she shares about a special needs little one in the orphanage she is carrying for. a fun photo of my college age daughter ( this crowd is dropping off facebook by the way-and my youngest-well they probably won’t ever even use facebook) and on & on. now. both of those situations these girls text or call me if there’s something they need prayed for but sometimes a general social media announcement can be necessary. and i’m not just weird about serious things, i wanna keep up with the joyful things too. so yes, not in a weird stalkeresque wish-i-was-them mindset, but truly i treat instagram well, apparently i treat it like a princess!

wow. talk about a rabbit trail.

the weeks between valentines & april fools we celebrate four birthdays in our family of 6. savannah is valentines day. madison is march 2nd. caroline was born of the first day of spring & i’m an april fools baby.

last week we celebrated madison turning 20. i remember vividly how relatively easy her birth was.  6 pounds 6 ounces & seemingly never cried. easy to birth, easy to nurse and just an all around easy little one. so fast forward in the blink of an eye~she’s commuting to Georgia State ( full time honors student/marketing & pr double major) and works about 30 hours a week at anthropologie. teaches pure barre a few mornings a week as well. her work ethic is impressive. she’s planning on taking a maymester & then going to summer school. for this one, school is a means to an end for her. flanked by two sisters who are all about game day, greek life & school spirit, she’s all about getting out there & maybe one day living in new york, perhaps working in the fashion industry.


we hit up a new spot for dinner last week. there are many fun ( think funky, artsy, foodie spots) little areas in atlanta, one of which is the new krog street market in inman park.  superica opened a few weeks ago & is a must visit destination for sure! without a doubt, one of THE best meals i’ve ever eaten. decadent mex/tex. absolutely loved the decor & ambiance. i’m not a fancy dinner person, funky & casual are much more my speed. marque lights, cactus & succulents line the large outdoor dining area. gold cow skull and fabulous seating great you as you enter. and essentially, anywhere that includes “turn right at the large glittered gold guitar” with the directions to the restroom (which were also uber cool) is all good with me!

i lived a former life of little nick nacks everywhere. i left those days far behind & have become a fan of  less but large scale pieces, especially art. in my studio i like to trade out my canvases however my lindsay letters pieces are here to stay. they’re big. like 30×36 big. i recently ordered some 16×20’s of the girls ( savannah’s is still in production) and am super pleased. so they’re hanging out in here for a while until i decide their location. it’s kinda like a gallery wall option for the non-commital right?

sweet loyal brinky waiting for dan to walk through the door while i whip up some of edie’s honey garlic pizza.

wanna good laugh? senior photos anyone? circa ’84. i loved my hot rollers & tuxedo style white blouse. what can i say other than i sure am missing weighing 115 pounds.

speaking of a good laugh. caroline opted out of our usual steak or chicken bowl for a burrito clearly the size of her sweet little head.

art work from our compassion little man, brian. i love that he started to draw his leg then changed the scale….so sweet. i get so tickled when we receive a letter from him!

have you seen the dollar spot at target? hello watercolor goodies!

last night we celebrated caroline at the middle school basketball & cheerleading banquet! she won the award for “outstanding skill”. sweetest child. and even at 5’4″ she still allows me to call her little

and finally, i want to introduce you to a new beautiful home decor line, Ever Thine Home, founded by barbara rainey.

“Every woman’s home is an expression of who she is–her values, her faith, her relationships.She naturally gathers family and friends to celebrate holidays and special occasions. But in the busyness of life it is sometimes difficult to know how to focus on gratitude at Thanksgiving, honor Christ at Christmas or celebrate the hope of Easter in meaningful ways. We at Ever Thine Home want to help you add that which lasts forever in your home and family all year long.”

shown here is the beautiful easter banner~ featuring two sides~ the burlap side for the easter season & then a white linen option on the flip side declaring “He Is Risen”!!

use code PAIGE for 15% off your purchase!!


March 11, 2015 - 10:52 am

Julie - Instagram is awesome…Love it! But I truly love your blog posts and would miss them if you didn’t do them anymore (that’s me asking you to keep it going…totally selfish, I know :-)!! There are 2 or 3 bloggers that have truly spoken to me in a God~sent way and you are one of those people! My 17 year old daughter laughs when I say something about my “blogging friend, Paige”…while we obviously don’t know each other, you really have been a friend to me. So thanks for every post you write…I’m sure it’s a huge effort and time sacrifice but please know that you’ve been a huge blessing in my life and, I’m sure, so many others!

March 11, 2015 - 1:09 pm

Teresa H. Fields - I’m just now getting into instagram, but I still enjoy reading blogs. The main problem with blogs is I follow too many and it can take hours to catch up reading everything, so instagram helps me hit the highlights. I enjoyed your post and plan on looking into those banners – Love them!! Thanks.

March 11, 2015 - 1:57 pm

Jill - Am I missing a “return to last photo viewed” shortcut on Insta? ‘Cause I do spend lots of time scrolling! (PS – Love your insta, your blog and your senior photo xoxo)

March 11, 2015 - 2:36 pm

chrissi - beautiful then. beautiful now. (i miss those shirts too.)

March 11, 2015 - 2:46 pm

Ella - Paige,
I just love your senior photo. So classic & beautiful, you look like Savannah. I enjoy reading your lately posts, since they say more than instagram.

March 11, 2015 - 4:52 pm

Jen - I follow you on instagram and love the pics that you post, but it could never replace your blog! I love your blog posts. i keep hearing rumblings that blogging is dead… being replaced by instagram. I just don’t see it. Instagram is like saying “hi/bye” to someone in the street. Reading your blog is like having a real conversation. I never leave comments, and maybe I should. Keep up the good work, lady!!

March 11, 2015 - 7:36 pm

christina - ooohhhh heavens! i think you have a typo here, Paige. your senior pictures couldn’t have been in 1984. maybe 1994 is what you meant to say! or maybe those were your graduation from middle school pics you found? i do remember those shirts – i think i had one in white and a weird, funky, crazy blue. don’t judge … i wore them with these huge genie pants (think mc hammer). (i can’t believe i just admitted to that, but feel like i should have hung on to them because the new eileen fisher catalog just came in and they’re in there!). but there’s no way you are my age. just not possible.

March 11, 2015 - 8:40 pm

LORI H - I was going to write exactly what commenter Jen wrote – I would miss blogs and especially yours so much! I joined Instagram but forget to look at it 🙂
Your senior photo is beautiful – but that is no surprise!

March 11, 2015 - 9:39 pm

marcie - So seriously addicted to IG!!

March 11, 2015 - 9:40 pm

marcie - So addicted to IG!!!!!

March 11, 2015 - 9:47 pm

Lori H - I hesitate to say this – i am sure iG seems easy and self-explanatory but maybe a blog post on the ins and outs of iG?

March 11, 2015 - 10:50 pm

Kellie - Your canvases of your girls are inspiring me to drag my big camera with me to Florida! I took your advice (thank you!) and went through VRBO and found a house close to Seaside…those folks IN Seaside are proud of their rentals…$$$$$….as I suppose they should be since the town is so wonderful!

March 17, 2015 - 3:35 pm

Tammie - Paige,
I am not going to write the same words over that Julie ( in your comment section) wrote but she spoke word for word from my brain. I LOVE you your blog and pictures so much. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration to me, like she said even though we haven’t met. I do however realize what a time commitment it is as I have started a couple of my own and stop as I feel I don’t have enough to write about. Whatever you choose I will totally understand however you will be TOTALLY missed if you decide to stop. I am also being greedy and hoping you don’t stop the blogging but there is a few I follow faithfully and they are all saying the same thing. Thanks for all you have given to me even though it wasn’t necessarily done for me.

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