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dancing with the highs & the lows

we laid there & laughed, fairly loudly actually. especially since it was only 5 something in the morning. we hadView full post »

blogging, birthdays & a special easter discount

honestly i hesitate to start a blog post with the words-around here lately. these days the struggle is real to keep up aView full post »

college football, birthday boys & belonging

months ago, madison had a fabulous idea–how ’bout we celebrate dad & take everyone to the collegeView full post »

birthday blessing from a friend

emi turned 18 friday and while i could be a totally cliche mom & say “well that went by in a blink&#View full post »

a beautiful baby girl turns one

earlier this spring i photographed an absolutely beautiful baby girl at her home. we had hopes of capturing the extendedView full post »


last night before we said goodnight to everyone, i began to reminisce about the days leading up to caroline’sView full post »

i wish i had an emily in my life when i was 17

august 23. 1996. i brought sweet emi home from the hospital late that afternoon. she was born the evening prior –View full post »

so let me tell you a little bit about her~

thanks to day light savings, it’s now dark when i wake caroline up for school in the morning. the sun was justView full post »

18. the highs & the lows

i think for every age our children hit, we mamas must think to ourselves, “my goodness, they’re growing upView full post »

just a little bit of the lately

don’t you just love instagram? it’s all the fun and none of the  drama of our beloved facebook. the onlyView full post »

my valentines day birthday girl turns 20!

i’ve spent some time the last few days thinking about your upcoming birthday. besides the fact that i can’tView full post »

he chose us

it was the most gorgeous, perfect day. the idyllic beach day i dream of all year long. the water was crystal clear andView full post »

sweet 16 week of celebration

dan & i were headed out last night to a fancy dinner of mellow mushroom pizza all by our sweet little selves &View full post »

what i hope you know sweet girl….

 We will not hide these truths from our children;    we will tell the next generationabout the glorious deeds ofView full post »

sorority formals & surprise parties

  for years i worked primarily weekends & holidays. since leaving my position at the hospital i have loved beingView full post »