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a little more love left for november

before november becomes but a distant memory and for posterity if  nothing else, i’d love to share a few memoriesView full post »

so many things to share

first of all i want to thank you for reaching out this week. it’s so weird how just talking about gregg’sView full post »

did you feel it?

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” psalm 19.1 i clearly needView full post »

joy in it’s purest form

sweet friend, thank you for the great honor & privilege of capturing your family. it was honestly a bittersweetView full post »

emi in the middle & a gift for your teenager

for all you young mamas, i will tell you, that toddler who is wearing you out and is learning to shout say sweetly &#View full post »

expectations and possibilities

i was recently chatting with a precious young mama friend of mine. we were discussing working from home, busy householdsView full post »

am i ready for school to start?

my three youngest daughters start back to school wednesday. madison is actually duel-enrolling this year, which meansView full post »

beauty and laughter at 96

the other evening dan & i went to our local mexican joint for a quick bite with the blue eyes. we’re regularsView full post »

beach pics? saddle up. here we go.

morning friends! i have to give fair warning because i don’t want anyone dropping in over here in the next twoView full post »


we rolled in late saturday night, suntanned and each with a little “been riding in the car all day” headacheView full post »

& he became a daddy…

we were wrapping up a date night together, sitting on the stairway beside what we affectionately refer to as the skinnyView full post »

stand by your man–the anniversary edition

fourteen years ago he vowed to be with me forever. to love only me.  he bent down on one knee and placed a pearlView full post »

18. the highs & the lows

i think for every age our children hit, we mamas must think to ourselves, “my goodness, they’re growing upView full post »

tumbling, a new driver & DECA domination

caroline is at the age where we feel she needs to choose between dance & tumbling/competitive cheering.  with bothView full post »

my little women and a Hallelujah cover

i knew the first time i drove up to this gorgeous historic mansion that i wanted to photograph my own girls here. (View full post »