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wordpress, logos & a noonday sale

  morning friends! i wanted to give ya’ll a heads up~ i’m making the move & switching to wordpress!! iView full post »

helping them find their way & a fall sneak peek from John Wind

  i think one of the most challenging aspects of parenting is helping our children find their way through the maze ofView full post »

book club, a few good books & a give away

  my router has been giving me fits all day  so this post has taken me all morning to get rolling… anyways ifView full post »

boots, big events, boys & a thinning crowd at the dinner table

hello friends!  a few of you asked about the boots savannah was wearing in yesterday’s post, here.  they’View full post »

all in a day’s work

can i just tell you that staying up until midnight night after night to follow the olympics is i haveView full post »


i apparently am unable to blog in real time. if you follow me on instagram i apologize as you either have seen some ofView full post »

loving on a special friend

one of the sweetest aspects of blogging is the precious friendships i’ve been blessed to make.some of my closestView full post »

hello monday. you started mighty early…

  lisa leonard does these cute “hello monday” posts & since i’m feeling a little fuzzy havingView full post »

westside urban market & flip burger boutique

westside urban market is my latest crush here in atlanta. for some reason i thought it was significantly further awayView full post »

a holiday, simplified

it’s so funny the last few days. each time i’ve opened an email  or read a comment from the last post orView full post »

thank you & a few answers too

  first of all i want to thank ya’ll for being such a big encouragement to madison. talking about weight loss &#View full post »

a generation of peace

one of my favorite aspects of parenting is when, as the parent, i have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired byView full post »

key lime pie with my blue eyed girls

only during the lazy days of summer would i feel it necessary to document the making of a key lime pie  with no lessView full post »

the lately through a new lens

actually that’s not true. i don’t have a new lens  but the alliteration was smoother than  “lifeView full post »

pink lemonade cupcakes & a nora fleming freebie

madison’s love language is baking.  cupcakes are her specialty. often times at night before she turns in, she&#View full post »