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a conviction, a cause & a sponsor

i can’t remember the first time i ran across the Noonday Collection but i do remember vividly  the day i felt aView full post »

My launch party for Noonday & 1,000 images

  i had no idea what to expect for my first noonday party. i wondered will my friends come? will they like the jewelryView full post »

always be ready to share your story

no way.  i’m not a public speaker. everyone has already heard my story. what if no one comes. what if only fourView full post »

open house & one of the stories i love…

today’s a big day for me, i open my home to introduce my Noonday Collection!! i’m super excited! the storiesView full post »

entertaining an angel unaware

we all love a good story. especially when the under dog ends up the hero. we love it when the unexpected character risesView full post »

modern day world changers

 {wynne elder, krista box, jessica honegger & me) i’m not a fan of long wordy posts myself so i apologizeView full post »

Noonday collection ambassador!!

   {jessica, the founder of noonday & her little fella Jack recently brought into their family this fall} i’View full post »

doing something now

i was signed up to volunteer for Passion 2012, long story short, it logistically proved to be something i couldn’tView full post »

we need to go out & “do”, mom

i’m going to apologize in advanceas this post is a long one with loads of pictures& hopefully two videos toView full post »

i have a story for you….& passion 2012

 i have an awesome story for you….it began several months ago, i hinted about it but now it’s time to shareView full post »

do you see Him? He’s here with us….

before i begin i want you to know, i humbly took these images of a gorgeous new home around the corner from my own homeView full post »

Peace of Thread giveaway

i want to introduce you to a wonderful organization, Peace of Thread.i purchased the bag pictured above & LOVE theView full post »

my friends….&The Pearl Event

we met through blogging. we have become the best of friends. we’ve laughed together and cried together too. weView full post »

He doesn’t give up on YOU!

You paid my ransom You chose to suffer Love I cannot deny Sure as the morning light Jesus, my Redeemer Now I am notView full post »