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i wish i had an emily in my life when i was 17

august 23. 1996. i brought sweet emi home from the hospital late that afternoon. she was born the evening prior –View full post »

just you wait!

his christmas gift to her was a surprise. tickets to see The Nutcracker, at The Fox Theatre. while we watched madison¬†View full post »

a generation of peace

one of my favorite aspects of parenting is when, as the parent, i have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired byView full post »

a post from emily….

today i’d love to share emi’s follow up letter from her mission trip to Peru this summer. i posted aboutView full post »

highs & lows

***update*** we received a call …she does indeed have a broke tibia. we won’t get the full report untilView full post »

things look better this morning

ok…sounds like things are looking much better. they still don’t have an xray but feel like she’sView full post »

please pray for emi

i got a call a couple of hours ago, emily has hurt her this point without an xray they don’t know if sheView full post »

Godspeed sweet baby girl

¬†i woke up yesterday and asked the Lord to give me some special verses not for myself but ones that would encourage orView full post »

Emily’s mission trip to Peru!

i am so very proud of my emily.several months ago she came to us & asked if we would allow her to go on her firstView full post »