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i will possibly be away from my blog for a couple days so i wanted to give you a heads up if you wish to read onView full post »

real housewife? you bet…

madison came home from school yesterday  &  realized i was still sporting the same yoga pants & tshirt thatView full post »

they grew up

 they were best friends with my madison in kindergarten through 3rd grade. we trick or treated, beach tripped &View full post »

what a hoot

once upon a time, i thought owls were ugly. we would visit gregg’s mom’s home, she had owl pictures, owlView full post »

her love language

do you know your child’s love language?  i think it’s one of the most fascinating discoveries  to find outView full post »

so you think you can dance

i’ve been known to crank up  the tunes during our post dinner clean up time. sometimes i surprise the girls withView full post »

madi, the mystic, morrison and meringue

yesterday after fiddling with html codes& online work/computer issuesi ended up with a big whopping headache. View full post »


1. i ran 7 miles yesterday.  the last time i ran 7 miles, i was in my 20’s.    ice ice baby was the #1 song (View full post »

to read or not to read

after seeing both the Harry Potter movie & Voyage of the Dawn Treader over the holidays, both of which are two ofView full post »

my new photoblog & 365

one of the projects i am challenging myself with this year is the 365. i love the thought of a photo a day however i&#View full post »

a few of my favorite things-the red edition

1. Tolix chairs owning these chairs just might be life changing for me. i kid you not. i am totally crushing on red butView full post »

on the edge of seventeen

she’ll turn 18 on valentines day 18? where did that one go? am i really old enough to have an 18 year old? wasn&#View full post »

my brinkley

  three years ago after the passing of my two dogs, both of whom were around the age of 14 a yellow lab & a greatView full post »

brunch & a ballgame

so, we’re moving into snowday #4 i can wear jammies all day with the best of ’em however the charm is slowlyView full post »

my morning game plan

i am not a list person. something about looking at a list overwhelms me and makes me feel all hemmed in. if i were toView full post »