in this house



we met a few years ago and i instantly fell in love with her. she’s hilarious. she does not remotely take her self seriously. she has a heart to encourage each & every person she meets. she loves her children & hubby fiercely. she loves my girls & my man. she loves well ya’ll. she loves well.

she’s one of  the very first to cheer on, champion, cry, be silly, whatever i need. always. and i know i am not the only friend she is this person for.

she leaves money in random places…out in public… just to do a kind thing.

she leaves drinks and treats out by her trashcan because those men could use a treat. in florida. in the summer.

she pays it forward. she gives. she never stops. its unreal really.

she was part of the dream team- off the chart- insanely gifted- creatives that birthed cow appreciation day. like THE day. for all of chickfila.

but what she desires most is to raise her girls in a home that loves BIG and finds JOY everyday and she points to JESUS. always.

yesterday courtney’s book released and i could NOT stop thinking about her and how her influence is reaching and encouraging mamas everyone….and not just mamas, but all the unseen ripples that roll out through those she influences.


“So, on one hand, let’s have fun and lighten up and get out the silly string and air guitars. Let’s be intentional about creating an environment of affection and joy in our home. Let’s close up our computers and ride bikes more often. And at the same time, let’s not waste a single opportunity to teach our kids to live out the virtues that can shape their hearts. They live in our homes for only a brief moment, but the lessons they learn and the love they experience will travel with them all their lives. So let’s lighten up and get serious. Both. And.”

courtney defeo, in this house we will giggle

12 virtues & 12 activities to guide you!

congratulations my friend!!!!!!

now go forth & giggle!!


October 11, 2014 - 7:50 am

tara - AGREE.
She’s the real deal.
There is NOTHING prettier than a person who can celebrate others!

She has been a huge cheerleader for me, too.

Praying her book sells like hotcakes.

October 22, 2014 - 2:48 pm

Pat - Thanks so much for sharing! I absolutely love performing RAOK’s, especially the anonymous ones. I receive more from it than those that are recipients. I hope this book sells out and another printing happens! Off to purchase my copy ~