merry christmas in the kitchen

morning friends! as promised, today i’ll begin posting sources for you from the Holiday House Walk 2015. first i must tell you-in years past i’ve used my wide angle lens to photograph the interior of our home. well…this year i forgot that i had sold that lens until it was time to get things ready to shoot & i didn’t have time to go rent one. it probably doesn’t really matter to you but it’s bugged me all along. not having my wide angle forced me to photograph more vignettes & less fuller range of a space. photographing without the wider angle lens made everything just appear more cluttered than the feel you get when you see the entire space. sigh.

over the years i’ve really become a less is more person with my decor. since i have some special collections, i love grouping those like objects all together. i feel this is a happy marriage for my once-collector and my now-minimalist personalities. the mob mentality of grouping like objects together makes them appear as “one” verses scattered all over the place…which also makes more of a fun impact. but what do i know?!

vintage ornaments & bottle brush trees are two of the things i’ve loved to collect and have done so for years & years. often times i place the ornaments all in a very large primitive bowl & display that on our dining table but i decided to mix it up a little this year. another thing you’ll notice is that i sorta changed the decor a couple times. and truth be told i’ve changed it up a smidge since these photos were taken.

i used both a large wooden tray from magnolia market ( which i think they’ve discontinued but you can find others here) & then a weathered feed trough that i picked up at sugarboo & co. the large wooden tray is ginormous & in reality can’t live on the kitchen table all month, but made for a fun impact for a few weeks.

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O Holy Night sign ~Between you & me etsy

lindsey letters art:~ pine on snow watercolor & do not be afraid canvas. as are the watercolor abstract postcards ( great for gift tags too!)

large linen covered message board~ a rare DIY by yours truly. as easy as it looks. trust me

feather print~ lemonade makin mama

gold frame is antique & found at country living fair

metal cake stands ~Isabella Bleu.

metal soap dish~ magnolia market

bottle brush wreath with vintage ornaments~ boxwoods

kitchen console & metal chairs ~world market

kitchen table ~custom made

chandelier ~ballard designs

condiment board is from anthropologie as are the pastel trees in the kitchen. the white ones were found at star provisions

gold lamp ~nate burkus at target

stockings & pom garland~ anthropologie

metal chicken trough~ sugarboo & co

dried wreath~ jenni bowlin at country living fair

large wooden tray~ magnolia market

favorite kitchen soap & hand lotion~ murhcison~hume (use PK20 for 20% off!!)


December 10, 2015 - 9:22 am

Lisa Mothersead - I knew something looked different about Christmas photos!! Still super cute. Always notice that cool metal soap dish. Think I need one and need to stop using those antibacterial pump soaps so much. What bar soaps do you use/work well?

December 10, 2015 - 2:16 pm

Linda Stoll - Fragile vintage ornaments paired up with big ol’ wood boxes. YES!! Love this …

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