oops i didn’t blow out the candle & current crush

i came downstairs this morning & realized i had forgotten to blow out my new candle!!! have mercy. i coulda swore i did that the last thing before i shut everything down. so after i said a prayer of thanksgiving (i’m not being funny) i thought…well….it’s a good thing i love the fragrance of this new candle because our home will now smell like coastal capri until next thursday. then i thought i need to tell my friends how yummy this candle is & while i’m at it, i haven’t shared some current crush goodies in a while.

so here we go!

1. capri blue coastal 

i am super picky about fragrance in general, especially artificial scents. febreeze? gag. so candle purchases can be a little risky for me as well. something smells lovely in the shop but after 30 minutes in my home i’m often times regretting my decision.  i’m almost always safe with sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla, musk, etc ( hello hippie girl) but basically every capri blue candle is wonderful. i love this new scent & the beautiful sea-glass like jar.04paigeknudsen.com



2. fashionABLE ~~ this link will also provide you with 10% off your purchase, good for two weeks 🙂 so jump on it!

ya’ll know i love many socially minded businesses & fashionABLE is one of them. i’m crushing on two of their pieces:

the ABLE scarf designed by the fabulous erin loechner ( the next two images below are hers). “the story of fashionABLE is women sharing what they are ABLE to do when provided an opportunity, and this scarf has those statements written on it, making a bold statement of your support of empowering women with jobs! there’s a tag fastened to every fashionABLE product, as each scarf is named after one of the heroic women who make the fashionABLE products. It’s a declaration of sorts; a statement of gratitude for the role a job has played in her life. Tigist, who is ABLE to dream of her future again. Mehari, who is ABLE to send her children to school. Alem, who is ABLE to raise her family well. Teshome, who is ABLE to support her little sisters.”


the mamuye tote. honestly have you ever seen a more gorgeous leather bag? made with distressed leather in ethiopia & kenya. just gorgeous. if you google this baby you’ll see it all over pinterest & carried by some fabulously stylish celebs as well. 07paigeknudsen.com


3. bourbon & boweties bangles. carol & company is offering free shipping on these cuties as we speak.  beautiful worn alone & super fun all stacked!


4. she reads truth has a summer shop! this mint & gold racer back tank is so fun!


5. the love project~ morning star foundation. global issues are often times so hard to wrap our minds around. poverty/hunger/the orphan crisis/devastating natural disasters. the list goes on. while it’s seemingly impossible to wrap our minds around the magnitude of these issues, it’s not so hard to wrap our hearts around helping….just help how you can with what you have. several talented artists have come together to create art to support families who are faced with the possibility of life altering surgery for their children with congenital heart defects. my sweet friend meredith toering volunteers with Morning Star Foundation. she helps run a foster home in China that provides care for babies with various forms of congenital heart defects.  a few months ago she & ashley ann from under the sycamore dreamed up a way to help families…right where they are with what they have. and we can join them… check it out…. the love project

thelove project

6. noonday collection is having a serious sale! many of these pieces are 75 % off! what?!

a couple things you might wanna look at~

the botanical bag ~ originally $78~ now $19.50!! ( twenty bucks? no brainer for this great bag!)

peruvian sterling bangle, originally $275~ now $137.50!! ( pricey but this wears like a gorgeous piece of jewelry)

soaring high necklace originally $38~ now $28.50 ( i sell this at every trunk show)

bottom line. there are a bunch of great pieces on sale for great prices!! and once they’re gone, they’re gone!!



21paige knudsen noonday


ta-da!! enjoy!! and always make sure you blow out your candles before you go nighty night!!

June 12, 2015 - 7:56 pm

jodi - oh my goodness, girl…I have done that with a candle before…what a way to wake up and scare you to death! I too love anthro candles….how devine. I am totally with you…hello hippy girl; patchouli…prob my fav! 🙂

lovin’ your current crushes…some are mine too…some are new to me, on my way to check them out (that scarf and tote…LOVE)

take care and have a great weekend. 🙂

June 17, 2015 - 9:51 pm

christina - ohhhh. that bangle keeps coming into my life, doesn’t it? and i already have that small cuff you’ve photog’d with it here. think its a sign?