it’s a big day around here


i’ve mentioned before that this has been a mighty tough year for madison. not only is the junior year notoriously known as the most stressful academically, but she’s also chosen a very rigorous academic load. i’m not going to review and list some of the challenges she’s had this year. nor are all of them things i can broadcast to the blog world ( despite how much i love you) but suffice today she’s had a hard hard year.

i’m SO darn proud of the accomplishments she’s made this year however if NONE of those were part of her story, i’d still be just as PROUD of her. i would. our children seem to be under so much stress and so much pressure to perform. i pray that i am not heavy on my girls to “be the best”. i do. the world puts enough of this on them. i’m not a helicopter mom. i’ve probably never held up a flash card. we didn’t have college level curriculum in my highschool.┬á the college admission process wasn’t near as competitive as it is now. and yet my girls each have a high level of internal motivation. not all about the same things, but internally motivated nonetheless. i don’t want my girls to feel they have to do something or be something but i do want them to find their passion. and if their passion lines up with their gifts, the world is their oyster!!

ya’ll really rose up and encouraged me after my post earlier this week and the reminder about the highlights. having said that i’ve also laid open my heart & exposed my fears and failures here over & over again. a friend had commented that my life had turned out perfect and her’s not so much. i’m telling ya’ll. well you know what. on second thought, i’m going to chose to not even go down that road. but i will say this, we have no idea what folks are going through. we don’t.

i’ll take it as a sign that my adobe flash just crashed and maybe i should climb off my soapbox before my feet even get planted up there and go drink some coffee instead.

the birdies are outside my window putting on quite a glorious performance. the forecast was rain & thunderstorms-however it’s gorgeous right now. praying that rain will just all go-away. profound praying at it’s finest. madison will begin getting ready later this afternoon for her first prom! she’s going with a great guy who she’s been friends with since kindergarten.

wishing each of you a wonderful mother’s day weekend!!

{these beauitful images of madi were all taken by the amazing camille deann}

May 11, 2013 - 9:25 am

Amy Avery - Oh Miss Paige! Love your heart! I do! I had typed a long comment to you the other day when you posted about the “highlights” and then my computer keyboard froze, (really it did!) and I lost my comment. What I said to you in a nutshell is this, Celebrating life’s highlights is a wonderful expression of thanksgiving to our Father who gave us so many blessings. When you look back in history at our remembrance of the first Thanksgiving, we recall that they were thankful for the highlights and that’s what they showcased. They didn’t sit there on that day (because I was there ;-))and talk about the blight on the crops and how many people had died and how they lived in shacks compared to the homes they left in England. Those hardships were commonly known and accepted. What they chose to focus on were the highlights in spite of the hardships. That’s what you do too. It’s a given that everyone has hardships. It just is. No one’s life is full of sunshine and roses all day long every day of the year. You choose to share your thanksgiving for the bounty of blessings that you are given in spite of hardships. That is AWESOME! If ever you feel that others perceive your life as perfect, see it as an opportunity to pray for them to celebrate their highlight’s too. It’s in the celebration in spite of the hardships that make us stronger, that grow our faith, that allow God’s true light to shine. Even if one’s life feels like a dark cavernous hole, there is still at least one highlight to celebrate. That one and only highlight is actually the most important highlight and that is that even in the midst of horrible turmoil, we are God’s children and he loves us. So keep on sharing your highlights and any difficult times too. I am always inspired by what goes on in the Knudson household and I celebrate with you. Hope that your water pipe has been repaired. I can’t believe Mr. UPS was so reluctant to turn a knob! And finally, your Madison is absolutely stunning! She’s an amazing girl!

May 11, 2013 - 9:27 am

Kristin - Chuck and I were discussing looking at the good no matter how you have to dust off the hard in life and the challenges we face as we trust God to walk us through. I said, “This is what Paige does, she counts her blessings one by one. I want to be like that, so mo matter what we are facing we are going to be grateful and shout out our blessings! You always inspire me more than you will ever know my precious friend. I just want you to know that I admire you so, as a mamma, as a woman that loves the sox off of God, as a person who runs after the good in life, as a risk taker, and as a person that shows your girls how to do all of these things and so more. So to admire Madi, is to admire you her mamma who shows each of your girls how to live out this life strong and beautiful, no matter what! You have an amazing bunch of beautiful, intelligent and strong girls. I hope Madi has a great time at her first prom. Im certain she will be breathtaking. So exciting! Love you girle! Hugs!

May 11, 2013 - 9:51 am

simone - Stunning photos of the most beautiful girl Paige, there has always been something about Madison that really warms my heart when you talk about her & when I see her in photos. She is clearly a very special girl, you must be incredibly proud of her. I am sure she is destined for great things.

I absolutely love what you say above….and it reminded me of a Pinterest quote that I saw in the week “don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”….we are all on a journey & are all at different stages. More importantly though, no one knows what anyone else’s journey is about & what the story is behind it all. And no one’s life is perfect.

Great post Paige XX

May 11, 2013 - 3:12 pm

Karen - Absolutely love how you celebrate your daughters on this space. What a beautiful tribute to you as well….as their mother:) Happy Mother’s Day Paige, I hope you have a wondrous and amazing weekend!

May 11, 2013 - 3:28 pm

Tammie - Paige, I have to agree with all the other comments, I could not have said it better myself.

May 12, 2013 - 4:45 am

Jill - Oh, Paige, I hope you have the greatest Mother’s Day imaginable! Your heart is so beautiful that I can’t imagine it being anything less than that for you. The pictures of Madi are truly gorgeous. Hope she had a wonderful time at her prom to treasure in her memory for all the years to come. God really is so good, isn’t He! Through the highlights, the “low lights” and all the in between, His faithfulness is so amazing. I hope that His faithfulness shines on you in an extra special way for Mother’s Day to make it beyond beautiful for you!

May 12, 2013 - 6:49 am

tara - she’s so beautiful…oh to have skin like hers again, right? ­čÖé

Happy Mother’s Day, friend….I admire you….for so many reasons.
You’re mentoring me from afar.

May 12, 2013 - 1:32 pm

Lemonade Makin' Mama - This is sweetness all over it. I love your heart. So much! (And those sweet blue eyes in these photos.. my goodness!)

May 13, 2013 - 1:17 pm

Janet Lawson - Such a beautiful daughter and from the posts I have read she is as beautiful on the inside as the outside..

annabelle & lydia and the reluctant UPS man

you may find it a tad ironic that the same day i posted about life’s highlights, a pipe blew in our house. naturally. i must tell you, i shudder to think what could have happened. i had only been home for about an hour & was working in the studio when i heard the horrifying sound of water bursting in from somewhere. i ran in & saw our downstairs bath was spewing hot water. rapidly. so i yelled for savannah to call dan because in all life’s crisis there’s 911 and then there’s the “call dad NOW” option. i couldn’t turn the valves off under the sink. the one with the hot water spewing everywhere. so i ran outside. as i was running outside looking like a crazy women because let me tell you now friends. i love my hardwood floors. it’s probably unhealthy how much i love my hardwoods. i also have an irrational fear of bursting pipes and flooding of aforementioned hardwoods.

so i’m running outside & i pass our UPS guy, not our usual UPS guy, as i am lifting the cover thingy so i can turn off the water to the house. i know it’s super tight & since i don’t have the bar key thingie┬ái know i might not get it turned off. so as i wiz past the UPS dude i am yelling, “PLEASE HELP ME MY HOUSE IS FLOODING” . which in hindsight might have been a bit much but seriously, we all know how fast water damage happens & i honestly wasn’t sure what was happening. would another pipe burst? oh my. so dude looks at me blanky and says flatly “call your water company”. “PLEASE JUST HELP ME turn this knob, i can’t get it”.

for your visual, i’m on my knees in my cute white jeans trying desperately to turn off the water to the house while UPS guy stands there like “what”? three times. i kid you not. i beg him to help me. i’m pretty sure i got another “call your water company” line before he finally reaches in & instantly turns the knob. hallelujah. i say thank you & wiz back in. by this time smk has “called her dad” and he’s on his way & she’s mopping up the water. 12 towels later.

ya’ll if i had not been here i can NOT imagine how quickly the entire downstairs would have flooded. that entire scenario with the UPS dude couldn’t have lasted 3 minutes. and i had 12 towels ( mostly large beach towels) sopping wet. & poor brinkley would have been here. and what happens when water gets in the outlets? oh my heavens.

well ya’ll probably don’t want all the details. well i actually already gave you all the details, but a good samaritan helped us get things under control until our regular plumber could arrive the next day.

blown pressure valve + blown reservoir thingie on our hot water heater =blown ( already cheaply repaired by previous owners) pipe under bathroom sink. thanking the lord over & over that i was here and that i knew how to cut off the water to the house and even for slowpoke, didn’t want to do anything out of his job description UPS dude.

aren’t you thankful you just gave up 5 minutes of your life that you’ll never get back to read about my water problems? i’m so sorry…

i posted these images of sisters a few weeks ago but when my site got hacked my host provider needed to restore my wordpress back a few posts, so i lost the original post.┬áthese little sisters were so precious to work with. they had driven in from alabama that morning. gone to Mary Poppins at the Fox theater for what turned out to be close to 4 hours ( technical delays). met me at downtown, change outfits multiple times, all before eating dinner. i have worked with adults that weren’t that cheerful and i bet that had full tummies! ha!

May 10, 2013 - 1:48 pm

Sandy Jacobson - Dearest Paige, so sorry to hear about your pipe bursting. You were blessed to be home when it happened. Good thinking on your behalf to shut that water off as quickly as possible. I don’t know what to say about the UPS Guy, he’s real thinker, huh. Hope your “cute white jeans” are ok . . I’m the same way when it comes to my clothes getting destroyed. Thank God for the beach towels too. Blessings :O)

May 10, 2013 - 2:16 pm

Ann - May the curse of bad pipes not be yours. My mother seems to have awful water karma. Flooding in almost every house she’s lived in.

May 10, 2013 - 3:57 pm

Peggy - OH Paige, honey, wow!! Hmm was he a Yankee? I say that because I’m married to a Yankee and sometimes they take a bit to get into motion, you know think the whole scenario through type situation… however he does typically move quicker than your UPS man. And the floors are alright? Thank the Lord, you were home! Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord directs our paths?! (however i have to admit i sometimes pray for a burst pipe because i so do NOT like our floor we had put in when we had the addition built two years ago. they show every single speck of dirt and smudge horribly! with 3 teen boys and a HUGE dog with big feet… I just ignore them. yes i know, (written while shaking head in “shame” my momma would be so sad….) )

How did your cute white jeans fare? Take care now dear! Have a wonderful weekend! Oh have I got news to share with you!!

May 10, 2013 - 8:46 pm

Sharon - There is a product on the market called a “Water Cop”. My hubs got it and mostly installed it himself except for a shutoff valve. Each bathroom (4), laundry room, near the refrigerator,under sinks, etc. has a little pronged sensor. If water EVER touches those prongs, the water valve thing shuts off. I know it works because a chip of ice fell on the prong by the fridge and turned the water off in the whole house! Something to consider if you have plumbing problems…..

May 11, 2013 - 9:45 am

Tracey H. - I am so sorry this happened to y’all!! Glad you were home and the hardwoods were saved:0) Please consider this blog post a public service announcement for me at least, I had no idea where to turn off the water in our house if this were to happen, so when my hubs got home we had a little class of where it was and what to do!! Knowing me, I’ll still panic, flag down neighbors but I’m hoping it will be my regular UPS man, he would help:0)

May 11, 2013 - 9:48 am

jodi - Oh, my dear, Paige!!! What a mess, but in the end it all worked out and you are so lucky that you were home. HUGS!!!


May 12, 2013 - 4:53 am

Jill - So GLAD I gave up 5 minutes of my night to read your retelling of your experience! I hope your white jeans are still white, and I so would have been with you sacrificing everything for those wood floors! Plumbing problems are such a pain. We are bombarded with them ourselves right now (with my wood laminate popping up all over the place), and sometimes I just wish there was a pipe fairy or something. Hope this incident was the end of your troubles in that area!

May 12, 2013 - 7:07 am

tara - it’s my great pleasure to give up 5 minutes to read your water story.
SO grateful you were there!!! SO grateful SMK was there.
SO grateful UPS dude finally got a clue.
geez. he needs to be grateful it was you and not me that had to ask him 3 times to help.

have i told you about the sewage explosion in one of our houses about 7 years ago?
andy was on a mission trip and i was at the grocery store with our boys, then 5 and 3.
came home to 600 gallons of RAW sewage…it destroyed the home. thankfully, the city did it when they were cleaning the lines, so they bought the house 5 months after we were displaced.

QUESTION of the day:: are the floors okay?

May 13, 2013 - 9:55 am

Heather - Oh my goodness, I’m glad you were home to stop the water. I don’t know if I would have remembered to go to the water meter out front to turn off the water. A call to my husband would have beeen made if I couldn’t get the water off inside and then mostly running in circles I’m afraid. (Previous water experience to base this on.) I have to admit I was laughing a the dramatic re-telling and the slow UPS man. The pictures of the girls are beautiful.