catching up

good morning friends. i realized this morning that for some reason i took an unplanned week away from blogging. not like that’s any sorta big deal but i felt the need to state the obvious. to me anyways.

i’ve started a  short series on what’s worked for me in my little world of organization. well all that talk spurred me on to clearing out some spaces ’round here & tackling a few painting projects that have spent too much time looming in my mental to-do list. i still have a few things to chat with you guys on that subject so stay tuned. for now if you’d like to review~

  1. the transformation of a clutter chameleon 
  2. how i unified a plethora of photos in our home
  3. junk mail you are not the boss of me

so i mentioned i’ve taken on a few projects around the house. january is such a great month for that, don’t you think? so first up, i painted caroline’s room a charcoal grey ( or do you say gray?) and one large wall now is chalkboard. her space is uber cool now & very her. since the budget for this was zilcho basically besides the cost of paint/supplies and new desk we’ve kept things reasonable. as soon as i prime the chalkboard & get a few things situated i’ll share some pictures with you. i used the left over ( not so cheap) chalkboard paint & painted our downstairs tiny bath. every room except for that little space is creamy white. i have no earthly idea why i left it seaglass blue but i did and it needed to step up its game. so now it too is mighty cool in it’s chalkboard glory. hopefully this weekend i’ll tackle the girls bath upstairs & use the remainder of the charcoal grey and give it its’ own little facelift.

i did a major declutter, organize, throwout & give away with what i used to referred to as my art station north. ( essentially a table upstairs i used for storage of all things art supplies, most of which was during my brief stage as a scrapbooker. gone are those days). art station south is the large worktable in my garage for messier projects such as painting or potting the occasional plant. anyways. cleaned that baby out which took an entire day. i kept thinking to myself that i’d share the process with you guys but it wasn’t pretty. bottom line, the back of the suburban was loaded up & the lady at goodwill is probably not a fan of me & all my craft supplies. but so be it.

my saint of a husband has requested a garage sale. shoot me now. i love that boy but am not a fan of all the saving-of-stuff, in a new place, known as my garage ( insert frowning painful emoji face) until the big day. once i decide to let it go, i’m ready to let it go. but. early spring we’ll do the garage sale thing & i’m praying we make more than $34.65 because who wants to be married to someone that says “i told you so”? we’ll either make bank and he can say that to me. not that he ever would. or. well. let’s hope we make some cash.

i’ve been clearing out some book shelf space ( we have a large one in our bed room & a large one in our bonus room area as well). we love books around here but can’t keep every single one of those either. unless of course we remodel our garage into a library. where’s joanna & chip when you need them? okay let me pause here. joanna & chip are the cutest & coolest couple ever. i love how they relate to each other. notice, despite his silliness, she never acts like he’s a goob. she laughs at his jokes & clearly respects him. it’s obvious he adores her. they play up each others strengths for sure. marriage 101 success! and while we’re on it, my crush on jo-jo is intense. her style? my goodness. love everything. girlfriend looks fabulous in her freepeople slips paired with jeans and the jewelry…love. in my dream life i live in texas ( have dreamed that one since i was 11) on a neighboring ranch (duh) and we’re friends and i’m skinny therefore we share clothes. the end. ( oh. and if anyone knows the story on the bracelet shown below, do tell)


so last week was the 3rd annual noonday conference. i needed to pass on the travel & such this year so i stayed behind. know how when you’re not able to be somewhere with your buddies and it seems like every picture is a painful reminder of your buddies without you & the 3 day event actually was like a 6 day getaway for many of them and you almost cry because you aren’t there but the pictures keep rolling in ……? no?

we roll out our noonday collection spring line later in february!! i’ll need to sell a few of my samples to make room for some new pieces so stay tuned for that. i’ll try to give you guys a 24-hour heads up as they tend to go fast. don’t forget about the #styleforjustice release. i’ve seen many orders roll in for the fun vibrant tote bag ( which might just be showing up at a big event soon? maybe?) one thing i’ll encourage ya’ll to do…as far as current pieces, many stay but many go as well. if there’s something you’ve had your eye on you might wanna grab it. pieces don’t always go on sale before they’re sold out or no longer available.

04 paige

if you’re interested in hosting a party, i pinkie promise it’s not an overwhelming gig, shoot me an email & we can chat a little about what’s involved. while i’d love to help encourage you in making your show a success , it’s really just a sweet time to round up some friends, serve some chips & salsa and maybe a glass of wine and i’ll do the rest. i absolutely love sharing about the artisans who are now living different lives because of sustainable income. we can get some dates on the calendar because you’re going to love the spring release!! ( february 17th!)

artisaninviteare you guys watching the Becoming~ The Unfolding of You series? this free course has blown me away! i can’t remember anything like this…its just so special you guys, so special! the story videos,while they’re each so different, all point to the cross and how jesus has met them right where they are. they each have shared from such places of vulnerability. gosh. they’re so sweet & so real. you’ll be blessed i promise!


my precious friend sophie hudson, aka BooMama, has written another charming & hilarious book, Home Is Where My People Are! sophie loves her people well! sister has taught me much about loving the simple every day & loving that comes from a grateful “for your people” heart!

sophies book



& lastly a little corner in our home that feels all fresh & wintery to me. the hello beauty full sign is by the crazy talented tiffini. do you follow her on insta? her feed is like a daily devotional that will bring you sweet words of encouragement! IMG_0002

okay my friends, go forth & love your people well! i’ll be back soon!

January 22, 2015 - 10:33 am

Amy McK - Ok, I’m truly not trying to be all witchy here, but pleaseeeee hurry up and show the room. Can’t wait to see them as I am toying with painting my powder room chalky.


January 22, 2015 - 10:52 am

amanda - I was thinking the other night as I watched Fixer Upper that a young engaged couple should watch that show for marriage advice. Joanna is a beautiful (I’m talking inside here…outside goes without saying) wife. I noticed just what you said….she honors him SO well. Women can be so caustic with their words and often are the worst with their husbands. I cringe to think how I reacted to and spoke to mine in our early years.

January 22, 2015 - 10:53 am

Cathy G - Can’t wait for the reveals!!! And I’d be on the farm next to yours in Texas!!!! I LOVE fixer upper!!! Are they not darling???? Oh and the huge clock she has in her home !!!! Have you seen it??? I love her style and she seems soooo cool! Just like you!!!! Have a great day!!!!

January 22, 2015 - 11:02 am

Stacey - Hi Paige! Not trying to encourage you to spend but did you know you can get some of JoAnna’s jewelry on their website?

You already have the coolest jewelry around but here’s the link for you.

I live about 100 miles from Waco and plan to make the little day trip to Magnolia here pretty soon. :)

Can not wait to see what you are doing in that bedroom and bathroom.

January 22, 2015 - 11:39 am

Emily - I LOVE your Salt and Pepper bowls! May I ask where you got them from?

Love your blog by the way!!!

January 22, 2015 - 11:44 am

sue - Just wanted to say I ordered and received the Vibrant Tote in the mail a few days ago and absolutely LOVE it! Great size, using it as my cute new gym bag :)

January 22, 2015 - 1:06 pm

ellie - just have to declare I am also big time crushing on Chip & Joanna! I watched last weeks episode 3 times just because they are so stinkin’ cute. – agree she is so respectful of him even when he eats cockroaches (EW!!) loved her line about not kissing him for like a month after that ;)

ditto my love for the “becoming” series. so.awesome.

xo ellie

January 22, 2015 - 1:21 pm

Victoria - OK, I recently found out about Facebook yardses and it is lifechanging!!! I’m sure you have one, ours is by zip code. Search “12345 yardsale” Anyway, you take a pic of your item. Post it with your price and any details and people buy it in seconds! The best part is they come pick it up at your house. (I just leave it on my porch and they leave the cash under the mat!) Couldn’t be easier.

January 22, 2015 - 4:41 pm

Tricia - I am really enjoying your organizing series and I too LOVE LOVE LOVE Fixer Upper….I have also given up scrapbooking. Have totes and totes of it. I “get” how you display a new photo of your girls in the few frames you have but what about all the other photos you take? Vacations, etc.? Do you just leave them on your computer or do you put in albums? I tried doing Project Life, too, but maybe I should just quit developing pictures….Help! You are my organizing idol!

January 22, 2015 - 5:28 pm

Jill - I am the queen of garage sales (I make some bank…..) and my tip/trick is I don’t price anything. The M.O. seems to be people coming early to get the good stuff who own booths at antique malls, etc. They snatch up a pile in a matter of minutes and ask you how much you want for all of it. Then they back up their pick up or trailer and haul it away. Just a thought….. xo

January 22, 2015 - 10:03 pm

Andrea - Love Fixer Upper. I love the fact that Joanna is Asian (my youngest two children are Asian) and it’s good for them to see something other the same old white faces and I like that they do houses in all price ranges. What is Chip’s really name?

January 22, 2015 - 10:36 pm

Suzanne - Love love that Chip
and Jo Jo, too! (Maybe
partly ‘cuz Chip is my
hubby’s name….)

And, I love your heart
for Noonday. Will check
back for the goodies….!

xo Suzanne

January 23, 2015 - 2:17 pm

Betty in NC - It is sooo funny you mentioned the dreaded garage sale. My husband and I are going through and “down sizing” i.e. getting rid of stuff….HE wants to have a garage sale but I just want it GONE. I too am going to store all that stuff until spring hoping to make more than $34.65! I’m working hard to simplify my life but wow is it hard. Thanks for the great tips! I always love reading your ideas.

January 24, 2015 - 8:13 am

tara - we clearly love joanna and chip, too. :)
they are the real deal.

January 27, 2015 - 5:26 pm

Alecia - My cousin & I say the EXACT same thing about Chip & Jo-Jo. My cousin says they should be part of some marriage curriculum for the reasons you listed. They’re soooo sweet! I too have a girl crush on Jo-jo…I asked two of my dearest friends if we could go to Waco to visit their shop & hopefully we could run into them…My friend said “Waco’s pretty small…I’m sure we could find their house & drop you off for coffee!” LOL I’d DIE!!!

junk mail, you are not the boss of me

not only do i love a clutter-free home, i love a clutter-free inbox and a clutter-free mail system. i have a few tips for you regarding your mail/media/paper status. let’s first start out chatting inboxes.

your inbox does not need to be the boss of you

~i’ve found the best way to deal with junk mail is to stop it from arriving in the first place.

so turns out there are services, some even for free, that will remove you from junk mail lists. i’ve never used any of these so i can’t speak from experience, i just know they’re out there. google is your friend. your team mate. google “how do i stop junk mail” and the world will once again be your oyster.  direct mail dot com is an example of one such service.

you know how you’re shopping at jcrew or old navy or honestly any number of retailers and they ask for you email? guess what. you don’t actually have to give it. genius, i know. i’ll be the first to admit i’m often times the sucker and saying “no thank you”  seems sorta rude so i just go ahead & relinquish my email addy. and for whatever reason i created my personal email address with a ridiculous amount of characters. what was i thinking?

well when you start receiving the plethora of emails from your favorite retailers just scroll down the body of the email until you see those glorious words–unsubscribe. and then do it. that process takes but a moment & will save you much time on the flip side. let’s face it, you don’t really need every groupon notification, every old navy sale flyer & every amazon update do you?

some of my favorite retailers, take anthropologie for example, now give you the option of receiving your receipt in paper or email form or both. friends, listen to me. you should never say “both”. you have just doubled the media you will now be either filing, sorting through, keeping up with or dealing with…again. choose  your form of organization and stick with it. i’m old so the old school format of paper receipts is what currently works best for me.

the second and perhaps the biggest jewel of advice i can give you regarding this subject:

~decrease the amount of times you touch (i.e: read, handle,view) junk mail, both in your inbox as well as your actual paper mail. and the goal should be once.

what do i mean by that? okay, so say you open your inbox and let’s say there’s five new emails from the last time you opened your inbox. as you scroll through those five new emails do something with each individual one as you open/see it. essentially your options will fall into one of the following categories.

  1. delete it
  2. file it
  3. respond to it

if you simply open your inbox, see the new five emails & then go about your merry way, the next time you open your inbox, which could be in 5 minutes or 5 hours, that number will have grown exponentially.  before you know it those five emails, which have rapidly grown to 50 and on & on, will live in email purgatory until you claim back your inbox.  you’ll be like the cat lady of inboxes with scattered unorganized unkept emails taking over your life. or something like that.

at the risk of sounding all militant and drill sergeant-ish, try to go through your emails in the order in which they were received. i know the email from your girlfriend is below the one from etsy, publix & groupon but i honestly think if you go systematically on a regular-ish basis you’ll stay ahead.

so let’s break down. delete it. despite unsubscribing from many email lists, the majority of what comes is ( for me anyways) really can just be set free. delete it right then & there & move on.

set up folders in your email inbox & then see those folders like the spaces in your home with everybody having a home base. for the organization over-acheiver, go ahead & set up sub-folders within your folders. i’m not super structured about this part, but go through your folders & clean them out periodically when emails no longer are needed.  currently right now some of my folders are : becoming ( i keep all my information for this current course housed here), receipts, taxes, prayer ( anytime someone sends me an email with prayer requests i store them here while i’m remembering them in prayer), noonday-several sub-folders here, my photography ( which i’ve broken down into requests, scheduled & completed), schedule, wordpress ( important emails regarding my website, etc) and compassion (emails from our compassion little fella).

respond to it. if your email requires some type of reply try to hold yourself accountable to some reasonable time frame…i shoot for 24 hours max. but i realize often times there’s just life but realistically for the most part, i shoot for replying within 24 hours. years ago i used to respond to every single comment that came in through  my blog. that was back in the day when readers were in general were more engaged in the communication process. while my intentions were to be congenial with my readers, this was relatively overwhelming. now instagram has become the medium for more conversation. bottom line. i have freed myself of this in many ways. i honestly can’t answer every question that rolls in…and truth be told, many times the reader posing the question has probably forgotten they’ve asked it in the first place. you can’t please everybody all the time so try to make peace with that.

for paper mail i try to follow those same guidelines. i’ve had friends come over & ask where all our junk mail is. that always cracks me up! basically i keep an accordion folder right inside the little laundry room just inside our side entry. that’s where i keep my purse & running shoes as well!  that file folder is where i store paper receipts ( which i go through monthly), hard copy papers i need , stamps & return address labels. dan has a fabric covered neutral bin that’s upstairs beside where he drops his keys & wallet. inside that bin is where we keep whatever paper bills we still receive, forms, etc.  usually as I’m walking in from the mail box i blitz through everything quickly & as soon as i walk inside, i deal with it all then. deal meaning again, throw it away, file it or respond. ( when i can). try not to just throw all your mail in a basket or stack to sort through later, assuming you have a minute right then.  again the principle of exponential growth will apply here as well.

i need my studio workspace to be free of clutter & visually appealing to me. i’d rather look at art canvases than a file cabinet. so we basically store all important papers & files out in our garage ( where we incidentally don’t store our vehicles) in a metal file cabinet. we try to keep hard copies of birth certificates & passports in a safety deposit box but copies of these and other files such as taxes, receipts, reports cards, are all stored there.

another final gem of wisdom i have for you:

maintenance is easier than repair

i was visiting one of my best girlfriends & we were talking about the challenges of running a small business ( or two) from our homes. she asked me about emails & then told me her inbox had some crazy number like one thousand,  maybe two, emails in at that time.

have. mercy.

there is no way that more than a fraction of those one thousand, perhaps two, emails in her inbox were needed. along with junk mail stopper programs there are also services that will lasso those situations in for you as well. again, google is your friend.

once you do whatever you need to do to get your inbox into a reasonable situation, maintaining that reasonable situation ( which is going to be different for me than it is for you) is your goal. whether we’re talking cars, marriages, or inboxes maintenance is always easier ( and often times cheaper) than repairing what’s been neglected.

we’ve covered a lot of ground here so i’ll stop before i share what i do with my texts. that might send you into an anxious state. remember, in reality i don’t accomplish all this every single day! give yourself some grace if most of this is new for you.

also, since i don’t photograph inboxes or empty mailboxes, let me leave you with a beautiful image i shot at serenbe this summer and we can wrap it up with a peaceful, easy feeling. available in my canvas shop….serenbe sunset.

01 paige


January 15, 2015 - 11:37 am

Julie - Oh, if you could see my inbox!! Just checked and it’s at 5,975!!! I know….totally crazy and overwhelming!!! I’m totally stressed now…even after your beautiful and calming photo….haha. I just want you to know that you are truly a wonderful and inspiring motivation in my life and I very much appreciate you!! I’m gonna go wade into that mess right now and finally try to win my battle with gmail! Thanks again for all that you do!

January 15, 2015 - 1:01 pm

Nicola - A quick tip i heard somewhere was if you come across a task and it will take you less than two minutes to do it, you should do it right then. Shirt that needs to be hung up, do it right then. Shoes that need to go away, do it right then. A few dishes that need to be washed, do it right then. While this doesn’t always work (sometimes you just don’t have two minutes right now) most of the time it does and saves me the stress of worrying about messes or small tasks and keeps things from piling up into monumental tasks.

January 15, 2015 - 1:50 pm

Ella - That was totally my line about the maintenance & repair. It is so much easier to put your things away then to clean a large mess. In fact, I do the same with email.
Such great tips!

January 15, 2015 - 2:09 pm

Ali - Woa – you are in charge of your life! impressive! This is so helpful & yet still overwhelming since I have much deferred maintenance in my life, home & computer ! ;)

Thankful you shared your tips about maintenance! After reading this I began to immediately deleted 1,000 emails deleted this morning – yay!

I’m still in a big black hole with 16,000 email left in my email account. But, I did unsubscribe to a ton of sites as I went through so hoping that helps me tackle this goal! I’m off to try to figure out how to make file folders in gmail ! Going to use your tip and google it ! Thank you!!

❤ Ali

January 15, 2015 - 3:40 pm

sue - glad I am not alone – I too am overwhelmed with both emails and paper. Had a trash bag full of papers I went through yesterday…that seems easier to tackle then the computer. Thanks for the inspiration Paige!

January 16, 2015 - 11:36 am

Maria - confession…mine’s at 935 but I just unsubscribed from about 15 junk mail items and am focused on taming this beast…thanks for the ideas and push :)

January 17, 2015 - 3:38 pm

Shannon - You would have twitched to death over the state of my inbox, Paige. HOWEVER, with your gentle voice in my ear I cleaned out thousands,literally, of emails this week. Fifty at a time until I’m just down to the emails that have pictures attached. Step two is to download those & hit delete. Thanks for the tips!

January 17, 2015 - 5:45 pm

carrie - i feel like i NEED you to tell me what you do with the texts. ;) and when can i come get a “paige orignal” christmas purged item? :)

January 23, 2015 - 7:43 pm

patty - such an incredibly beautiful picture, paige… i can only imagine the peace you felt standing there…

ps: {happy new year}

January 24, 2015 - 8:09 am

tara - i have a friend with THOUSANDS of unread emails…like 12,000. She sees that number every time she looks at her phone. I die.