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after over 30 hours of travel time yesterday, i landed in atlanta. i’ll be honest, yesterday morning was the first time in 10 days that i felt completely exhausted.  one of my concerns was that i’d be “on” for everything in rwanda. with a packed schedule each day,  it was very important to me to be truly present as we visited people & places that swung the pendulum between adversity and joy, suffering and blessing . i wanted my heart to be open.  to be sensitive. i wanted what grieves the lord to grieve me.  to be tender alongside those who shared stories of tragedy beyond my comprehension. as well as double over with laughter as we bowled with a group of teenage girls while they bowled for the first time. for my eyes to be open to truly see these women. their faces & joyful laughter i pray will always be with me. that the imprint of how they love, pressed into my heart, will never fade.  this trip would be in vain if i returned and my heart & the way i live not be changed. i have much to process & journal, along with  a couple thousand images to look through;)so i hope to share much more with you.

this beautiful statue was outside an orphanage in rwanda. it truly sums up what i saw & experienced in africa.

in the mean time, i have a couple things to share with you~

we roll out our new noonday collection fall release on august 7th! i just placed my sample order & can NOT wait to see these pieces in person & share with you!!! so gorgeous!!  so, i hope to post on wednesday morning ( or maybe last tuesday evening)  & list around two dozen of my samples for sale anywhere from 30-50% off!!  probably will be my largest sample sale yet!! these usually go pretty fast so keep that in mind.

& finally, if you’re local i’ll be at my favorite shop, Sugarboo & Co. in the town brookhaven shopping district this wednesday evening from 6-9pm for a trunk show so please drop by!! ( i’ve linked their facebook page to the image below for directions & their phone number)




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July 21, 2014 - 7:20 pm

chrissi - paige, i think i “stalked” all of the noon day instagrams far too often. i was so eager to see each new face and read each new story. all inspiring. each of you have shared so many moments that are now burned into my little heart. so much joy. such huge love. thank you for sharing it all♥

July 22, 2014 - 10:11 am

giosmama2626 - “I wanted what grieves in the Lord to grieve in me.” Wow, Paige– that statement really just took over my heart. I never once stopped to look at that way. I often myself holding the man above accountable for all the wrongs that I see happen in life or even my own life and I question him often. I blame him. That’s just me being honest. I never for once second just stopped to consider your statement. It’s a powerful one and one that I wrote down, because I want to start to not place blame on the wrongs, but to better understand the “whys” and know that the man above “grieves the same way that I do.”

Welcome Back and I cannot wait to see the new goods.

July 23, 2014 - 9:15 am

tara - so glad you made it home safe and can’t wait to hear how the Lord turned you inside out with love for his people around the world.

A trunk show at Sugarboo….AWESOME!!!! Have so much fun and sell lots of jewelry!!!

Can’t wait to see the fall collection…