touching base & a fashionABLE tote

hello my friends!

i want to touchbase with you, do a quick little update & let you know i’ll be taking a short blog-vacation as well…maybe for about two weeks. ish.

for the first time in quite a while i have all my FOUR girlies under one roof! it’s only going to be for a few weeks but ohmygosh yay!!!

you guys i promise, i have no idea how on earth i am the parent of a college graduate, two in college & one about to enter highschoool. no idea. and you know, as i’ve mentioned before, i’m in a safe (albeit short) place of intended denial that we will indeed move emily into her college dorm in just a few short weeks. so. i’m hanging out with my girls as much as possible while keeping up with my photography work as well as launching a new fall line with noonday collection!  ( which if you missed it…we launch our new fall line on august 6th– so if there’s something on line you love, you might wanna jump on it-not completely certain of what rolls over & product status!) instagram is just so darn easy ( & its linked to my Facebook page) so that’ll be it for a little while.

this past july 4th was possibly the first holiday in the life of our family where all four girls were in a different place. i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t a little blue about that. i know its just a new phase of our lives & i truly love that we are happy & healthy and all that, but still. so i did the next best thing & created a little “our fam on the 4th collage”-shown above. dan & i enjoyed a wonderful dinner that evening dining streetside-alfresco as a small town parade marched by. it was a rare cool & breezy evening for a georgia summer so it truly was delightful. then home to our (empty & quiet) home to watch fireworks on tv. please tell me we’ll still be friends after that declaration. ha!

savannah is back home safe & sound after 5 weeks of her DREAM trip !! she’s working on a blog post with details of how she backpacked through europe…and what she wore! i’ll have that up for you guys later this summer. she starts her JOB -as in one with a salary & benefits in a couple weeks. madison is working like a beast, full time at anthropologie & attending summer school full time as well. she’s seriously on the fast track as she’s going year round & even doing maymesters both years.  emily has been enjoying her summer with her friends & nanny job…she just returned home from 10 days at the beach with her bestie. caroline is busy with volleyball, tumbling & being super social herself. apparently i did not raise a single introverted, quiet, book worm who’d rather be indoors than either working or traveling or hanging with buddies.

i head out early in the morning with the bookends for a whirlwind getaway down to the gulf. i have a couple family sessions scheduled. the girls and i are staying with a sweet friend who graciously is allowing us to shack up for a couple nights. and i am seriously, no really , seriously, praying for good weather.  we didn’t do a full week last year nor this year as a fam…we had a quick spring trip last year & then a weekend in december where it rained during both of those for the entire time. no joke. so my hopes are set mighty high for this week!

before i go i have one more thing…i want to show you the most gorgeous leather tote that is the mamuye tote. since i posted about the tote, fashionable sent one this way and you guys i have to tell you, this baby is even more gorgeous in person than i imagined! the leather is yummy and i’m kinda picky about leather.  fashionABLE is an amazing company similar to noonday collection in that they both creates sustainable business for artisans in africa.

here’s the details of the bag:

– Hand crafted in Ethiopia & Kenya // 100% genuine distressed leather
– Tote measures 16″ x 18″ (seam to seam)
– Comfortable, durable straps (straps have a 12″ drop)
– Includes detachable leather pouch, with snap closure.
– Subtle variations add to the uniqueness of each product

if you go through this link you will receive 10% off your total order ( please note that there is a deadline for the coupon )


okay my friends! i ‘ll see you soon! ps….there are only two pieces left from my noonday sample sale if you’re interested!  please feel free to contact me to book your fall trunk show!



July 13, 2015 - 3:38 pm

Lisa Mothersead - Enjoy your vacation!

July 13, 2015 - 4:42 pm

Terri - Will miss your posts. You are a blessed woman. Enjoy those beautiful girls!

July 13, 2015 - 7:11 pm

Kerri - Paige,
I can’t believe your girls are all grown up! I remember reading your blog like it was yeasterday when Savannah was in high school! You still look as beautiful and young as ever! (Or has we say in Boston, “evah”!)
Have a great vacation!

summer noonday sample sale

hello friends!

today i’m posting items from my current noonday collection samples in order to make room for some eagerly anticipated fall pieces…which will launch in less than 30 days!! see previous post for fun details!!

here’s the essential information for you~

~ these are all basically new & relatively unworn items ( shown at trunk shows but all in “new” condition)

~ 25%-35% off regular retail price

~i kindly ask that you understand each piece is FINAL sale

~please note in your comment the NUMBER and the NAME of the piece you’d like to purchase. helps eliminate any confusion:)

~each sale will have a $6 shipping/handling/packing price added to the paypal invoice that i will send you

~make sure your paypal information is correct before submitting request for pieces ( email address as well as mailing address)

~in order to keep everything smooth and seamless i kindly ask that you pay within 24 hours of receiving your paypal invoice. these usually go pretty quickly & i often times have multiple requests for the same items. this just keeps things rolling smoothy & efficiently.

~most of these items still available via noonday website so i have hyperlinked them for you. several of these pieces are photographed together so please refer to link for specific details, lengths,etc

i’m currently booking for fall launch so please reach out if you’re here in atlanta & would love to host! paigeknudsenimages{AT}comcast{DOT}net .  trunk shows are super fun and so easy to throw. set out something sweet, something salty ( if even) and maybe a bottle of wine. round up loads of friends, i show up & do the rest. you earn free product and together we can build a flourishing world where people have jobs, children are cherished & women are empowered!!




1. kampala necklace reg $64, 30% off~ sale $45 {SOLD}

2. cascading embira necklace reg $48, sale $36 {SOLD}

3. soaring high necklace reg $36, sale $26 ( rose colored paper beads with grey bead insert) {SOLD}

4. precious paper necklace in violet reg $26, sale $18 (solid strand violet paper beads–matching bracelet also available below) {SOLD}

5. bengal necklace reg $42, sale $31.50 {SOLD}

can also be worn as a wrap bracelet!

6.padma river necklace reg $32, sale $24 {SOLD}

(shown with cascading embira necklace sold above)

7. ivory drop earrings reg $34, sale $25 {SOLD}

8. helios earrings reg$44, sale $30 {SOLD}

9.calypso earrings reg $30, sale $22 {SOLD}

10. julep earrings reg $30, sale $20 {SOLD}

11. faceted glass bangle in jade, reg $14 sale $11 {SOLD}

12.resin wood bangle in blue reg $32, sale $

13. raja bangle reg $38 sale $30 ( shown with bazaar bangles) {SOLD}

14. bazaar bangles set of 5 , reg $48 sale $39 ( shown below with the raja bangle) {SOLD}

15. delta river bangles set of 3, reg $30 sale $23 {SOLD}

16. delta river bangles set of 3 ( yes, i have two sets to sell) $

17. safari stack violet reg $14 sale $11

please refer to website…forgot to photograph individually!

thank you guys!!!


July 7, 2015 - 6:27 pm

Michelle - I’ll take #1, #9 and #10 please and thank you 😉

July 7, 2015 - 6:30 pm

Karen - I’ll take 7. I have necklace. Woo hoo

July 7, 2015 - 6:44 pm

Amanda adkins - I want #2 pleas

July 7, 2015 - 7:09 pm

Denise DuPar - PayPal email is

July 7, 2015 - 7:11 pm

Denise - #9 please. Please delete previous comment.

July 7, 2015 - 7:58 pm

Paige - #5 bengal necklace
love it!!!

July 7, 2015 - 8:17 pm

Denise - Paige, I want the Calypso earrings…pls tell me the next step.Thanks Denise

July 7, 2015 - 8:22 pm

Denise Thompson - Paige, don’t know why my comment said delete previous comment. I entered my comment at 7:11…does that mean I will get them…I will enter paypal …my e-mail is
Denise THompson

July 7, 2015 - 8:33 pm

chesley - #6 padma river necklace please

July 7, 2015 - 8:52 pm

Jenelle Trulson - Paige,
I would love to have #’s 3 & 4.
PayPal email:
Thank You!

July 7, 2015 - 9:27 pm

Kerry - #8 – helos earrings!

July 7, 2015 - 9:49 pm

Charlotte - #14 &#15 so excited!

July 8, 2015 - 2:05 am

Molly Minor - I would like to purchase the Helios earrings #8.
Thank You :)

July 8, 2015 - 2:52 am

» summer noonday sample sale - […] summer noonday sample sale […]

July 8, 2015 - 8:25 pm

Andrea - paige, if the jade bangle is still available I would like that. Pay pal email is the same