she said YES!!

New Years Eve


Paris, France

in front of the Eiffel Tower

he asked her to spend forever with him

& she said YES!!!!!


we are over the moon!! we are trilled & elated to have trevor join our family!

it’s been all i could do to keep this a secret-months of planning & careful calculations. scheduled to the moment, trevor pulled off an epic surprise! in an effort to not steal any of her thunder, i’ll share more images & more about the story when i can but for now let me share this~

i remember this vividly~

23 years ago gregg & i created a nursery for our first child. we knew we were having a girl & that we’d name her savannah. she was due the end of February but her nursery was ready weeks prior. i had a tape player in her “cow jumped over the moon” laura ashley themed room & would often just snuggle up in there and listen to lullabies. i felt like a little girl playing house & could hardly wait for her to be born. i had heard others that had gone before me in this phase of life pray for their baby’s future spouse. so in that precious nursery, i did just that. i don’t remember the first time i prayed that prayer but i remember feeling sorta giggly and dreamy praying for the man that this little unborn baby would marry, one day.

trevor hillis, let me tell you, you are the exceedingly more that the lord has blessed, not only savannah with, but our family as well. i’ll never forget seeing your expression that evening back in the spring of ya’lls prom, junior year. i saw your face when you first saw savannah…and i knew. i really did. i knew you loved my baby girl. you have our forever blessing & we champion you as you walk forward into a bright & blessed future together as one.

congratulations savannah miller & trevor brian. we love you dearly!!

& young mamas, let me encourage you…our heavenly father delights in giving you the desires of your hearts. he hears & answers your prayers. oh YES, He does!!

as i mentioned earlier, i’ll share more of the amazing images by the fabulous Julien at Picmytrip Paris soon!!!

January 3, 2016 - 10:38 am

Paige - Paige, I am so very happy for your family. I have been honored to experience this 3 times now and YES God does hear our mama prayers! I have to say I have been waiting for this for you haha, figured it was coming soon!:)

January 3, 2016 - 11:25 am

Andrea - Congratulations to you all!! You are blessed with a son in law you love for sure. My husband and my father were close friends until my fathers death.

January 3, 2016 - 1:48 pm

Lisa Mothersead - Congrats to your beautiful daughter! It’s nice she is having some time to live on her own and pay bills, etc… before marriage. Glad her fiance is a good man.

January 3, 2016 - 2:13 pm

Lisa - Yes!!!!!! So so so happy for you Savannah and Paige!!!! How romantic!

January 3, 2016 - 4:20 pm

Andrea - Oh Paige…it’s funny how you can feel so excited for a young couple that you have never met…..I am so excited for these two as they begin their lives together…’s been a joy watching them on their adventures here on your blog……I saw this on IG and wondered how in the world this moment was captured….can’t wait to hear….. how sweet that he made sure it was captured…he is a KEEPER! Congratulations to both of them!

January 3, 2016 - 5:03 pm

Terri Startari - Congratulations to your daughter. I am so excited to watch the planning of the wedding unfold! I hope you share it all! What a wonderful moment that was captured. It’s so sweet the planning paid off and the images are beautiful. What a treasure!!

January 3, 2016 - 7:50 pm

Kerri - My dear friend,
It must have been SO hard for you to keep this a secret! I know how you love to share all of the happy moments with us! This has to seriously be the MOST romantic proposal I have ever heard of! Watch out to the future husbands of the Knudsen girls! You have a tough act to follow in more ways than one! And now of course I am dreaming of when my Ava and Caroline have their special moment! God is good all the time! I can’t wait to see and hear more! This is seriously like a Hallmark movie come to life!!! XOXOXO

January 3, 2016 - 10:06 pm

Kathy - This is wonderful! Congratulations! It will surely be an exciting year for you all!

January 4, 2016 - 10:07 am

Julie C. - The lighting, the colors, the romance! {Sigh} Incroyable!!!

January 4, 2016 - 11:28 am

KellyW - Congratulations to your family! Fun times ahead for you! I, too, have been praying for my boys’ future spouses. 🙂

January 4, 2016 - 1:39 pm

Melissa - I died when I saw this on IG. I had been curious when and how the big proposal would be and this is just perfect in so many ways!

January 4, 2016 - 2:12 pm

Jill - Congratulations! How exciting and what a lovely proposal. It’s been fun watching the two of them grow up before our very eyes here on your blog! Such bright futures!

**And btw – my Emma’s nursery was also decorated in Laura Ashley’s ‘cow jumped over the moon’ themed – the wallpaper border and fabrics in the blue/yellow with a little pink! Where was Pottery Barn Kids when we needed them????


January 4, 2016 - 2:57 pm

Brantlee - Congratulations! So happy for your family. Can’t wait to follow along with the wedding panning and watch what the future holds for this sweet couple.

January 4, 2016 - 3:50 pm

Bethanie - Oh my goodness!!! So excited for everyone!! I saw that they were taking a trip, and it didn’t even cross my mind that this was why! My spidey senses must be off!! I’ve loved watching them over the years, and I know they are going to have an amazing life together! I can’t wait to hear how all of this was caught on film!! Congratulations, let the wedding planning begin!!

January 6, 2016 - 10:36 am

Katherine @ Grass Stains - Paige, I’m sure all of your longtime readers feel this way, but I feel like one of my own kids got engaged! This is so exciting, and I’ve been waiting and hoping for this news for a while. 🙂 I know they will be so happy, as they certainly have a wonderful example of a faith-filled family and Christ-centered marriage to follow. Please share my heartfelt congratulations with them!

January 6, 2016 - 2:46 pm

Tammy - Paige, I’ve read your blog for awhile and always love and enjoy your “realness”. Congratulations on your daughter’s engagement. Beautiful pictures!

January 6, 2016 - 4:02 pm

martha - oh paige, you are going to have such fun….gaining a son-in-law and going through all the planning with Savannah! Congratulations to all….have BIG fun with this!!
Thanks for sharing with us, a peek….how romantic too!

January 6, 2016 - 5:56 pm

Kelly Miller - That is just awesome!

January 7, 2016 - 9:52 am

Talia - Best wishes to the happy couple! This made me smile really big today! What an exciting and romantic post!

January 7, 2016 - 9:09 pm

Lisa - What a wildly romantic start to the new year! Congrats all around!!!

January 8, 2016 - 2:51 pm

Susan - Wow!
Congratulations to your daughter and as well to both of your families for this most wonderful announcement! It is so very hard these days to keep on track much less with school, work and to throw romance in the mixture with all the commitment and effort it takes to have that special someone in your life from such a sweet beginning to this level–just wow! There is so much to learn as we grow older each year and to have this blessing be given to all of you is so exciting! So very happy for your children (young adults!) and for your families!
When I first looked I was wondering if you’d been there Paige to take these beautiful shots! I have been slow in responding to your beautiful and heartfelt words as you blog but your are always one of the firsts when I start reading!
Blessings to you all and looking forward to seeing and reading more of this fabulous adventure!

February 24, 2016 - 9:25 am

Kaylie B. Poplin - This! Every bit of it. So beautiful!

June 25, 2016 - 7:04 pm

Denisha - Good point. I hadn’t thouhgt about it quite that way. 🙂

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