a little chalk paint project


i’m going to start out & state the obvious. i am not a great do-it-yourselfer.  i’m not a great around the house project person. i’m impatient and perhaps lack precision in details. i can cast a great vision, but sorta like to move past the in-the-process phase. and to think when i was younger i thought it sounded so charming to buy an old home & renovate. while living in it. where did that come from?

so despite myself, i have a little story to share with you about my dining room table makeover.

our dining room is teeny tiny. in fact, if the space in our kitchen could hold more folks i’d probably recreate the aforementioned teeny tiny dining room into something else…like maybe a studio spot as recommended by my hubby….but i digress. so the table that’s in there was purchased about 18 years ago and was sort of a blond/pine color wood with a thick varnish/finish. over the years of getting soaked with late afternoon sun streaming in, it faded to an ugly uneven color. bleck! a couple years ago i sanded it down and removed as much of that ugly faded yellowish color & liked it a little better, but still not perfect.

here’s a little before shot ….obviously hidden under a kitchen paper table runner.


well then annie sloan chalk paint & miss mustard seed milk paint came on the market. i researched both & asked loads of questions. i was a little gun shy because of my humble DIY status.

i honestly prefer the color choices of MMS’s paints ( photographed so lovely by my friend maria!). marian was super sweet and reached out to answer a few questions i posted on facebook months ago. she actually recommended for the type project i was beginning that maybe the chalk paint might be preferable….( ie–while i sanded the table it wasn’t stripped,etc). so i fully plan to try marian’s soon!

i also knew the paint & supplies were going to be quite an investment so i waited until i had a free weekend & a little extra cash in my account. ( for the quart of paint, wax, & brush i paid $150. gulp.)

so here’s the deal. i would HIGHLY recommend doing your own research. google & watch some you tube tutorials. they’re all over the place. someone recommended the perfectly imperfect blog & her videos helped me immensely!


i chose the paris grey. i wore gloves in an attempt to save my freshly painted nails. ha! and yes, that brush costs 60 bucks. whoa. but i knew if i was going to pay this much & attempt a project i already felt a little nervous about, that it would behoove me to purchase the correct goods. i did however pass on purchasing the wax brush. i bought some lint free cloths & they worked great!


the other little pieces in my teeny tiny dining room were these little cabinets. honestly. i purchased them at kmart twenty years ago. i hope we’ll still be friends. so yes, my dining room is tiny and it’s also humble. so yeah…i painted the blond tops of those babies as well.

i love this grey. it’s a cool neutral that almost has a tint of lavender & silver. ish.

madison hung out with me & gave me moral support. she came behind with a tiny art brush on the little cabinets. we painted those babies in no time.


the tables dried over night and the next morning began the tricky part. the waxing is the tricky part folks. now. let me also tell you, this table didn’t have any intricate wood work or detail so it was pretty easy to cover. annie sloan sells two types of wax. a dark & a clear. i really didn’t prefer the dark look for my home but you do have that option.

ok. so the wax. here’s the golden ticket. press the wax into the paint. like i may have tendonitis because i pressed that wax into the paint with all my glory. and yes. i called in recruits. ie: big strong hubby. and part b of the golden ticket-less is more with the wax. go light. very light. again, i used the cloths. just personal preference. so we pressed small areas at a time & then wiped off. pressed wax in small areas & wiped. and we even sweated. that’s how intense i pressed the wax in. i might have over achieved on that step.



i probably am not going to distress it. maybe i will later but for now, i absolutely love the look. love the color. love the finish. love love love! the glare is completely wonky in the iphone shots below as the table does NOT have a heavy shine. i’ll buff it tonight but i don’t want it to be shiny, but you can buff it to get it as shiny as your little heart desires.


caroline has a dark desk out in the garage that i promised her we’d paint after i conquered the dining room. since it’s a dark piece of wood i’ll be interested to see how it turns out. maybe two coats of paint instead of one? oh & that’s another thing…you can totally mix paints to achieve your own custom color.

have you experimented with either? i’m way late to the party, i realize that, but if you have & you’ve blogged about them, go ahead & share the link in the comments!


March 10, 2014 - 8:17 pm

Suzanne - Funny, I’m not much of
a DIY-er anymore (oh, I
had my day, but decided
that’s not where my gifts
lie!) but I did tackle an
Annie Sloan project last
summer–a coffee table
for our deck, which I took
from blah brown to ah
robin’s egg blue with a
slight distressing. I did
it in July, so I hear ya on
the sweating….But I was
really happy with it. Love
your grey–so soothing!!
You were brave to tackle
something that big the first
time out of the gate–bravo!

xo Suzanne

March 10, 2014 - 9:11 pm

Lori H - You did a beautiful job, Paige! I am DIY-challenged myself and recently took the plunge with chalk paint. I painted a sideboard. It had been stained with a red stain that was often used in the 50’s and that stuff is awful. Even after shellacking it, that red stain would leak through my lovely chalk paint. Ugh, I think I am the only person that has used almost an entire can of that lovely but expensive paint for ONE project. I plan to do another chalk paint project, but not on something that was stained. I love the way my sideboard looks now, but I have never worked harder on a paint project in my life. The wax performs magic on the paint, no? Makes the elbow grease worth it!

March 10, 2014 - 11:03 pm

carey - Love it! We just finished chalk painting our kitchen table & chairs. Only I didn’t want to pay for the AS paint so I made my own & used Minwax wax paste to finish it. We stained the table top & chair bottoms. I love the way it turned out! Chalk paint is rather addicting, I’m already planning my next project.

March 11, 2014 - 7:25 am

nanci - my dear Paige, just wanted to congratulate you on a fine job,
I redid an Ethan Allen dresser I picked up at an estate sale
in the Emperor’s Silk and used wax , distressed with gold foil
redid hardware, love it. also redid my floor lamps with the
linen awesome thing about this paint is no prep and the finish
is mirror when done, bet you this will not be your last project
happy recreating and also looking forward to see your spring
decor and whats in the bread bowl keep on being salt and light
sister in Christ 🙂

March 11, 2014 - 9:26 am

KC - It turned out great Paige! I am a little gun shy about painting furniture so I appreciate your tips and blogs/tutorials to research. Thank you so much for sharing!

March 11, 2014 - 10:10 am

Jennifer - Love it!
I have 2 pieces in our dining room that I want to do this to but so nervous.
I’m slowly but surely getting Thomas on board with lighter room and less is more! 🙂

March 11, 2014 - 11:49 am

Lemonade Makin Mama - I seriously get so excited when you share bunches of house pictures, my dear, bloggy big sis. 🙂 I know… I’m weird. You did great on this!! I love love love the color you chose. And I have to say it… that calendar makes my heart beat FAST. I adore it… I have calendars on the brain right now as I spent like an hour updating our next two months of school activity. (Holy cow girl, can you please write a mentor mama post for ME telling how you have found to balance things when they suddenly hit the tween/teen years of activity? How did you balance work too? And relationships and church and working out… and not feeling so stressed that EVErY night was “something.” Help?)

March 11, 2014 - 12:09 pm

susie - Love, love, love the table!!!

March 11, 2014 - 2:36 pm

Nancy - Wow, that looks beautiful! You have inspired me to give it a try on our kitchen table… we’ll see how that goes!

March 11, 2014 - 3:04 pm

Peggy - Oh Paige… you have just entered into my realm! I ADORE ASCP! and MMS milk paint and CeCe Caldwell’s wax (its is similar to Annie’s but doesn’t trigger asthma attacks for me.) My husband jokes that if they stand still too long I might paint them (spray, chalk, milk, acrylic, latex… it all works for me!) I love, love, love your table! Isn’t the Paris Gray delicious?! I just picked up a can of Provence (its this lovely turqouisy blue… reminds me of the Mediterranean) and am going to tackle a desk. The top is already Paris Gray with a touch of a dark gray & black mixed in….yes I mixed brands.

Have a wonderful time painting Little Bit’s room! You could always pick out some of the ASCP colors which pop and paint some of her furniture. With a light grey back ground (SW agreeable grey at 50% with a chalkboard wall) and pops of color throughout the room and a funky chandelier. A little sassy, a little spunk, a little industrial, a little boho feminine… 🙂 Sorry I can’t help myself! (i love making over rooms… maybe a little too much.)

have a wonderful day my dear!

March 11, 2014 - 3:11 pm

judy - like you paige, i’m just not sure i want to make that investment, especially since i don’t have anything that needs painting right now. back when i had a booth here i would have jumped on the ASCP in a heartbeat but i gave it up a couple of years ago (got burned out). your table turned out so pretty and looks wonderful in your dining room.

and btw, nothing wrong with good ol’ k-mart! i’m pleasantly surprised whenever i go in and see some of their things…and look how long that cabinet has lasted!

March 11, 2014 - 9:43 pm

Jen@thecottagenest - Your table turned out great! Good for you! I had not good luck with the chalk paint but much better luck with the milk paint although it is a heavily distressed look and my big girl who paints lots of furniture with it at one of her jobs did most of the work. I have a dining room table and a bed to paint and I’m trying to decide if I should go latex or milk paint. I love a good diy project but I DO NOT like painting furniture!

March 11, 2014 - 10:16 pm

Kristen - I can’t stop admiring that march calendar! Can you share your source? Thank you!

March 11, 2014 - 11:52 pm

marcie - Paige, The table looks awesome. Love the color and I must say, the calendar as well 🙂 Before you invest in paint for Caroline’s furniture I want to mention a product that I am using to paint furniture for a local decorator. It is called Rethunk Junk and comes in great colors, is cost effective, bonds without stripping, etc. and is produced by a local (to Atlanta area) mother of 5. The effect is similar to the look on your table but a little less labor which is nice for a smaller, less major piece of furniture. If you want more info let me know!! I could even drop a sample size off to your daughter next time I’m down at IKEA or Taquiera del Sol and she’s working. I need to pop in to her place and get some knobs anyway!! Marcie

March 12, 2014 - 6:07 am

Donna - Looks great! It makes me to want to paint my table which I have been thinking about doing for a while. You make it sound so easy and I am a complete novice and have never tried these paints or wax either. Love the look. The cabinets look really nice too. I might try this. Have a wonderful day.

March 12, 2014 - 6:08 am

Donna - Looks great! It makes me to want to paint my table which I have been thinking about doing for a while. You make it sound so easy and I am a complete novice and have never tried these paints or wax either. Love the look. The cabinets look really nice too. I might try this.

March 12, 2014 - 7:04 pm

carol jane - So pretty. I always wanted to try ASCP, but have not yet, because of the cost. I did see online that Home Depot now sells a chalk paint(online only) I think. Its called Americana decor (i think) sorry. Check it out. Its half the price of AS.

October 14, 2015 - 5:43 am

Annie Sloan Paris Grey – - […] a lovely example from Paige Knudsen, using Paris Grey and a Soft Wax finish for her dining room […]

August 16, 2016 - 9:18 pm

Noelle - I have painted a couple of pieces of furniture with ASCP and am about to paint my dining table as well. It gets lots of use so I’m curious on how the wax will hold up over time. Have you had any issues with your table? Maybe really working in the wax is key like you mentioned?

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