baby it’s cold outside

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friends. it’s freezing here. i realize it’s freezing basically everywhere so we need not try to out-frigid-temps each other but ohmygosh it’s so cold. just the other day i was thinking that i wanted winter to last a little longer so i could enjoy a few deliciously soft scarves for a few more weeks. i’ve since changed my mind. windchill of below zero -in atlanta people-is just too much.  down here, south of the mason dixon line, we didn’t really sign up for this.

so in attempt to send some beautiful spring inspired vibes your way…the noonday collection spring line launched this week!!! i was hoping to shoot some fun photos of the girls in some of my favorite new pieces but the aforementioned temps have made that but a dream. so until then, here are a few of my favorites.

  1. my current fave necklaces~tesfanish tassel, velocity necklace & the emebet necklace. you can layer the tesfanish & the emebet for a fun look!
  2. my current fave earrings~ the adorned hoop & the leather leaf.
  3. my current fave bracelets~the bazaar bangles ( set of 5), bonjou bangles ( set of 3)  & the linked horn.

so many new & exciting things brewing around noonday! it truly is an honor to represent these artisans who’s lives are changing because the cycle of poverty is ending for them. they’re receiving a sustainable income through dignified jobs. mamas are able to stay home with their younger children and afford to send the school age ones to school! i listened this week to a video of one of artisans speak of the hope he now has & the dreams he now dreams because he is earning a living wage….and managing over 300 employees!  its just a beautiful cycle.

if you’re local & interested in hosting a show, they’re really fun & i promise not a lot of work for you! you can earn free jewelry too!! shoot me an email if you’re interested!


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i obviously love a gallery wall whether my art is hung or whether it’s simply propped up. as you can tell i love to move things around. the whole propping plan allows me to do that whenever i add a new piece such as this beauty from my sweet friend lindsay letters. mine is a 24×34 framed in gallery gold. the peppermint moss abstract is 30×36.  the fun pastel is He&I from the fabulous britt bass. the stag was painted by savannah last year as a christmas gift. everyone always asks about the letters–i grabbed mine at the country living fair a few years ago. i’m sure if you google metal letters you can find a great supply!

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i obviously love to take photos of the beauty that is whole foods groceries. and i don’t drink beer. the bottle is empty. i just asked if i could purchase it sans the brewsky. ha! now the prosecco, those aren’t empty 😉

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beautiful mail & packages that all arrived on the same day. i am so thankful for you mary ann. you have shown me much about loving well. bless you sweet thoughtful, intentional friend!

& valentines day cards. have mercy i love them. i usually pick out or order mine well before the sweet day even gets close. the pink hand embossed cutie is from my big guy & the “you’re my person” i found for him.

okay. so i have a cute story. dan knows i love sugarboo & co. besides anthropolgie, its truly my favorite shop. so he gave me this adorable puzzle shown below. he goes, i know you don’t like using “u” as an abbreviation but its the only way i could make it work. how cute is he. so then he tells me that he was fiddling with it in the shop & trying to make the sentiment work when the owner walked by ( she recognized him because we may or may not cruise over there fairly frequently) and realized what he was spelling out. turns out they spell out a handful of sayings & didn’t realize the “forever and always i love u” option. dan made a craft!

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we headed over to athens sunday to spend a little time with our birthday girl. savannah turned 22 on valentines day!! yes. 22. i totally remember 22 and i wish i was as awesome at 22  as she is.
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04paige knudsensorry i was mia there for a while! i sorta dropped the blogging ball for the last few days and seem to be failing at just keeping up with my work in general.

i photographed two newborns last week & those images are just delicious!!  i can’t wait to share those with you.


i have something that i can’t wait to share with you guys next week as well!!


February 20, 2015 - 9:59 am

Lisa - Paige,
My son’s 22nd b-day was Feb 18. I know exactly what you mean by wishing I was as awesome at that age. It is so exciting to witness such ambitious and selfless young people. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for youngsters like your daughter. My son has always been wise beyond his years… although the goofiest kid as well. He is always pushing ME to find happiness in what I do. You and I are so blessed to be the moms of such extraordinary people. Love your blog!!!

February 20, 2015 - 10:50 am

Carla - Love your book collection! Such pretty and colorful bindings, where did you find these?

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