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watching my girls grow up over the years, one of the sweetest aspects is watching who they choose for friends. we allView full post »

validation, identity and a pageant

          often times we look for, we long for, we need the acceptance “award&#View full post »

a special evening for her

                        i was one of those girls whoView full post »

sweet 16 week of celebration

dan & i were headed out last night to a fancy dinner of mellow mushroom pizza all by our sweet little selves &View full post »

what i hope you know sweet girl….

 We will not hide these truths from our children;    we will tell the next generationabout the glorious deeds ofView full post »

seaside, a fabulous sun hat & a john wind special

  yesterday i posted about some of the pieces from carol & company that i wanted to share with you. today i have aView full post »

a generation of peace

one of my favorite aspects of parenting is when, as the parent, i have the opportunity to learn from and be inspired byView full post »

life as a 15 year old & being a mom

  i mentioned to ya’ll that the month of may was going to take me out  but we’re rolling along ok &View full post »

all for your splendor….a letter for emily

last night the above image showed up on my instagram while dan & i were at a meeting. when we came home he wentView full post »

celebrating emi

i’ll be honest with  after years & years …..& years of planning multiple birthday parties eachView full post »

a post from emily….

today i’d love to share emi’s follow up letter from her mission trip to Peru this summer. i posted aboutView full post »

let your light shine, sweet em

sweet em, this has been such an incredible summer for you! i have seen you ~ grow in your relationship with the LordView full post »

my happy girl

   the upcoming week is pretty exciting around here emi starts highschool! for this perpetually happy, outgoing,View full post »

the secret’s out. i’m a psycho beach photographer

i’m going to tell you a little secret. it’s not a quality i’m proud of but i’m going to lay theView full post »

emily in rosemary beach

  i can’t wait to share about emily’s mission trip to Peru. she came home with so many sweet stories andView full post »