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expectations and possibilities

i was recently chatting with a precious young mama friend of mine. we were discussing working from home, busy householdsView full post »

imogen claire needs prayer.

years ago i went to nursing school. i knew i wanted to do one thing & really just that one thing. i wanted to takeView full post »

i’ve got the eye of the tiger. occasionally.

remember the scene in You’ve Got Mail. meg ryan in the supermarket line. folks behind her are irritated. well.View full post »

between you & me signs and a special deal

my precious, real life friend tara & her awesome hubby andy (who will change your flat tire if you’re everView full post »

a celebration of friends

morning friends! we’ve got a packed up suburban & we’re about to hit the road for our week at the beachView full post »

taylor & thomas. from rainy reschedules & to a beautiful sunset

one of the funny things about my job as a photographer is that ‘blind-date’ feel of meeting clients for theView full post »

angels watching over you

i must have been about the age savannah is now. or was i even younger than that? she & my mom were good friends&#View full post »

an inspiration & an icon, at 70.

i want to introduce you to my friend carol. i’ve known carol for a handful of years while i flutter in & outView full post »

summer favorites & how to switch to blog lovin’

i’d love to share some of my favorite summer noonday pieces with you~ these are all super fun pieces that can beView full post »

thank you for being you AnnLee

when savannah left for college a couple summers ago, she & some friends started meeting together as a smallView full post »

we’re giving away a signed copy of “a little salty to cut the sweet”

a few years ago, back in the day before we all stayed in our own rooms here at the knudsen home and hung out on our ownView full post »

last day of school & a couple of couples

well it’s officially summer around here as my air conditioner is already working it’s full time job ofView full post »

sorority girls come home. i need to learn spanish & crowder itunes

doesn’t it seem that the further along we roll into may, the more your body seems to be saying….”View full post »

the birthday girl, pearls and a giveaway!!

earlier this spring my dear friend sibi came and brought The Pearl Event to atlanta. it was a beautiful spring weekend &View full post »

forever friends {casey & lauren}

casey & lauren are the closest of friends…and they’re  absolutely gorgeous aren’t they?!View full post »