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trust your story

one of my favorite stories of all time is The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.  surprisingly I loved the movie just as much.View full post »

she calls me minny & she’s my skeeter

 i know for me, when something seems monumental i’m a little intimidated to tackle it or break it down. i sureView full post »

teenagers, the kardashians & how i do what i do

  a couple posts ago i received the following comment… Anonymous said… “I love your blog. I love yourView full post »

nineteen valentines

it’s funnyi had to stop & ask dad…19? she’s 19? at the risk of sounding cliche…i have noView full post »

the story of a biopsy

   i have my mammogram each year in october. breast cancer awareness month “to help me remember” as if i&#View full post »

entertaining an angel unaware

we all love a good story. especially when the under dog ends up the hero. we love it when the unexpected character risesView full post »

being in the middle and being stretched

      i climbed in the bed last night, exhausted. not physically exhausated neceassarily but mentally exhausted. theView full post »

the greatest of these is love

it was two years after gregg had passed away. i was getting ready that afternoon to attend the funeral of an amazingView full post »

Who He is….

I want to introduce you to a new bible. Ann Spangler has teamed up with the God’s Word Translation to edit andView full post »

i’m still shaken up, but so very thankful

earlier this week i had planned on today’s post being an eloquent entry on having a thankful heart. after whatView full post »

feel your fears & act anyway

(art by kelly rae) the last several days i’ve been in a struggle. you see, i have a stronghold in my life. i knowView full post »

expensive time

  decision making can be somewhat larger than life for me. i weigh all the potential variables i think through possibleView full post »

a winner, unrelated images & my thoughts

wishing each of you a happy friday! since this post seems to go south after a series of completely unrelated, yet neverView full post »

tending your secret garden

this post has been sitting in my drafts for quite some was basically just a quote & a few images takenView full post »

failing to give

i think one of , if not the biggest, regret in raising my girls is that i failed to show them a lifestyle of giving. aView full post »