current crush, a few favorites

hi friends – i hope you’re having a great day!  after three days of post hurricane irma school closings, things are slowly getting back to normal around here. we were fortunate to only lose power for a few hours, but some communities are still without! i know it’s cliche but goodness gracious, we’re so fortunate to have the luxury of electricity.

i keep a running list on my desk of things i want to share with y’all. some of my personal favorite blog posts are those that share fun fun new lip gloss colors, a great new song download or a new book so i love to do the same for you!

back when i blogged on a more regular basis i called these posts my current crushes. this one is a little longer than usual because it’s been a little while! i want you to know none of these are paid ads today.  like many bloggers, i do indeed have affiliate partnerships therefore some of links are affiliate for sourcing, but i only take on those for products i truly love!!


-i get stopped almost every time i wear my platform birkenstocks. i “almost” bought these a few years ago but my girls were not fans…but this year i couldn’t resist…& i LOVE them!


-banksia protea & king protea are such gorgeous tropical flowers. we saw these on many of the street corner markets when we visited savannah & trevor in san francisco.  a little harder to find in georgia but contact your local florist & they can probably order for you. 


– speaking of visiting trevor & savannah…they say that the sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger. i’ll admit i’m super picky about fragrance, from laundry detergent ( febreeze? gag me) to perfume. as far as fragrance i lean more towards notes such as sandalwood, patchouli, amber, musk, vanilla, jasmine and tobacco. there’s an aesop brick & mortar just around the corner from their apartment. when i visiting san francisco in february i purchased a couple tubes of body lotion and hand creme…which i love! i knew when dan & i went back this summer i wanted to purchase their fragrance as well as fragrance for our home as well. since my initial aesop purchase was in SF  i associate that scent with my cali kids. i’ve smitten with the entire line. i’m slowly trying products & saving pennies to add on a little at a time. everything i’ve tried so far is amazing!

marrakech intense. oh my word. hands down my favorite perfume ever.

resurrection aromatique balm. again-a wonderful hand balm.

istros aromatique room spray. my home in heaven will smell like this 😉

rejuvenate body balm. divine.

i’d love to try one of their daily moisturizers as well!


lindsey pruitt is one of my favorite instagrammers. she’s a branding wizard & has been known to share beautiful graphics for your screensaver & such…like these…




-i looked over at the stack of books beside my bed & thought they looked so pretty all together!

madison brought home the eat beautiful book a few weeks ago & i’ve enjoyed peeking through. she reads truth  bible ( mine is poppy linen), not only is it quite lovely, it’s full of reading plans and tools to help us learn more as we’re in the word every day. sophie hudson released an awesome journal, all in all, designed for younger girls but i’m gonna tell you the truth, i’ve been reading it as well! if you know sophie her humor wraps around her encouraging words creating a double win!

i’m so inspired by bri mckoy’s come & eat ! her heart to encourage us to love on others around our tables is so beautiful. this book has recipes, conversation starters & other great words to inspire us! she’ll be guest posting here later this season!


-caroline & i used our xl fouta at the beach this summer. they’re so versatile & stylish and 100% cotton so they just get softer with each wash. i keep a basket of ours beside the comfy chair in our master, perfect for just a lightweight lap throw as well! fouta colors offers a huge selection from the xl size we have all the way to hand towels. great wedding gift by the way!



-i’m a huge brene brown fan. have you watched her TED talks? gosh she’s brilliant yet seemingly so down to earth. i want to write down every thing she says & underline every line in her books. she was recently on jen hatmakers podcast and i highly encourage you to listen. so good!  she talks about living wholeheartedly…man, how i want that to be said about me!…and says to live wholeheartedly you must have compassion ( be kind to yourself ), connection ( as a result of authenticity) and courage ( to be imperfect).  amen and amen. braving the wilderness just released this week and i’m adding it to the- aforementioned pretty stack beside my bed.
-okay i need your advice. journals. do you use a separate journal for separate needs? needs such as one for bible study, one for random thoughts, one for prayer requests, etc. or do you just use one for all the things, fill ‘er up and then move to the next one?

i have a few large topics i want to write about ( some mentioned above) and a plethora–i mean a plethora of journals. and by plethora i mean an entire shelf. yes an entire book shelf of journals. and they’re all cute. talk to me…tell me your ways. i’m really trying to be old school & actually write, like with a pen, not on my phone or even on my computer, but a pen, in a journal. for posterity of course. no really. 



-my final current crush is our pup duke. we’ve had him two years this month! we adopted him through adopt a golden atlanta, he’s one of the turkey dogs rescued from a forest. apparently there are hundreds of abandoned goldens in turkey and AGA is rescuing them & giving them good homes here in the USA. he’s a good boy! hey, maybe that’s what i’ll do soon, a duke inspired current crush post!


fashionable is a company I love! They have the most beautiful leather bags, jewelry and other goodies… and all products are made by women both locally and globally who have overcome extraordinary circumstances… anything from addiction to depression to prostitution.  you’ll receive a $10 off coupon on your first purchase if you sign up for their newsletter! Check it out here!

alrighty my friends, have a great weekend!! & share your journal thoughts with me!


September 15, 2017 - 5:35 pm

Cynrhia - I keep a small notebook 4×8 with loose leaf paper and dividers, to journal my weekly list of “to do’s”, walking daily, etc. , but I keep separate journals for writing, books that I have read (basic info + short report) because I read a lot, and sometimes, forget that I have already read a book. I star the books from 1-5 with 5 being a great read. I also have a gratitude journal, and a quote journal and a sketching journal. I keep them piled neatly on a small desk and try to check in with the small journals when ever I get a minute. The notebook sits in the kitchen, next to my calendar. It seems like a lot, but it works for me.

I am so glad that you got through Irma without too Much difficulty. We evacuated from Florida….and it was a challenging week. We are fine, but so many are not. Your blog always cheers me. Thank you.

September 18, 2017 - 8:58 am

Jalana Jennings - thanks for these lovely suggestions!! have a beautiful day!

September 18, 2017 - 2:38 pm

chrissi - lovely post. i am a journal addict too. i need one for each bible study or journey. prayer requests another and yet another for the thoughts i am trying to just let go. makes for bible study a bit daunting but all the pretty inspires♥

September 19, 2017 - 11:28 am

Rhonda - I am a journal junkie also. My favorite ones are spirals but I use the hardbound kind also if I like the cover. I have individual ones for prayer requests, current Bible study, personal thoughts, quotes, prayers for grandparents, and my daily lists. Hobby Lobby is a good place to find pretty ones but would be interested in where everyone else finds nice ones. Blessings!

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