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one of the most used products in our home is counter spray. many times a day i reach for it to freshen things up…i’m probably a little bit of a cleaning nut!  one of the funniest things about brinkley is that he always was by my side in the kitchen. yet he knew once i pulled out the counter spray things were wrapping up…so he’d head out & go lay on his comfy pillow. like clockwork people. sometimes i’d pull it out & start spraying just to show off his little pavlov trick. like all the little bites of carrot or turkey or whatever i was preparing was all over. cracked me up every single time!

fragrance is a very important element in our home…honestly the sense of smell is probably the one that’s most sensitive to me. i’m quite selective about any product & how it smells. from candles to perfumes, from dry-shampoo to laundry detergent, and definitely a product that i use multiple times a day. there’s only been a small handful of cleaning products that i’ve actually enjoyed & passed the “how does it smell” test. & these are by far, my all time favorite!

several months ago i was introduced to the murchison~hume line. a friend of mine used their leather products & i remembered her sharing about their classic/modern packaging. spent some time perusing their website & ordered several items for myself & i’ve been hooked ever since! between the packaging, the natural ingredients, the pleasing fragrance & how very well the products actually work i’m hooked indeed!!

~the ” best in show” is a waterless, between baths, cleanser for your favorite pup. this waterless dog wash contains 100% naturally derived ingredients.  infused with essential oils of lemongrass and lavender & smells so wonderful…and not like cheapy dog wash. your pup will love you even more…if that’s even possible! this is one of their products that is 100% natural & is fragranced with only natural essential oils. no synthetic fragrances, no silicone, no kidding.  44murchisonhume

~the counter safe all-purpose spray is my favorite all time cleaner. i’ve used the original fig as well as the australian white grapefruit & both are so wonderful. not only do they clean well, the fragrance is nice & not overpowering. since murchison~hume doesn’t use harsh chemicals it’s safe for your home. win win win.


~ the bathroom cleaner is another winner. not only does it neutralize germs & odors, it freshens the air & is, again, so pleasant. truth be told. i like the bottle so much i leave it out on the counter in the girls bath. perhaps making it easy for anyone else who might use that bathroom more than i do to, umm, perhaps clean it? subtle right? while we technically have the boy’s bathroom cleaner, the ladies is wonderful as well. i know you think i’m nuts but i hate toxic cleaner smells & this leaves our bathrooms with a pleasant scent.

~the premium glass & mirror polish…well hello you effective glass cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia. a plant-based formula that actively discourages dust from re-settling on your reflective surfaces. why yes. clearly brilliant. a helpful tip for you=if this is your first usage of the glass polish you may see you ended up with a  streaky surface. fear not. this is caused by the reside left behind from yucky ammonia-based cleaners used in the past. it’s easy to fix, though- just give your surfaces a quick wipe with some water before you use the glass polish & you’ll end up with an ammonia-free shine. score.

~i also picked up a natural bristle pot brush which is only a five spot….looks like several of the home accessories are on sale, big-time, so don’t miss out on those!



murchison~hume has offered my readers a 20% off special code, just use PK20 at checkout & enjoy your products! i think you’re gonna crush on them!!


August 21, 2015 - 11:53 am

Shannon - Oh, so excited for the discount code. We discovered their unscented kitchen soap and I finally have a soap that both my husband and I agree on in the kitchen. I love their packaging and he loves that it doesn’t leave any lingering scent on his hands.

November 24, 2015 - 8:57 am

murchison~hume giveaway! » simple thoughts from Paige Knudsen Photography - […] & i’m heading out to try the furniture & upholstery cleaner in my car. ( i’ve shared about how fabulous their pet products are […]

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