i want to introduce you to renal

good morning friends, i want to introduce ya’ll to renal.



renal lives in haiti. let me give you a little scoop about his situation. renal lost his entire workshop due to hurricane sandy. dozens of local jewelrymakers came daily to this workshop. noonday hooked up with renal and orders starting coming in & kept coming in. renal is thriving. check it out~


here’s something else. renal owns a tap-tap, a haitian truck. it wasn’t functioning but with this season’s orders, renal has made enough money to repair his truck. he now takes local kiddos to & from school.  i love this beautiful story of how purchases empower artisans such as renal! & then renal is engaging & supporting his own community. obviously he’s quite a leader & positive role model for the younger ones.


in addition, one of the women who works with renal has two children who suffer from sickle cell anemia. her children have been in and out of hospitals for years now. now that she has work from Noonday she has been able to pay all the medical debt they had accrued AND enroll both of her little ones in school full time. WOW! these purchases are so much more then just beautiful designs, they are amazing stories that are impacting real people.

& finally, we received an email from our in-country contact this week &  thought you’d enjoy.~
“I just want you to know what a huge impact Noonday has made on us and our artisans.  You have no idea the providential timing of Noonday working with us through all of this. It has literally been the greatest blessing and you are the reason our artisan co-op is still going. And Renal, oh my word, he is doing AWESOME! 

In this work that we are all doing there is something greater than just supporting someone financially, I know you have seen this firsthand. Supporting someone financially through business provides so many opportunities for advancement, but it also gives purpose and the power of having purpose is incredible. This is a spark I have seen in Renal since he has started doing these orders for you guys. This new drive and energy and excitement for his business. His wife comes in pretty often and will sit with him while he works, she has thanked me for him having a reason to not “sit at home”. This is a phrase that is used often here in Creole, talking about how when people don’t have work they are just sitting at home. It is a depressing thing and people here take so much pride in having a reason to not just sit at home. 

Getting to see someone light up for life and become driven in a place filled with so much poverty is a huge gift. Thank you for that.”

renal’s current piece for noonday collection is the navajo wrap bracelet.

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May 23, 2014 - 8:32 am

Lori H - What an amazing man. I love this story, and all the Noonday stories!

May 23, 2014 - 7:01 pm

amy @ fig milkshakes - It certainly IS a great story! So inspiring how he “pays it forward” (so to speak). I’ve had my eye on them for a while now, and my birthday is coming up so I think I finally will point it out to my husband and get down on some of that! Thank you for sharing!

May 25, 2014 - 7:40 am

marcie - Great story!! I’ve mentioned before my love for Haiti, the artists there and their art. I have a lot of Haitian art on my walls – purchases I made their and the interaction with the artists is always uplifting! Love. love tha Noonday has been so impactful in Haiti!! This post made my day!! marcie

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