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one of the most common questions i’m asked is about the brand of our sofas & if we love them.

they’re ektorp from ikea and yes we love them. just like anything else, they’re not perfect for everyone, but they’ve been fantastic for us.

we needed pieces that fit within our budget, which was relatively small. several years ago we purchased a few chairs, the sofa & a couple ottomans. the sofa is around $350 and an extra slip cover is only $50. while i’d love a huge, plush “feels like heaven” sofa, we just didn’t have a couple thousand to spend & i honestly didn’t want the upkeep anxiety of such an investment. we have kiddos & those kiddos have friends, some of which are boys and they like to eat food & occasionally even spill coffee on said sofas. truth be told, when hot cocoa was split on the arm rest a few weeks ago, i did not freak out. shocking i know. brinkley lays beside them & while he’s an indoor doggy, he’s still a doggy so he leaves a little residue. the girls wear dark jeans & occasionally the denim rubs off. dan used to read the paper back in the day when we actually got the paper, and therefore we got ink on them. and truth be told, years later, they still look great. coffee, blood, cheetos…it all came out.

when we purchased all of our furniture i grabbed an extra sofa slip cover as well as an extra for my chairs. i don’t wash them on a regular schedule, just when i feel they need it. for washing, i just throw them in my old school washing machine ( which is not a front end loader people) with just regular laundry detergent. if its the summer time, i set those babies outside to dry. if it’s cooler or overcast i’ll put them in the dryer for a few minutes & then actually slip them back on…slightly damp…and without ironing. i know. for some of you, the wrinkles are just too much but truth be told, i feel like they look like a favorite pair of jeans. and i don’t iron my jeans so it all works in the knudsen home.

i have one friend who totally regrets having purchased ( i think she has the chairs) the ektorp pieces but otherwise everyone i know that owns them, loves them.

this is not a paid ad for IKEA by the way!

jen over at the lovely blog, city farmhouse, has written a great post on her pros & cons of the same furniture as well. 


thank you readers for such a smooth noonday collection sample sale. honestly i hit the publish button, ran out to spin class & came home to over 2 dozen sold items. i have two pieces left. remember, these are final sale. i’ll add on $6 shipping. just leave in comments if your’e interested!

1. sterling peruvian bangle, fire retail $275 sale 50% off $138. this hand made piece is gorgeous. shown below with the sold out mosaic cuff .

21paige knudsen noonday22paige knudsen noonday

2. market tote, retail $24, sale 30% off = $1739paige knudsen noonday

we launch our new Noonday Collection spring line on february 17th & i’m so excited for you to see it!! an absolutely beautiful assortment of jewelry & accessories!

i fly out early tomorrow & head to austin texas for the IF: Gathering. to say i’m pumped about this opportunity is an understatement!! i’ll be part of the photography team for some of the sessions & then soaking up the teaching & worship during the others! check the website as there are IF:Local events all over the world. no really, all over the world this weekend!

i’m equally excited to see some of my girlfriends from our rwanda trip this summer! for those of you not familiar with IF, jennie allen ( the blond cutie pie with a braid standing to the left of me) is the visionary and founder~”We exist to gather, equip and unleash the next generation of women to live out their purpose.” i’ll be back next week & look forward to sharing!!!



February 5, 2015 - 8:49 pm

Jen - Thank you so much Paige for this amazing shout out, you are so sweet to do that:). You are such an inspiration to me! Have a great night, Jen

February 5, 2015 - 10:33 pm

Kim from 3 peanuts - I have this sofa and one of the chairs on my office down the street and they have held up great! I have had my office for just over 2 years and I have only washed them once! I do keep a lint roller in there because people’s sweater and things shed on them a lot. I probably need to wash them again. I sit in that chair all day long listening to people’s problems and it is very comfortable. No regrets here either. They are a lot of bang for your buck.


February 5, 2015 - 10:37 pm

patty - first, i received my noonday things in the mail today-thank you! am in lOve with the scarf… it was a piece i labored over during it’s regular season…
second, i lived just north of austin for 3 years and absolutely lOved it! i hope you venture out and enjoy the city… it’s a perfect time of year to be there. be sure to visit some piano bars! 🙂 safe travels!

February 6, 2015 - 10:38 pm

Ali - I LOVE your ikea sofa and chairs !! We have the same ikea set at our home! You are so right they are fantastic for life with kids. The price is so affordable too! I have three kids and I don’t worry about spills, blood, dirt, and dark jeans running off on them. Its surprising how easy for family life white ikea couches are!! They also photograph really well !

February 7, 2015 - 11:26 am

Andrea - Thank you for this post. I have been wondering how durable this furniture was. I may buy a loveseat for my computer room.

February 7, 2015 - 5:53 pm

Sheila E. - I love your blog. Thank you for the videos you did for Jeanne’s Becoming… The Unfolding of You series. You spoke to me on many different levels. I appreciate you very much.

Thank you from my heart,

Sheila in Denver

February 8, 2015 - 6:56 am

Nancy - Hi Paige

I have been looking everywhere for the wood carved pedestal that holds you mercury glass collection for my mom.

What is it actually called and any thoughts where I might get one for her????


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