transition & the art of home

several months ago i was sharing my heart with a precious, very wise, friend. i told her i had felt the last handful of years, while full of so much good, had seemed perhaps the most difficult in many ways. the difficult & the challenges seemingly walking right beside me. not threatening to take me out, but becoming a part of my norm. more so than any other time in my life. being the precious, very wise friend that she is, she so sweetly offered grace & the following statement….”paige, you’ve been going through some of the biggest seasons of transition over & over again”.


i’m sure that seems so obvious. and yet i hadn’t looked back over the last few years & grouped all the change into that one word. transition.

our family has definitely gone through transition the last few years. my little nest has gone through transition. how i parent my girls has gone through transition. how our home rolls has gone through transition. and a lot of it. all in a relatively short period of time.

a lot of switching gears. a lot of rethinking & recreating ways to relate to my girls as they transition out of our home into college & out of college into the world. dynamics in our homes change significantly during this stage.  ( that’s my understatement for 2015 by the way)

i’ve always wanted my home to be a safe place for my family. a respite from a busy world. a place that made my girls feel like a big hug embraced them as they walk through the door. i began to change how i decorated our home, minimizing clutter & utilizing a neutral palate. i’ve chosen to use only those things that i truly love, find beautiful or hold tender sentiment.  textures & seasonal natural elements now are my favorite pieces to use around our home. i created a studio a few years ago & love creating art in my home through photography. and we’ve painted bedrooms & changed living spaces as our family has transitioned. whether it’s trying my hand at a new homemade pizza recipe, using fresh herbs just outside my kitchen door or lighting a yummy candle creating beauty in my home has been a sweet “norm” during so much transition. so i continue to stumble and bump into the ‘difficult & challenge’ that is walking beside me now.  there is certainly much transition going on in my home as i write this tonight. some is wonderful & exciting and some is heartbreaking. i’ll come back & share more about these personal elements a little later. but for now~
jeanne oliver is one of the most vastly talented women i’ve ever known. she’s created a course that i’m so eager to begin!! Art of Home | Modern Simple Living will be about some of the lost arts of caring for our home and family. each week will contain step by step videos with decorating, cooking, gardening, entertaining, housekeeping and more…so much more!
the following will be shared: The Art of Farm to Table, The Art of Gathering, The Art of Domestic Moxie and The Art of Reclaimed Style.



the early registration price for this four week online course is $42.99. this course will begin on September 15, 2015 and you will have LIFETIME ACCESS* to the videos. this link will take you directly to your registration page. please note!!~ you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours so don’t fret 🙂 and please double check your paypal cart before finalizing your order!!
Week One
The Art of Farm to Table
This week is all about gardening, cooking and preserving food.

Week Two
The Art of Gathering
This week is all about opening your home and creating a space where people feel loved and special.

Week Three
The Art of Domestic Moxie
This week is all about creative and fun ways to keep your home.

Week Four
The Art of Reclaimed Style
This week is all about using what you have and finding new uses for found objects.artofhomephotocollagePROMO

August 4, 2015 - 10:47 pm

Karen Stone - I feel comfortable, cozy, and refreshed any time I see pictures of your home! So many great reminders in this post… Praying for you during this time of continued transition.

August 5, 2015 - 5:27 pm

Lisa Mothersead - It is so often in my life that the good and the bad walk along side together. That used to be very frustrating to me. But, in my fifties, I think I have built more of a tolerance for it, an acceptance, and an ability to handle it all more calmly. My daughters are interesting, talented, bright, well educated twenty something year olds. But, this age is challenging. The other morning I woke up after a particularly difficult situation hearing “The Lord is my strength and my salvation” rolling around in my head. It helped. From my perspective, as a reader of your blog, you are doing a phenomenal job. Just the fact you care so much is key, I think.

August 6, 2015 - 1:56 am

charlotte rogers - My life has been full of transition the past couple of years. Its been very difficult and stressful to overcome and try to up keep a house of 5. Within the past few months I have started to declutter my home, to try and express the peace , love and faith that we try to live on daily. As well as to establish the security we need in our lives. When I see pictures of your home, that is what I see. I also know more is needed than just getting rid of items and new coat of paint. But at least its a start for us. It gives me something to look forward to accomplish. It provides a therapeutic outlet for me. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story, famiy, home and faith. It reaches out and touches hearts of many. You motivate me in more ways than I probably realize!
Happy days with love!

August 7, 2015 - 5:41 pm

Tammie - Paige, this post has made the tears flow. It made memories flow down my cheeks of my two daughters which are only 12 months and 5 days apart, when they left o e year apart for college. Like you I was so proud and wanted to show them how proud I was and I just couldn’t hold it together. Tears flowed for months and it never seemed to get easier, even when it did then came a vaction and they had to leave all over again. I can truthfully say I hated it. They both are married now and have given me the best gift ever , grandbabies! I am sending you a hug for these rough days that lie ahead and wish you Beautiful daughter the best of luck. I don’t think that is needed because it sounds to me like she has known from the start that she is headed right where she wanted to be. You and your beautiful family will be at her graduation before you know it and she will be the best teacher where ever she chooses to teach. Good luck and I will be thinking of you all.

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