a little of my decemeber


i think i hit the wall. as in my get up & go got up & went. as in my energy level is zilcho. what about you? are you still going strong?

i sit here with some caffeine in hopes of recapping a little of the last couple weeks. although blogging while feeling so sleepy is sorta like going to the grocery store while starving. neither will probably produce the best outcome. but the disclaimer is out there.

so yesterday caroline asked if i’d run to the mall with her. i am not a mall girl. is honestly anyone over the age of 23 a mall person? well. the mall. in atlanta. middle of the day. on the saturday after christmas was exactly what you’d expect. and i clearly looked like i was with a teenager as i carried around the forever 21 bag, american eagle bag & of course one from urban outfitters. but we had a great time together despite the traffic and the crowds and the loud. i ate the most heavenly lunch at chipotle. where have i been? chicken bowl i’m coming back for you again real soon.

we were offered a weekend stay at a generous friend’s home in watercolor, seaside’s next door neighbor. we left last friday when the younger two got out of school & came back home monday night. it was so awesome…i’ll share images from that weekend later this week.

below is just a random mix up of a little bit of this & a little bit of that, december style! most of these were all on my instagram account so i apologize for double posting!

christmas eve we enjoyed our service at church & then followed up with waffle house…then home to play the ever competitive game of hide the pickle. each girl is blindfolded & timed. as you can see below, madison was such a gracious victor over the reigning oldest sister champ, savannah.

37paige knudsen christmas38paige knudsen christmas

the last several weeks have been jam packed with work, which is wonderful, but meant that some of the things i normally do around the house just didn’t get done. and honestly i was totally aok with that. we have the house completely decorated prior to thanksgiving so sometimes by end of december I’m sorta ready to just relax and enjoy everything. the presents were wrapped a little more simple this year.

07paige knudsen christmas40paige knudsen christmas

the tear producing gift was tickets to taylor swift for emi & caroline. it’s so cute to give someone a gift that moves them to tears!

42paige knudsen christmas

41paige knudsen christmas

caroline asked for a “crap load of bracelets”. since i’m all about some overachieving in the accessory category, this was right up my alley.  & truth be told, she’s not even wearing all of them below~ free people, puravida, and a wrap from isabella bleu!43paige knudsen christmas


have i ever shown you what i do with our christmas cards? this is my fancy laundry room. last year i put up every card we received, you just can’t see them all from this angle. i spend much time in here & always use this time to pray for someone…i love this and will swap these out with the new cards we received this year! don’t be jealous of my old school washer & dryer! i love christmas cards & worry that one day the “old art” of actually sending mail is going to be long gone. i know it’s an expense and i know it takes time…but i cherish these, i truly do.23paige knudsen christmas

uber cool chalkboard wrap. makes a super fun table runner for all your guests & family to write on as well!21paige knudsen christmas

my middle school stud cheerleader 16paige knudsen christmas

savannah & the making of the chalkboard art01paige knudsen christmas

everyone always asks about the calendar. google 1canoe2…they’re gorgeous and huge! and truly like a piece of art! 14paige knudsen christmas

i think i’ve given ya’ll sources for most things but since my daughter works for anthropologie, most of the things i used you can find there…unless they’re sold out…like the famous little bottle brush trees.

13paige knudsen christmas25paige knudsen christmas18paige knudsen christmas

my precious friend tiffini is running a special on her signs…this hello beauty full is gold. and so fun!  (20% off entire shop! Last sale of the year starts today use code JESUSCALLING20 at checkout today thru December 31!! SHOP CLOSES DECEMBER 31 at midnight ( sale excludes custom work ) ‪

17paige knudsen christmas

i clearly love to photograph my favorite dog while he sleeps. this one was right after our first jogging episode….it had been weeks since we ran. it kicked our tails. i stood there eating m&m’s and took his picture while he snore, moments after our run! ha! 22paige knudsen christmas


emi & i shopping in westside.
02paige knudsen christmas11paige knudsen christmas

19paige knudsen christmas20paige knudsen christmas08paige knudsen christmas

i have to tell you. i just took the tree down today. i have changed my game plan each year….depends on the tree status, schedules etc. i had hoped to keep the tree up, just the lights, until new years, but that baby was d-e-a-d and totally a fire hazard. so out it went today.

i’ll be honest, i put out so few things each year it’s not like i’m all antsy to have “all the stuff and clutter” put away because i don’t use “alot of stuff and clutter” anymore. the fun anthro bottle brush trees, the chalkboard art, a pink poinsettia are about all that’s left up. everything else is all in a holding pattern up stairs waiting to be packed up & put away. i’m hoping to spend one day this week really going through the 10 buckets–not including the dept 56 snow village that i have many pieces of  ( i hide my face in embarrassment) and deciding what to send to good will, what to save for the girls, and what i want to hold to. i have sooooo much christmas decor and dishes and things. i owned a gift shop for a couple years & really collected a lot back then. i was also a ridiculous shopper and if it was cute, i bought it. gah. so all that to say, i’m going to de-clutter my christmas decor inventory!

48paige knudsen christmas44paige knudsen christmas47paige knudsen christmas


and to wrap things up….me & my mom circa 1968. i’m so loving the tree and the gold balls, the chair, my moms fuscia dress & broche and my red keds. life was very cool in the 60’s thankyouverymuch!15paige knudsen christmas

December 29, 2014 - 12:26 am

Andrea - Sweet Paige….so glad you had such sweet days at the beach and that Christmas was filled with your family. Sending prayers to you and yours for a Happy, Healthy 2015!

December 30, 2014 - 4:42 pm

carrie - lovely as always! any chance you might be willing to let us comb through the things that you are giving to goodwill? oh, how i could enjoy a “christmas paige original”! 😉 happy 2015~

December 30, 2014 - 7:05 pm

Donna - Love your pictures and all the little stories. I wish I HAD KNOWN ABOUT THE BOTTLE BRUSH TREES I would have gotten some. I don’t get to go there but once or twice a year because it’s across town. I don’t go over there much. Enjoyed looking at everything.I have old school washer and dryer too but they still work. Guess I’m stuck for a while.

December 31, 2014 - 10:07 am

patty - do you know… i found bottle brushes, new-but looking older-at an antique shop in knoxville that day. that and the remaining trees at anthro and i’m set for next year! 🙂 i started my collection when i first saw yours a few years ago… there hard to find up here, tho… pictures here are fabulous… looks like a wonderful season for you and your family. happy new year! xo