one of the things i love most about her

she loves little ones. she always has.

when she was old enough to toddle around, her hands were full of a few very important things : her baby dolls, a sippy cup, a book, &  a little purse. we called her a bag lady…it was so cute. she’d play with her babies sometimes as mommy, sometimes as teacher. funny thing, i look at the above two pictures of emi & addie and while emi is 18 and addie is 2, i can easily see emi when she was 2 years old holding her baby doll. same hugs, same giggles just different age.

emily has cared for addie after school a couple days a week throughout her senior year & this summer as well. they have such a precious relationship. i love how emily truly adores addie. she often times will text me when her mommy & daddy arrive home and tell me “hey mom, i’m gonna stay a little longer and visit….or hey mom, i’m going to eat dinner with them….or hey mom, i’m gonna stay a  bit more and play with addie”. she absolutely adores her. and i think it’s pretty safe to say the adoration is mutual.

dan & i have been friends with addie’s extended family for years. addie’s grandmother was actually emily’s beloved second grade teacher. addie’s mommy was savannah’s 5th grade teacher. dan taught addie’s mom when she was a freshman & her daddy as a senior. addie’s granddad and my brother are great friends as well. (did i lose ya?).  the connections go on & on.  & one detail that makes it all even sweeter…emily’s wanted to be a teacher ever since she herself was a little girl….just like both her dads..and just like addie’s family.

she’s heading to UGA in a handful of weeks to study early childhood education. (of course she is!!) we’ve talked several times about how it’s going to be hard to leave her sweet addie behind. truth be told, she’s told me her plans on coming home “to see addie and all” every so often.

my sweet em has a big heart. i’ve loved watching her as she’s loved on addie this last year. i’ve loved watching her love on kiddos when she traveled to peru for several weeks a few years ago. i’ve loved that she’s had a heart for children all these years…even as a little baby girl herself. i just love that about her. her hands were always full of little ones & books…and it’s ever so sweet to watch as she steps into this next chapter of her life…most likely with little ones & books in her heart & in her hands all over again.

June 29, 2015 - 5:04 pm

Suzelle - Both of them are adorable !!!!!!

June 29, 2015 - 7:01 pm

Yolanda McLean - I just can’t get over the cuteness and sweetness. Thank you for sharing!

June 30, 2015 - 6:47 am

Donna - So sweet and I love their connection !

July 2, 2015 - 10:18 pm

Destiny - This post made me cry… What a precious account of who and what your sweet girl is. Little Miss Addie is delicious, and that picture of her standing on her tippy toes? It’s darling, and had me clutching my old ovaries!

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