our christmas home source list

91paige knudsen christmas

i promised i’d come back & share sources from the holiday house walk. if you’re new here from either nester’s link up or jen rizzo’s tour, welcome!

our 2014 christmas home full tour is here

if you’d like to look back a couple years, you can see 2013 home tour here and 2012 home tour here

i have to admit, each year i do a little less and each year i think to myself  “this is my favorite year” but this year really is my favorite so far. not because i did anything big or purchased a lot of new things…truth be told, only the silver tinsel trees & a the table top ornaments are new…well & my lindsay letters art…those are the only things i purchased.

years ago i was a clutter magnet. i collected many things & i wanted said collected things out …all of them…at all times…where my little eyes could enjoy them….all of them…all the time. then one day i had enough of all the clutter and all the stuff.everywhere. you can laugh at view my little chat on how i simplified our decor here. so in keeping with a simplified decor, i no longer feel the need to be all good stewardish about my stuff and pull it all out, just because i have it. in fact, i probably use less than 20% off all the christmas stuff i actually have. sigh. excess embarrassment sets in. many years i’d be so antsy to have a clean slate that i’d take all the chrstimas decor early. i mean i get it up early november so by the afternoon of say december 25th i’m ready to send it on it’s merry way. but no more. i only use what i absolutely love ( for that particular year anyways) and i keep it up much longer. it no longer ( “it” as in all the christmas decor) dominates our home. it more ushers it in & hopefully helps set our hearts on jesus birth. and ya’ll, there are many things that i love that i just choose not to put out simply because i think i’m a little spazzy /sensory overload with decor and it makes me nervous to have too many things. i also use less little nick nacks but more larger items or group things together…like all my bottlebrush trees are all together…so it views to me as one not many. make sense?


anyways. hopefully i will remember each of the questions you asked and if i fail to, there’s always google. like “where can i buy bottle brush trees?”…..try google. google is much more reliable than i am. 😉

first up. brinkley. we adopted brinkley through the golden retriever rescue here in atlanta about 7 years ago. he was 2 at the time and has been the perfect gentlemen and perfect companion for me. whether running together or sleeping beside me ( on the floor of course). he’s getting older and it already pains me to think about watching him continue to age. i love this dog so much its crazy. he’s my kindred spirit in the world of goldens. sigh.

our hard woods were installed by southern flooring and interiors -rich waterworth will take good care of you.  in true home decor failure style ( i’m this way with paint colors as well) i don’t remember the name of the design. i basically told the owner i wanted wood that looked like it was from an old southern home, dark & sorta beaten up looking but on a starter home budget. they nailed it & i actually have a love affair with our floors. as you can see below,  contrary to what you sweet internet friends believe, they are always covered with dog hair from my aforementioned kindred spirit. i’m hoping to bleach this bucket full of pinecones in january when life slows down a little more. thank you sasha.
104paige knudsen christmas

nativity scene was purchased in rwanda when i traveled with noonday collection & the style for justice team earlier this year. life changer. but again, google african nativity and i bet you can find one.


having a daughter work for anthropoligie has amazing benefits. also known as friends & family discount. all dishes below are from anthro & the advent card is from naptime diaries. the little colorful bottle brush trees are from anthropolgie as well….i grabbed all the white ones from star provisions in the westside.  last year madison & i grabbed some of the wood chargers from michaels & while i was traveling she gold leafed them for me. she’s a gem.

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96paige knudsen christmas95paige knudsen christmas83paige knudsen christmas82paige knudsen christmas80paige knudsen christmas79paige knudsen christmas78paige knudsen christmas

shown below is all art work from the amazing lindsey letters. 

85paige knudsen christmas93paige knudsen christmas94paige knudsen christmas


as you can see i’ve changed things up a few times. in fact the dresser in our master is on it’s third design. art below from jennifer lanne. silver tinsel tree from isabella bleu in alpharetta.

101paige knudsen christmas100paige knudsen christmas

pillows in savannah’s room, aka the guest room are from sugarboo & co, restoration hardware, anthro, and craftberry bush.

97paige knudsen christmas98paige knudsen christmas

metal letters were a score at the country living fair. i commissioned savannah to paint a metallic ombre piece of art last year…which i adore!!

90paige knudsen christmas

the chippy frames i use are from the local dryads dancing.

89paige knudsen christmas

the little one canvas is available in my shop here.88paige knudsen christmas87paige knudsen christmas86paige knudsen christmas

giant ampersand was my chrstimas gift last year from dan. he grabbed ours at sugarboo & co here in atlanta but you may also find them many places, such as vintage marquee lights.

84paige knudsen christmas

i score the fresh boxwood wreaths at trader joes the week prior to thanksgiving. for $10 those puppies sell out quickly! i do nothing to them. i am no fresh greenery whisperer. no spritz with water weekly, nothing & those babies last for weeks. well into january. big fur pillow were restoration hardware a few years ago…maybe they still sell them?

besides the floors source, the most frequently asked question is “where’d you get your sofas?”. ikea. we love them. you gotta decide yourself. they’re not the comfy heavenly ones from pottery barn but they are a fraction of the cost. fraction. and with a house full of teens and a dog and people that eat pizza on them all while being told it’s forbidden, they are the way to go for us. i wash them, cold water, line dry and do NOT iron them. i have a spare slip cover for them…because they are CHEAP. i am completely happy. but like many things, you gotta make your own decision. so there’s my ikea white sofa disclaimer.



the little glittered gift toppers were ornaments from target this year. the two handled bowls i grabbed at a little shop in seaside. the brand is POM POM. they were a splurge for moi. placemats can be found here. monogrammed slip covers were pottery barn years ago. annie sloan paris grey painted table. 18paigeknudsen.com16paigeknudsen.com


we purchased the chalkboard which is humongeous from our church last year. they were made specifically for christmas & then you could bid on them christmas eve. i basically told them i’d pay whatever because i love them. its about 10 feet long & i chose to prop it up behind my desk versus hang it horizontally. i figure if i change my mind, it’s much easier to relocate that way. my daughter savannah is our resident artist. i basically give her a theme & let her roll. i love this scripture & wanted it to be the focus for our home this season. well everyday really. jesus is our everlasting mighty god come in the form of a humble baby. all furniture in my studio is from world market & ikea.

75paige knudsen christmas



o holy night sign is from the awesome shop between you & me. all dishes & ornaments from coton colors–who is running a 20%off all sale & free ship! ( winner of $50 to be announced soon!! i promise)  detailed source list for coton colors is here. 


and finally, the hello darling pillow is from anthropologie.

77paige knudsen christmas76paige knudsen christmas

thank ya’ll!! that was quite the doozy long post!! merry merry!!!


December 16, 2014 - 10:14 am

simone - I love that you shared all this Paige, you are a generous spirit. I missed the little blue pots when I looked before, those are really lovely.

I watched “You’ve Got Mail” the other night….sitting by my Christmas tree late at night, enjoying the lights. I thought of your beautiful Brinkley 🙂

If I ever find myself in Atlanta, I am phoning ahead to see if that guest room of yours might be free 😉

Merry Christmas my friend Xx

December 16, 2014 - 12:19 pm

peggy - oh sweet paige as i sit here in my robe listening to the window whistle this post resonates deep in my soul. the simply beauty and grace of your home. the bits of sparkle, well it brought a smile to my heart and to my face. ok to be honest my heart was smiling anyway.. chris thinks i’m a mad woman right now, in all honesty for this past year and he highly approves of it. you see our homes have been filled with clutter for years! partly due to moving every few years, partly due to my saving things for a rainy day, and partly due to the fact that so we don’t always have adequate storage. this year i’ve been sorting and purging. it feels so good! and now that Lukas has moved in it has started up all over again. i had to chuckle when he mentioned that so many of the homes here are “old-fashioned” in design. Chris says our home feels cozy but i am craving white walls!! the need for a fresh palette… now before i ramble any longer i am going to sign off! (can you tell i have cabin fever?!? ha ha!) Have a truly magnificently blessed Christmas!! love you my friend

December 16, 2014 - 9:33 pm

Michelle - Paige your Christmas decor is fabulous. I love the neutral decor for your home all year long even during the holidays. I too am trying to simplify my decorations. My husband used to work for Hallmark Cards for 11 years and shockingly we bought almost every ornament they made every year. Needless to say we have tons of decorations. As the years have passed I put out only a handful and am trying to be very selective with what I display. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spaces. Merry Christmas!

December 17, 2014 - 9:57 am

Amy R. - Thanks for your source list! Everything is beautiful! I remember you commenting on my blog when I got my hardwood floors put in. You said they looked like the same ones you have. I love mine too! My floors are made by Shaw and they are called Nottoway Hickory and the color is Weathered Saddle. They can still be ordered because I just checked on having them put in our bedroom.
Hope that helps your readers! Merry Christmas!


December 17, 2014 - 11:11 am

Robin at Recess - Sweet Paige. Can I just come live at your house? IT IS BEAUTIFUL. And mine isn’t. It’s full of boys and their messes and their stuff and I. Want. The. White. Really, you’ll hardly know I’m there!

December 18, 2014 - 10:14 pm

Donna - Your home is my favorite Holiday Christmas walk every year. I can never wait to see what you are going to show. Love everything! Wishing you and your precious family a wonderful Christmas and New Years!
Oh, by the way, where did you find those little silver trees?

December 20, 2014 - 12:01 am

jodi - Your home is as beautiful as always, paige…..it always looks so homey and cozy and the Christmas décor is beautiful! I hope you and your family have a blessed holiday season.

December 23, 2014 - 8:47 am

tara - in love with every detail. always.

January 2, 2015 - 11:08 pm

Donna - Amazing and my very favorite every year. I love it all. Is that floor lamp in your study from Target? I love the colors in the dishes from Anthro with the canvas and bottle brush trees. So refreshing!
! I always feel good when I read your inspiring words. Can’t wait to see what the New Year brings. Many blessings to you and your family.

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