well hello july


we were planning our vacation a year or so ago and one of my girls requested i not bust out the camera constantly and make every moment a photographed moment.  i think perhaps the suggestion that the amount of photos i like to capture might ummmm kill the moment.

it’s second nature for me to live the moment and document it in photograph simultaneously. i’ve been like that as long as i can remember. my brain is in constant “oh wow that would make a gorgeous shot”…”the lighting right here is fantastic”….”those graphics on that funky textured old brick wall in downtown atlanta make the coolest photo”….”oh ya’ll wait a second i need a photo of this”…..” i love this day, i need a photo”….”these sunflowers are beautiful”. i just can’t turn it off. the camera nor my need to capture.

so that aforementioned vacation? i reeled it in a smidge. but photography is a virtual journal for me. it’s like an extension of being present in the moment. an extended moment if you will.

these last several weeks have been full of moments and i’ve captured loads of them on my phone & camera. the struggle is sitting down to write about them. i could instagram all the day long. ( insert my daughters–all of them probably–rolling eyes because i sorta already do! ha!). photo plus thought & bam, its like a mini-blog entry. i’d love for my blog to be a real-time, journaled thoughts with a beautiful photo or twelve but keeping up has proved to be a continual struggle.

i’ve tried to quiet my mind as i prepare for the weeks ahead. i’ve slept in, neglected my blog and basically tried to not be overwhelmed with the juggle of work & travel and a house full of folks who need to eat while i’m gone for the better part of two weeks.

what about you~ are you a virtual journaler? do you fill pages & pages with pen and ink? or do you just store it all up in your heart?

here’s a little glimpse of lately~

01paige knudsen

savannah & friends at zac brown. declared best concert by smk.

02paige knudsen

memorial day beach trip with trevor’s fam.

03paige knudsen

moves like jagger.clearly.

04paige knudsen

visit from sweet hutton & mama jill.

08paige knudsencelebrating senior status as a PHS cheerleader09paige knudsenmadi makes lemon glazed cookies

10paige knudsenmadi trains to become a pure barre instructor

11paige knudsen


12paige knudsen

riding shotgun to a session on a very warm day. let’s hear it for the folks that request summer sessions!

13paige knudsencamo ballcap . fashion vixen.

14paige knudsenlove their style15paige knudsen

porch decor

16paige knudsenwe eat out a lot. what can i say? oh yeah. there was actually two;)

17paige knudsendan’s christmas gift was two tickets to four braves games. a date with each of the girls and an extra for me!

18paige knudsenimages taken at a flattering angel via my iphone photo appear smaller than in real life. darn.

19paige knudsencek did swimteam for social reasons however fully played the part

20paige knudsenhandsome

21paige knudsen

brink turned 9 this summer. these shots were a few years ago. love this boy.

22paige knudsen23paige knudsengeorgia peaches. ‘nuf said.24paige knudsenall knudsen girls make stellar babysitters

25paige knudsen

he may be vision impaired but i bet he sees that he’s quite the chick magnet

26paige knudsensmoothie making cheerleader

27paige knudsen

getting eaten by misquitos. both of us.

28paige knudsentreasured time with wynnie girl on her epic #wactour

30paige knudsen

ha. just realized i apparently enjoy the fact that iphone photos make me appear thinner than in real life! take two! and kimonos are my fashion bff.

31paige knudsena rare moment when im wearing wedges and a daughter of mine is wearing flats. heading out to KATY PERRY! madi & i declare it best concert ever!

32paige knudsen

she even looks great with purple tipped hair & lashes

33paige knudsenit’s blurry but she’s adorable

34paige knudseni try to keep fresh sunflowers in the house all summer long



July 3, 2014 - 1:59 pm

Ella - You & yours are looking good.
It sounds like you are having a fun summer.
I want your (Caroline’s) smoothie recipe. Wouldn’t mind those peaches either.
I like Maddie’s flats with the ankle bands.

July 3, 2014 - 9:06 pm

Alicia - Where do you find all of your flows ruffle shirts? The two you are wearing are adorable! All of y’all are always so fashionable!

July 3, 2014 - 11:13 pm

Lora - Your calendar makes my heart go pitter-pat. Where did you find it?

July 4, 2014 - 10:25 am

Donna - You are all adorable. Love the family pictures and all the shoes as always, love seeing the pictures of your home. Cute calendar!

July 4, 2014 - 10:28 am

Donna - By the way, love the black top and white one with ruffle on the bottom. Mind sharing? Happy Fourth

July 5, 2014 - 12:25 am

wynne - love this, miss y’all so! i’m with you – insta is so much easier for day to day life happenings!

July 5, 2014 - 1:37 pm

Andrea - Looks like you all are having a wonderful summer! You and your girls are adorable…..I adore Brinkley and don’t even “know” him…..and how does that husband of yours keep up with all of you!!!!!! ?????????

July 7, 2014 - 11:20 am

giosmama2626 - Love all the photos, Paige. Great shots, great style, great smiles, great happiness, great everything.

I hope July is good to ya!

July 12, 2014 - 10:32 am

Nicole - These photos, and the people in them, are gorgeous. You live a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing your visual “journal.”