a few of my favorite things

good morning friends!
i haven’t posted one of these in a while so i have several of my favorite things i’d like to share with ya’ll today~

1. first up, i have a $20 off  TOMS deal for you! ( this has to be your first TOMS online purchase to qualify). and they’re shipping FREE right now so hotdog!

i ordered these little cuties last week and love them! would love these. or these. or perhaps a splurge on these babies.
20paige knudsen.com

2. my heart is going to burst in 21 days when we head to rwanda and meet the ladies that sew these bags!

08paige knudsen.com

3. two of the pieces that are worn frequently in our home are the bloomed trio necklace & laguna cuff.  (speaking of faves…this is savannah heading out to zac brown concert)

09paige knudsen.com

4. naptime diaries prints & journals

10paige knudsen.com

5. atlanta local david crowder’s latest, neon steeple is on repeat. i love everysinglesong!

11paige knudsen.com

5. edie’s home smells amazing. i’m a confessed candle fragrance snob, most give me a major headache, but love this one that sweet friend had in her home. ( one of a few–she needs to re-mix all her diffusers to create “edie’s home”)

12paige knudsen.com

6. i may have no problem sporting a ballcap on day 4 and forgetting to shave my legs daily, but heaven forbid i leave the house without lipgloss. true story. and i wear multiple at a time. creating the perfect lipstick + lipgloss combo is to me what baking is to you. ha. so, i always have burts bees guava ( hey, what can i say, i’m a product of the 80’s and i need my frosted lip color). then when i’m doing something that requires more color i top it off with bobbi brown lilac.and when i’m really fancy i’ll go with ruby moon on top. bam.

13paige knudsen.com

7. warby parker. mine are the ainsworth. ( just realized i have on the guava in this shot. i told ya!)

8. serengeti necklace made {with love} in uganda.

14paige knudsen.com

9. lululemon15paige knudsen.com

10. sugarboo. everything they make. no for real. i’m a junkie. the pillows are heaven. giant and fluffy. and ruth ships for free!17paige knudsen.com11. king of pops chocolate sea salt. oh. my. word. but honestly every flavor is delish.find them on fb & ig to see where they’ll be this summer.

18paige knudsen.com

12. maybe i should have named this “atlanta faves” as i realize everyone from crowder to king of pops to sugarboo is all based here in the ATL> oh yea! so a couple favorite spots for a yummy meal are farm burger & taqueria del sol in decatur. the salted caramel shake is insanely good.19paige knudsen.com

13. once again, former atlanta resident patti calahan henry is a favorite author of mine. i’ve read several somewhat heavies lately so i always enjoy her work.

21paige knudsen.com

14. i’ve reallly needed something that i could use on a session when i’m quickly needing to change out lenses. once i began investing major cash in my equipment i really needed something that will work for me while on a shoot. i love my messenger style camera bag from jeanne oliver and carry that often however when i’m working and whipping big lenses off on & on i am LOVING my  shootsac lens bag. however the lens sac is really something i only need on a shoot and i couldn’t figure out how to transport all my gear…and then hallelujah, they ran camera bag combo deal. this has become quite the work horse for me & i love it.

22paige knudsen.com

15. writing & receiving handwritten notes. curly girl has cutiepie cards in abundance.

23paige knudsen.com

oh. out of sequence naptime diaries art.

24paige knudsen.com

16. lisa leonard. all things lisa but especially these little cake toppers.


17.  katie daisy. i kinda have an elephant thing going on so i really love this print.


18. “well, hello there” available in my canvas shop

well hello there

19. ” white peonies” also in my canvas shop. shameless plug.

white peonies  logo

20. john wind currently 15% off at carol & co, just use code NAUTICAL. ( thank you madi & emi for modeling for me!)

01paige knudsen.com02paige knudsen.com03paige knudsen.com04paige knudsen.com05paige knudsen.com06paige knudsen.com07paige knudsen.com

21. the kismet bag is all the rage for noonday customers this summer!! so flippin’ cute! sold out in a matter of days this spring & has just returned in stock. might wanna grab one while you can. made {with love} in india.


finally, i’m selling emi’s prom gown for $99 ( we paide $150). worn once, perfect condition. drycleaned. will ship insured $10.

see previous post for details.02emily

please note. this is NOT a paid advertisement for any products. i have an affiliate program with toms, but do not receive compensation for any of the other links. mwah!

June 20, 2014 - 10:59 am

Stacey - Love posts like this! You are such a trendsetter for us all. 🙂

June 20, 2014 - 12:36 pm

Kim I - Hey Paige,
Two questions on sources… the awesome curly wood pedestal and the ‘frame’ for the Nap time Diaries art work. I must have both of them.!! THanks friend!

June 20, 2014 - 12:43 pm

Ella - Love this post.
Funny question: You often show photos of your bookshelves with frames on them. Where do you keep your books?

June 20, 2014 - 1:29 pm

Nancy - Hey I have a question, with the toms deal, is that only 20 dollars of any purchase? Or is it something that is 75 or more?

June 20, 2014 - 6:58 pm

patty - i might just have to stop coming over here… i’m about to go broke. 😉
love your style!

June 21, 2014 - 7:51 am

tara - always love seeing your favorites.
pinned several for future reference.

would seriously LOVE lunch with you.

i start classes on Monday. YIKES.
we leave for a family camp in TX on 7/2…maybe we could schedule something before or after??


June 22, 2014 - 1:44 pm

Kerri - I will take one of everything please! I love all of your favorites!

June 23, 2014 - 10:54 am

Christina - #14 – ooohhhh – I have been looking for a”the perfect camera bag” for EVER. I recently got a new D5100 and now that I’m into the Big $ equipment, I need to invest. I have a backpack sorta thing, but it’s hard to get in and out of. THIS bag looks awesome. But when I look online at it, while I’m loving your white one, it looks like it only comes in pearl. Is it more white – like your photo looks? or more pearl?

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