our little getaway to serenbe

34paige knudsen

this has been a whirlwind summer already! this year will be a little different as it’s our first summer where we will not be traveling as a family to the beach. yes. go ahead and cue the sad song symphony now. at first i was honestly bummed as if you’ve followed along for any amount of time you know our 7 days in seaside are often referred to as holy week! but i’m okay. i mean good grief, each year we go it’s a priceless blessing that i never take for granted and it’s a blessing not a right. so. that being said. we aren’t doing an atlanta staycation, although with the amount we eat out we could perhaps rename this summer as a dining-thru-theATL with the knudsens! ha!

the girls have been super busy and i’ll share some of the travels they’ve been blessed to go on very soon. let me state the obvious here-i really try to blog in real-time however i’m finding it more & more difficult to do just that. so, you’ll see a few posts from this spring over the next few weeks.

dan & i took a quick over night little getaway last week and it was wonderful. we talked about a few different places and decided upon serenbe. serenbe is a beautiful intentional community just south of the city. with 1000 acres of countryside, it truly is heavenly.


35paige knudsen36paige knudsen37paige knudsen

we stayed the night at the serenbe inn, in one of the cottages that honestly was so “me” i could have moved. right. in. simple, minimal, linen….and a jacuzzi tub for the win.

16paige knudsen

our little cottage~21paige knudsen23paige knudsen24paige knudsen07paige knudsen

and our view from the window. sigh…

41paige knudsen

friends have asked what to do. well. just BE. honestly, just go there & BE…

the customer service everywhere we went was exceptional. the food, everywhere we went was exceptional with most everything grown there on their organic farm. sigh…

first stop was blue eyed daisy bakeshop, recently featured in where women cook. pimento cheese, grilled, plus bacon. come to mama.

03paige knudsen

as we unloaded our bags, the little goats ran alongside the path with us. talk about sweetness…

04paige knudsen

next up was a one hour trail ride. just dan & i and our guide.how beautiful! ( i forgot my cowboy boots. who does that?)

05paige knudsen06paige knudsenthen we cooled off & had the pool to ourselves. my goodness. they serve fresh lemonade & pimento cheese ( yes, i had it twice in one day. hallelujah) and other yummies.

08paige knudsen

there are such charming homes in serenbe…

09paige knudsen10paige knudsen11paige knudsen12paige knudsen

our dinner was at the hil, and was DELICIOUS. oh my. again, exceptional service and , well, everything was exceptional. i was fancy and ordered pizza.18paige knudsenour view as we drove back to the cottage. the one i could live in…


14paige knudsen15paige knudsen17paige knudsen

the next morning as we waited for AAA to come help us with our flat, i walked around and visited with the farm animals after, what i’m certain, was the best scrambled eggs, biscuits, grits & bacon i have ever eaten.

22paige knudsen19paige knudsen20paige knudsen25paige knudsen26paige knudsen27paige knudsen28paige knudsen29paige knudsen30paige knudsen31paige knudsen32paige knudsen33paige knudsen38paige knudsen39paige knudsen40paige knudsen41paige knudsen42paige knudsen43paige knudsen44paige knudsen45paige knudsen46paige knudsen47paige knudsen48paige knudsen49paige knudsen

picked up a few goodies…apparently i’m a candle snob, but capri blue’s blue jean is a new favorite for sure.

01paige knudsen

good bye beautiful serenbe….you blessed us.

we will be back for sure. perhaps retire here one day…


13paige knudsen

June 24, 2014 - 7:18 pm

Lori H - Gorgeous! And I love all the farm animals -cuties 🙂 So glad you got to refresh and relax – we all need it! Thanks for sharing.

June 25, 2014 - 9:41 am

giosmama2626 - Wow!!! Those are some beautiful pictures, Paige. Yayyy for nice and relaxing trips.

June 25, 2014 - 11:32 am

Andrea - Oh my word…..what a serene, lovely place. thank you for sharing and if I could make a little suggestion…that last picture with the sun beaming around that beautiful cloud would make a lovely canvas or print……

June 25, 2014 - 1:50 pm

Ella - Oh, I would love to visit. Sounds like the perfect relaxing vacation.

June 25, 2014 - 2:44 pm

Natalie - Perfection! So glad ya’ll got away and had such an amazing time!

June 25, 2014 - 3:26 pm

Susan W - Okay and now we must all go there because you have given us such amazing pictures and its not fair!! So glad you share with us and happy you had a great escape! But really- how did you forget your boots? Probably because its hot and didn’t want to think of your toes sweating? lol

June 27, 2014 - 4:25 pm

Kelly - Paige, what a lovely getaway. Sort of reminds me of the Wigwam Resort that I have stayed in Arizona where I also rode horses.