several months ago i ordered this gorgeous and super cool scarf from fashionABLE…i totally meant to share it with you guys and i just lost track of time. then this week i saw that they’ve added a couple color options!  ya’ll know i love finding a company that provides sustainable businesses & fashionABLE does just that very thing!

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designed by erin loechner, one of my favorite bloggers~ enjoy her beautiful words~~

“I met many women in Ethiopia—women of great strength and faith and ability. Women who were ABLE to rise above their circumstances and are learning to settle in the space that exists between gratitude and growth.

And this scarf is their statement; their declaration. A tangible celebration of my Ethiopian friends unraveling the story of their lives. Tigist, who is ABLE to dream of her future again. Mehari, who is ABLE to send her children to school. Alem, who is ABLE to raise her family well. Teshome, who is ABLE to support her little sisters.

Their statements are much like our own, scrawled with empowerment and intention, continually writing and rewriting themselves onto a larger page. Tearing and patching, ripping and repairing, tangling and unraveling. And these very statements, I believe, are what weave us together— intricately, delicately, permanently.

And so, this scarf is a declaration for all of us.
For those who feel more than ABLE or less than ABLE or maybe, just-might-be, perhaps ABLE enough. For those who have
fully realized their ABLE and those who haven’t yet scratched the surface of their ABLE. For those who embrace their unabashed ABLE or those who are nervously preparing to leap into their uncharted ABLE.

It’s for those of you like me— who might need a shift, an ever-so-slight unraveling of your story. Who might need a bit of mending from have-to or don’t-want- to or am-scared-to into one beautifully, achingly, undeniably inspiring perspective: ready, willing.


– erin loechner

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images above are not my own. borrowed from fashionABLE website and erin loechner.