these boots are made for walkin’ easterback in the fall dan & i talked about a few possible trips/conference/events i was interested in. only one was going to fit in the budget. Hope Spoken was something i really wanted to attend…i knew it would be a sweet time of worship & encouragement.  i remember thinking at the time–we were waiting to find out exactly what the next few months with dan’s cancer would hold–  i wonder if i’ll have the luxury of a carefree weekend away? or will the reality of sickness and medical needs be the necessary focus. i’m sure that sounds selfish & while i don’t mean for it to be, i’m guessing you can maybe understand.

i started blogging, gosh, 6 years ago? maybe longer? and the friendships i’ve formed along the way have been a life source to me. some of my first line responders in times of both joy & sadness are girlfriends that 7 or 8 years ago i didn’t even know and yet now i consider some of my favorite people. dan & i were chatting about the weekend ahead & was like, ok, tell me who’s coming that you have met in person and who’s coming that while i know you’re friends, you have yet to actually meet. you wanna know the funny thing? a couple of these friends i actually had to stop and be like, oh yeah…i actually haven’t met them “live” yet. thats’ what kindred friendships are. so, all that to say, a few of these precious friends will be there as well. YEE HAW!!!

i’m not bringing my camera. this is not a working weekend for me. i am however packing some boots—yet to be decided, my bible & journal and enough enthusiasm for two of me and heading to dallas first thing friday morning.  i have 395 things to finish before i go but i’m sorta at peace with the “it’ll be here when i return so let it go” mentality too.

dan’s holding down the fort while a slowly coming around post-op brinkley will need some extra loving. he had a cyst removed yesterday as well as a tooth extraction and teeth cleaning.  i’ve been hand feeding him ( probably unnecessary but who cares) rice, grilled chicken and green beans. that darn cone thing has caused him to bump into the corners of the wall over & over. yesterday the dude was just stoned when i brought him home. it was horrible. tonight he’s beginning to rally which is helping me feel better leaving him behind. easter

spring is truly in full force here in atlanta and it is glorious. every year, just glorious. we will pay for it with the need for air-conditioning before mothers day, but right now it’s blissful. easter

last weekend i had the honor of photographing one of my dearest friends newborn miracle baby. i’ll tell you the truth, i never take it for granted when someone hires me to capture their special moments. i’m humbled and honored. photographing moments like this truly feels like walking into sacred ground.



later that day i met an expectant couple and photographed some maternity shots for them. it had started to become overcast as i made the drive over to the other side of town. but the property where we shot their images was heavenly. the colors were such sweet muted pastels.  i felt as if i were shooting a live watercolor painting.  i’ll share more of those later as well as more of baby jon paul. easter1pastel

with the glorious spring weather we’ve had i wanted to photograph the beautiful I AM kit from Ever Thine Home outside. remember now through easter you may use the code PAIGE for 15% off your entire order. easter



and one more sweet treat, i shared yesterday about my favorite fashionABLE scarf~ this code is also available for you featuring 10% off your entire fashionABLE purchase! ( good through monday) fashionABLE-2

alrighty my friends~ have a blessed & beautiful weekend!!

March 27, 2015 - 3:25 pm

Sandy - Anxiously awaiting that beautiful spring weather and color here in Indiana. Unitl then I have one more trip planned – Texas and then our beloved Seaside. Looking forward to spring there now!

March 27, 2015 - 4:25 pm

Holly - Can I be totally superficial……after reading your wonderful post…..and ask what kind of fringe booties those are in your photo? Love ’em. Have a terrific weekend!

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