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easter at our home, “oceans” & nester’s new book

goodness gracious ya’ll! after two super dark  & dreary days we awoke sunday to a glorious easter sunrise &View full post »

sunhsine, shrimp, royal lenses & a new e-course giveaway

last night as i was preparing to serve dinner ( which i made the night before while cooking the “night before&#View full post »

a favorite chicken salad

there’s a yummy sandwich shop & bakery in atlanta called Gabriel’s. the owner, Johnnie, Gabriel and myView full post »

hot chocolate anyone?

this little cutie is by no means the swank, who’s -your -daddy set up over at edie’s place. nor is itView full post »

pink lemonade cupcakes & a nora fleming freebie

madison’s love language is baking.  cupcakes are her specialty. often times at night before she turns in, she&#View full post »

my favorite new dishes & chick food

  my dan is not a big salad eater. truth be told, he eats no salad whatsoever. gasp. if we have a night where he needsView full post »

peppermint stick cocoa & such

 i have a cutie patootie treat if you need any last minute gift ideas. mix this up & add a couple cute mugs andView full post »

a tale of pumpkin bread & a broken nose

while the pumpkins have been displayed around the house for a few weeks & the mums have been on the porch longView full post »

a good week!

i’m choosing to look at the half full portion of the glass& call it a great week.the empty portion of theView full post »

strawberry fields forever

  one of my favorite things to do each year is to head over to the strawberry patch. while the berries are long gone &#View full post »

for the love of tomato soup

last week we were blessed with some unseasonably cool days. gorgeous breezy days & even one rainy day. i can’View full post »

grilled chicken, zucchini and pesto

 i want to share a little dish i made for the girls. dan was headed out for the eveningwhich usually means i serveView full post »

& they made pizza

 the other day my sweet friend darby posted that she was  whipping up a little corn, pesto, tomato pizza. i was allView full post »

a simple springtime dinner just for the girls

  i’m married to a meat & potatoes man so if we have an evening at home when he’s out & about iView full post »

Ted’s Honey-Glazed Salmon

  as promised, i have a Savannah Bee Company recipe to share with you. 1 lb fresh salmon filet 1 Tbs white wine vinegarView full post »