fundamentally hopeful

52paigeknudsenwe’ve had a span of gorgeous days. fall in atlanta doesn’t sneak it. we swelter through september & early october in the high 80’s , go to bed one night & wake the next morning to 50 degrees. i think autumn makes people just generally more happy. something about a cool breeze blowing through the trees, zilcho humidity, ordering psl’s and boot wearing season to make for a wonderful day.

speaking of happy people. i saw this article the other day & had to laugh.

“People who are continuously late are actually just more optimistic.They believe they can fit more tasks into a limited amount of time more than other people and thrive when they’re multitasking. Simply put, they’re fundamentally hopeful.”

i read that to dan last night and told him i figured myself out….i’m fundamentally hopeful babe.  he said, yes paige, you just keep telling yourself that!

while i’m rarely late to a photo session i chronically over estimate what i can get done in a given amount of time. during this busy season for family photos & just the busyness that comes with teenagers in the house, i’m praying that i can keep my focus on the lord…not on my ability to multitask & spin a bunch of plates at the same time.  i’m not all that. it’s much more my natural inclination to have music on at all times, a full calendar, my phone in my hand & just a low-level of busy & pre-occupied at all times. but disconnecting, riding in the car & just listening to my thoughts or sharing my heart with the lord, being still-surrending my needs, my thoughts, my to-do list…that’s where it’s at & where i wanna be.


i think when the girls were younger, as most young mamas do as well, i said “yes” to a lot of things. room mom, car pool driver, the list goes on. now i’m sorta the opposite. i see myself saying “no” to several great things, several opportunities, perhaps more than i say yes.  i have to constantly ask the lord is this something you want me to do? is this an opportunity to serve or do you want me else where? just a daily thing. nothing major. just trying to be all there wherever that may be for the moment.

work hard when i’m working. play hard when it’s time to play. and rest with the best of ’em when it’s time to rest.

even the other day lunch with a precious friend. my work calendar is about as full as it can be for the pace i know i can handle. i’ve had a headache for the last week or so and i haven’t made it to the gym in weeks. probably related. i knew i needed the me time. work or lunch with a friend. why was this even a struggle? i popped some prescription strength ibuprofen, wore sunglasses most of the time to help with my headache ( cue the bright sunshiney day) & had my heart filled up. arrived late of course. fundamentally hopeful, remember?  i drove home thankful for baby snuggles and giggles with little kiddos.

sunday i had a family photo session scheduled for early morning. it was mighty chilly, remember-sudden drop in temps, but the light was glorious. we were meeting at a horse park, besides the ocean, my favorite venue. i got there early ( shocker) and walked around and chatted with different folks. i asked questions about the horses, the therapy they offer, and just was all around amazed. extraordinary beauty at a place they probably see everyday. just their ordinary sunday morning. my heart worshiped. i felt the lord say, see even before you begin work, if you lay your heart and your needs out to me i will uphold you. i will meet you where you are. i will shelter you with my mighty right hand. i will give you peace & rest, even in what you think is a busy day. 

fundamentally hopeful. & occasionally punctual.

after the session, i was loading my car with just regular scores from whole foods. a lady walked by with a stunningly beautiful mastiff and we greeted each other. the breeze was blowing, zilcho humidity & a few other ladies walked by wearing boots & sipped on what i’m betting was indeed pumpkin spice latte…and i felt it…i felt his presence…extraordinary beauty in just an ordinary moment…i thought to myself, while its easy to to pre-occupied with to-do lists and whatnots, may i never miss the wonder & glory of the regular ordinary.


Winter Postcard Ambassador blog

October 23, 2015 - 7:22 am

Lisa - Your blog post was right on point. Loved every word and related to each of your thoughts and feelings of thankfulness and blessings. I LOVE the pic of the 2 horses greeting eachother at the fence. Would you consider selling that one in your canvas shop? Have a wonderful day

October 23, 2015 - 12:53 pm

chrissi - miss paige, as i scroll down your post today an ad for warby parker comes up. i have to tell you. we just love them. because you gave them a casual mention/review we took a shot when new glasses were needed for my family. we thought we would give just them a test order or two. well, we love them! like a million times love them. nicest company to deal with. glasses are spot on and we ordered quite a few pairs and we will go back for more. in a house full of busy boys i love that i can go online and order and not have to wrangle anyone to a boring glass shop.♥

October 23, 2015 - 5:02 pm

Lisa Mothersead - I’ve always thought there was something magical about fall. Your little moments are what life’s all about, as they say. Enjoy…

October 27, 2015 - 1:38 am

patio garden furniture - Lovely post. I love the ducks. They’re cute. Have a great week!

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