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current crush~ isabella bleu

this past week i had the privilege of photographing what i believe is one of the most gorgeous shops here inView full post »

our little getaway to serenbe

this has been a whirlwind summer already! this year will be a little different as it’s our first summer where weView full post »

have a BEAUTY full weekend & winners

i can’t truly express how special ya’ll are! the previous post was one of those that i had one had over myView full post »

my edie & what the fire didn’t do

i hadn’t been blogging long at all when i found edie. as many of you, i fell in love with her instantly. her loveView full post »

a beautiful story of freedom. to me anyways.

my face must be all swollen & blotchy. i knew the moment i began to watch the video ( at the end of today’sView full post »


if you’re not from atlanta, or the deep south even, you’ll probably find it hard to believe what happenedView full post »

a few of my current favorites

i hope everyone stayed dry & safe last night. sounds like there were so many bad storms & more to come throughView full post »

this & that

matt redman’s latest cd released today! i want the cover painting… on a piece of wood…large piece ofView full post »

angels watching over you

i must have been about the age savannah is now. or was i even younger than that? she & my mom were good friends&#View full post »

fashion & style. an encouragement!

good morning my friends! i’ll be honest, i’ve felt a little self conscious with giving my self my own shoutView full post »

let’s play dress up, a summer ecourse with jeanne oliver

morning friends! i’m super excited to share with you the launch of jeanne oliver’s summer ecourse series,View full post »

madison’s morning with camille deann

saturday was such a fun day for madison ( & for me too!). madison was chosen as one of the models to work withView full post »

tween cuteness

i tucked her in one night and the next morning she woke up and was taller, thinner, blonder and older. that happens. youView full post »

validation, identity and a pageant

          often times we look for, we long for, we need the acceptance “award&#View full post »

make up favorites by an amateur

  it’s so funny that i would even dare talk about my favorite makeup products because i’m not in the loop iView full post »