spotless floors are highly overrated


i wanted to share some images of just a few of our new fall pieces. savannah is wearing our annie’s feathered earrings which are awesome!! lightweight leather & so fun to wear and very ontrend for this fall.

one thing that i think must be confusing is….you can order online at any time. you don’t need to be present at a physical show to order. we usually release a fall line & a spring line.¬† your pieces will ship directly to you from our home office in austin. the artisans ship all their pieces, from their countries to our home office & then home office will ship to you. i only have a few samples that i purchase to share at shows. i do not carry the fully inventory.

if a piece that you have your heart set on is actually on backorder, i would suggest you go ahead & order. remember we are working with artisans in other countries. all our pieces meet fair trade standards…which means they are often times crafted in rural and poor communities. the obstacles not only to create each piece by hand but then get it from said rural poor community to america is much easier said than done. so what i’m trying to say is, some of our fabulous pieces sell well & sell well very quickly. it can be a bit of a challenge to keep up with the american demand. while traveling in guatemala and spending five hours sitting still in a road block by the indigenous people …we got a small taste of such challenges our artisans face.

so. if you love something & it’s backordered. i’d suggest you order it so you’re name is at least in the running.

speaking of back ordered, our super cute market bags made exclusively for noonday are due back in stock within about 3 weeks. they are entirely too cute…and at 22 bucks, a total bargain. ( color option will vary)

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these are just some quick pictures i snapped before one of our trunk shows & all pieces are available on line. i’ll point out a few that i love.

blushed necklace. made from paper beads by our group in uganda. love.

9.18 127


sweet clementine bib. a fun statement piece that’s funky & easy to wear. looks great with a crisp white button down or just a simple tshirt & jeans. winner.

9.18 125

9.18 122


ready or not necklace. made from found artillary. our metal pieces from ethiopia are always crowd favorites! for you super trendy girls, turn it around & let the chain portion dangle from the back of your neck if your wearing an open back blouse or dress.

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doreen colorblock cuff. paper beads made in uganda in turqoise & red. hello. total cuteness. need i say more?

sophie square bracelet. ok. i’ll admit. i was not a fan of the square bangle option upon my first view. but i LOVE it now that i’ve held it and have worn it. i’ve loved fringe faithfully since the 80’s , so i’m totally jazzed that it’s back again. these are made in haiti by a group that helps provide young mom’s to be with prenatal care. haiti has an astronomical infant mortality rate & these ladies are receiving health care through your support. buy a square bracelet & help a young mommy.
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inca steps in coral. i have one word for you. SEC gameday. well technically that was two words. war eagle anyone? is it acceptable for a UGA person to actually say war eagle if i wasn’t an auburn tiger? ok. let’s not get all tangled up in semantics. it looks great with dark orange. end of story.

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& friends, just an encouragement for you. we opened our home for a trunk show this week. my floors were not spotless and i did not bake homemade bread. no one knew that my laundry baskets were full & or that our windows seriously need to be cleaned. i spent 6 hours with my highschool bff. i hugged girls necks as they walked in & realized they had gone to highschool together…& heard¬† “how do you know paige?”. i met an adorable new bride. we ate popcorn and sipped cheap wine. from plastic. trunk shows need not be intimidating. while i’d love you to fill your home with friends so more people can hear about the passion behind noonday, even small intimate gatherings are purposeful and will bless you!!

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September 23, 2013 - 11:10 am

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Love it all. You were made to photograph things. My mama surprised me with the cow horn hoops for my birthday. Just made my heart so happy.

September 23, 2013 - 1:06 pm

Kerri - Everything is beautiful! I am so glad that you are enjoying what you are doing. But I am especially happy to know I am not the only momma without spotless floors,lol! XOXO

September 25, 2013 - 1:09 pm

Kelly - Lovely jewelry!