becoming: the unfolding of you

02paigeknudsen.comfriends i am so honored and excited to tell you about a course my precious friend jeanne is offering!

Becoming: the unfolding of you

in jeanne’s own words: “This January join 20 women for an 8 week study all about finding your true identity in Christ. Each week you will hear unfolding stories from the women in this study. We will be sharing truths about who the Lord says we are and our personal journeys to accepting those truths.

We will also have fun creative videos that follow the study where the women will share one of their gifts. Think guitar playing, bread making, painting, entertaining and more. You know I can’t have a course without sharing how the Lord uses our creativity! My hope is that the study will give you fresh eyes for the Lord and yourself. When we know who we are in Christ it changes everything and opens our paths and gifts in incredible new ways.

Some of us are carrying around “truths” about ourselves that are flat out lies and it time to lay them down

This study will be open and honest, real, Bible based and a bit of creativity too. We hope you will join us January 6, 2015 for this free online study!”

jeanne & i became friends years ago through the internet. she has taught me so much about generosity and creativity. we’ve shared laughter & tears together. when she reached out about this course, my heart was in a vulnerable place. i felt fragile and small. i felt like i just wasn’t sure i’d have anything creative to share. or perhaps the unfolding of me would be too much? too heavy? but you know what, it’s okay. it’s okay to share the vulnerable and tender, the laughter & the lessons, the raw & joyful, all packaged up together. our hearts can never tire of hearing WHO we are in christ. with so much distraction & constant “noises” in our lives, being gently reminded of these promises will be a balm to our souls. i’m  honored & humbled to come alongside these women & come alongside YOU!!  i’ll be preparing my contribution to the course as we wrap up 2014. it’s honestly the perfect time to hold my heart accountable to being intentional as i prayerfully consider my story & message for you.  i can’t wait!!

Directions to register:
To join this free study you just need to be registered at (registering is free).

Once you are on the site you will find this study, free videos (business and art), my Creativity Takes Courage series and new online courses along the left hand side of the page.

You will find all of our courses/videos under the COURSES heading.

To register for Becoming | The Unfolding of You

1) Go to COURSES along the left hand side of the page

2) Go to the bottom of the course and click “view all” to find Becoming | The Unfolding of You

4) Click on Becoming | The Unfolding of You

3) Click the +join button on the upper right hand side

4) All of the details are on the page and you are all set for the study to begin on January 6, 2015

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