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current crush ~ december gift edition

merry christmas friends!! i’ve had several wonderful products in my little blog-vault for quite a while &View full post »

hope heals

“The bride, though now unable to walk down any aisle or clearly speak her wedding vows or eat her beloved weddingView full post »

emi & betsy pittard designs

good morning friends! today emily & i are featuring some pieces from one of our favorite jewelry designers, betsyView full post »

maker + ink giveaway

ya’ll, i’m so pumped this morning. i’d love to introduce you to Maker + Ink! if you guys haven’View full post »

being a story teller

when i think back over the jobs & careers i’ve had over the years, they all have one thing in common-i’View full post »

“lord have mercy”–JT

for years i caught every CMA. never missed a single one. however daylight savings has officially kicked my tail. andView full post »

current crush round 14

gosh. talk about infrequent blogging. i’m glad you guys are still here. i clearly have no clue what the generalView full post »

when you need rest~lindsay letters new art & SRT

26 photo sessions including but not limited to~ 1 live birth session 5 newborn in-home sessions 6 senior sessions 1View full post »

savannah’s canvas art~limited time offer

my daughter savannah is offering a few of her hand-made art canvases for sale! last year she took all the orders sheView full post »

{made with love in Haiti}

it’s not unusual for customers to ask me if we carry any pieces from haiti. i think this country is specialView full post »

my little chalkboard wall projects

you guys know i am all about my personal disclaimers. so allow me to begin by stating the obvious. these photos are fromView full post »

blogging, birthdays & a special easter discount

honestly i hesitate to start a blog post with the words-around here lately. these days the struggle is real to keep up aView full post »

baby it’s cold outside

friends. it’s freezing here. i realize it’s freezing basically everywhere so we need not try to out-frigid-View full post »

25:40 love

the scriptures give us a beautiful tender picture of how we can love the lord well. of how we can love him with ourView full post »

how the land (& people) of 1,000 hills changed my heart

if i were to pen a short list of life’s most memorable events, like 5 or less, traveling to rwanda last summerView full post »