bravery & lovewell

i want to introduce you to some women who truly lovewell. and heads-up. i am going to use my compass quotes as words together. i realize this is not grammatically correct however in my heart i love the power of moving them all snuggly together for impact. i’ll drop the hashtag that i use in my instagram posts though! however i plan to post many writings within these categories.

karen, kathy & linda. these women love others SO well. linda is my constant loyal friend. she can “go there” and be tender and yet funny at the same time. she graciously acknowledges the tough while she wraps it up tenderly and ends on a joke. and she brings us amazing food.  kathy always remembers surgery dates & upcoming stressful events. i don’t know how she does it but somehow she remembers those things & always shoots me a text that she’s praying. karen, her optimism and contestant reaching out and thinking of others inspires me to be a better me. they bear each others burdens. they are the friends that not only love when life is easy and days are spent at the beach sipping wine at sunset after a half marathon but when there are major life issues at hand as well. the current one being cancer.

karen is my sweet friend who’s currently battling breast cancer and has been for a few years. a few weeks ago she started another round of chemo & radiation. i texted karen yesterday and asked if i could a peek into her life on the blog. here’s her response ~ “It’s a long story, but the cancer never went away…they were trying to keep it stable. October of last year it began growing. So I’ve been on different meds trying to stop the growth. This october the scan showed cancer in my patella and growth of all new spots. I had radiation to my knee then started chemo. Through these years I’ve held onto many of God’s promises. He has remained faithful and provides for us daily. Praying he brings you comfort, rest and healing my friend!”

she knew i’ve been fighting an upper respiratory issue and ending her text about chemo, forcryingoutloud, she tells me she’s praying for me in my measly yuck.

i asked linda & kathy to share a few words about their friendship.

linda~”Karen is one of the most positive people I know! She exemplifies what a friend should be in life. Always turning her story into asking what she can do for you. She has introduced me to Cosco, Whole Foods, Oriental markets, green drinks,Orange Crush “fun drinks” and loving the lord with all my heart. Her smile can light up a room in a minute and her answer to everything is “Its all good“. I am blessed to call her my friend and look forward to many more fun times together!”

kathy~”In the weakest moments of my life, she stood faithful and strong by my side. For these last few years, she’s allowed me to be one of those people for her. Karen’s smile radiates beauty; her heart pours love into all she comes in contact with. When you ask Karen how’s she’s doing or how she’s feeling, she says her famous “its all good” quote that we pick on her about. Honestly she says it with such conviction, it’s hard not to believe her!
I thank Our Lord for the blessing of this fighter in my life! ”

i want to be like these ladies. loyal friends who truly LOVEWELL.


a couple weeks ago on what had to be the most glorious day, we got together & photographed karen’s adorable family. her mama came along for a few as well. i try to not share too many of my personal thoughts about sessions as i would never want a client or friend to think i preferred one over another. i wouldn’t want to play favorites. in an attempt to remain somewhat professional i usually leave all my personal thoughts out. that being said, i can honestly say this is one of my favorite sessions of all times.  any family that shows up with a football scores extra points. pun intended 😉 i’m certain this was a tender day for her, but in true “karen-form” her bravery and her grace just spilled out. we laughed & perhaps got a little teary now and then, but God’s hand was all over this session. i mean it. in all ways.


November 12, 2014 - 1:18 pm

Dana - Great posting and the photos are great as always!

November 12, 2014 - 3:17 pm

Marcy Norman Cox - thank you for sharing these gorgeous pictures of this beautiful family.. I will keep Karen and her loved ones in my prayers ..

November 12, 2014 - 11:19 pm

Suzi Edgeworth - Oh my her eyes are amazing … deep, gentle, full of peace … amazing!

November 17, 2014 - 10:54 pm

Cathy Henry - all three of these ladies are amazing and precious! (as are you too, paige!!) love the pictures and love your words today. hugs 🙂