iced in, family shoot & a german magazine

i’d be lying if i told you weather issues didn’t frighten me a little bit. atlanta is about 9 hours to a 36 hour ice storm that the weather folks are using words like catastrophic to describe.  i felt like i woke up constantly ( & with a sore back because kickboxing kicked my tail yesterday) praying for protection of our city. not only do i selfishly worry about my immediate family but i share my worry and think about animals who’re neglected by their owners, outside all night in the sleet. i worry about atlanta’s homeless population and the poor. i’m an equal opportunity worrier.

so far my little home is okay. the sleet is falling and we still have power. we’ve been told by the governor to expect the worst. so. that was unnecessary for folks like me. what can i say. so if you think of it today while atlanta is being covered in “crippling” ice will you also cover atlanta in your prayers?

earlier this fall i had the privilege of photographing my sweet friend kat & her adorable family. ya’ll may know her as tenniskat on instagram. here are a few of my favorites from that day.

paige knudsen fall session1

paige knudsen fall session13

paige knudsen fall session2paige knudsen fall session3paige knudsen fall session4paige knudsen fall session5paige knudsen fall session6paige knudsen fall session7paige knudsen fall session9paige knudsen fall session10paige knudsen fall session11paige knudsen fall session12paige knudsen fall session14paige knudsen fall session15paige knudsen fall session16paige knudsen fall session17paige knudsen fall session18paige knudsen fall session19paige knudsen fall session20

paige knudsen fall session8

also i always get a kick out of the popularity of this next image. i shot this years ago, probably on automatic, definitely with my first camera without a wide angle lens. it’s an awkward little area in our hallway, but it’s a shot of how i display some of my girls art.  and yes some of them are old enough to be in college but this mama still loves & treasures their creations from days gone by.  actually i’ve added many more since i captured this shot . i’ve been asked more questions & received more emails about this little image via houzz and pinterest. it’s soon to be published in a friends book on decor – will fill you in on that little nugget a little later. just recently i was contacted by a german magazine in which it was just released in print, you can see here. funny thing, instead of linking to my regular website, they linked to my noonday page. too bad i don’t have sweet melissa up there & a link to my canvas shop. that’d definitely be a win!


alrighty friends. i have a daunting stack of books beside my bed that i’m guessing i’ll be spending some time with.  i’m praying any power outage is short, that this ice storm miraculously dissipates and that we’re back in action soon.

incase you missed sweet melissa, here she is 🙂  she & many other images are available on canvas wraps here.

sweet melissa  1 logo

February 12, 2014 - 11:47 am

Deborah - Congratulations on your wall of precious art is being published. I’ve always loved it. I have a similar one. Sending prayers up your way that all my Atlanta friends for safety, lights and warmth. Good luck.

February 12, 2014 - 12:38 pm

Lemonade Makin' Mama - Loved those shot of sweet Kat and her adorable family!! And congrats on the magazine spread! It really is the cutest wall so I can see why people rave about it!!

February 12, 2014 - 12:41 pm

tara - very excited that your art wall was published in a german magazine. kind of crazy that the images from our home on pinterest and IG and blogs can end up in front of eyes all the way around the world. literally.

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