let it be jesus


Her life was most certainly always about Jesus.

This morning I selfishly wasn’t feeling very celebratory heading to Regina’s celebration service. (See backstory here).

The harshness of that sounds so terrible to say. I celebrate her, oh i always have but on yesterday’s dreary day I wanted her here. I miss my friend. I’m sad that she suffered. I’m heartbroken that her family had to say goodbye to a cancer ravaged body that was once strong & healthy.

While i selfishly miss her being here, today was truly nothing short of an amazing celebration of her “sold out for Jesus” life she lived.  I found my heart shifting during the service and being able to celebrate so much of what God did not only in her life, but through it…and to so many people as well.  It was a celebration indeed!! Gosh -immeasurable lives changed because of her influence. During the service we were asked to stand if we had been mentored or taught by Regina. Dozens of us stood. Truth be told, i can only imagine the dozens & dozens that greeted her on her glorious homecoming and said, “hey Regina, because of your life, your influence, your teaching…i know Jesus”. I can only imagine.

Always pointing to Christ. Always wanting all glory to be given to Him. Always. and she taught me to do the same. In one of her last more eloquent texts to me, she wrote the following : “So thankful for your friendship and continued prayers and encouragement to not grow weary. It’s a long journey but we know who’s writing the story. Cancer is not. Our Risen Lord is writing the story. May our faith grow in the midst and our eyes be stayed on Him and not the storm. ❤️❤️❤️”

Yes of course we wanted a different story for her. A story of growing old, crushing her twinkling eyed high school-sweetheart love of 48 years in golf like she always did. A story where cancer miraculously left her body. But yesterday the story we celebrated is that of a woman who was deeply in love with the one who redeemed her life who showed us all that whether we are abandoned
or ever acclaimed. Should we ever be surrounded by the fire and the flame that there’s a name to remember & proclaim~let it be, let it be my Jesus.

Christy Nockels ushered us into worship. I immediately remembered worshiping with Regina months ago. Standing beside the woman who taught me so very much about Jesus will forever be tattooed on my heart. Because as we worshipped today & celebrated her life and that cancer did not define her I felt like I was right beside her once again. Death didn’t win. The grave doesn’t win.  We will see her again. She is right & whole & completely healthy.  While we prayed she’d find healing here this side of heaven she is worshipping in the presence of her first love! And will be forever more.

She knew her days on earth were few compared to an eternity with Him and she was intentional about those days. I pray I do the same and yes …let it always be Jesus.

September 25, 2015 - 12:30 pm

chrissi - paige, when you write about your sweet regina, it reminds me so much of my mom. she “won” her battle with cancer and went home to be with Jesus years ago. it still feels like just yesterday to me. she was young and beautiful and had a heart for the Lord that i can only aspire to. i yearn for the light in her eyes that drew strangers in so they could talk about Jesus.
ruth graham once wrote of the party that welcomes us home to heaven. beyond anything we can imagine. i just know my mom would be on the decorating committee welcoming your dear friend home♥

September 28, 2015 - 1:45 pm

Bethanie - I thought of you yesterday at the Gathering when Louie was talking about Regina. I knew how much she meant to you…she is whole and healthy again, and as believers, and “with faith Regina is more about your FUTURE than your PAST. We don’t lose, we are simply waiting to GAIN…and that blows away the past. We are moving closer each day.” (Another awesome Louie Giglio illustration) My thoughts are with you. PS. We’re reading “The Story” as well… love the Bible in this form!

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