meet our rescue pup~ duke


a few weeks ago i shared a little bit about our last days with brinkley. all day today i’ve thought about posting and each time i sit down to write a little i get this gigantic lump in my throat, just remembering. something about words & images stirring up the raw emotions. i miss that boy like crazy. i do. he was my companion and there’ s an emptiness with out him. big time. i want to share more about him but i still can’t do it.

so… for today i can do this….i want to introduce you to someone….

i knew, even after having the perfect dog that i was open to looking at others, particularly another rescue. we adopted brinkley through Adopt A Golden here in atlanta & we were super pleased with them. once we brought him home i quit going to that website & seeing the faces of orphan pups that desperately needed a home. we were a two dog family for years & years and i know that right now we need to be a one dog fam. well a few days after we said our heart wrenching good bye to my boy, i opened the website again. first time in 8 years. turns out there’s hundreds of abandoned golden retrievers in Turkey. hundreds. can you imagine? AGA  was doing their third rescue of pups, brining a couple dozen home to atlanta each time. i talked to dan & asked all the girls if they felt their hearts were open to bringing in another doggy. i got a resounding yes.

AGA posted images on their Facebook page and even made a “turkey dogs” page as well. be still my heart. goldens galore! and they were coming…like basically within a couple weeks. having adopted before with this group i knew what was in store. application, home visit, references, the works. these people care about these doggies & only want them in the best homes for them. and these “turkey dogs” were no exception. hundreds of them abandoned and living in the forests or begging on the streets. i can’t even.

well i mentioned a couple dozen were coming so i agreed to foster one. to help out & all. oh….they give each of the turkey dogs an americana themed name. i mean honestly….aunt bea, cracker jack, chevy, the list goes on. we fostered elvis. he was super freaking cute…but little and a puppy. i really wanted a big dude and not a puppy. there was one who’s thick boxy face i really wanted to meet. cowboy. see that cute face below, bottom left corner? i’m dying. we arranged a visit & fell in love with cowboy. cutie pie elvis was quickly adopted and went to a home perfect for him. cowboy came to us. spirited, 2 1/2 year old white box-faced cowboy.

here’s his little profile picture taken in istanbul. poor boy had a bad skin infection, possibly a few bites from other dogs & his hair was matted. poor homeless cute fella got a janky shave job just before he headed to ‘

here he is on his first visit to our home. not shown-him jumping on my white sofas and trying to eat my ginormous sugarboo pillows. he’s chilled waaaaay down & no longer engages in such foolishness. he was just excited.


i wrote a big check & headed to petsmart and loaded the boy up with toys. he’s all about his toys. we’re learning to walk on a leash and honestly he’s coming along. he’s been with us for about three weeks and doing great!

truth be told i think about my brinkley every single day. did i say that already? i told the girls we’d have to be careful. brinkley left some big shoes to fill so how about we not do that…try to fill shoes. comparing a homeless spunky pup who speaks turkish, forcryingoutloud, to a senior uber calm dog was not gonna be fair. new pup to make memories with. we could do this. we can rescue a fella who needs a good home with lots of people to love on him and cheer him on while he grows in his coat. wink.

as a family of 6, picking out a name was a little tricky. i have a thing for “hank” as in williams or “cash” as in johnny. a couple of the girls liked some more trendy-sh names but i was all old-school and feeling a smidge stubborn. but we all loved cowboy but thought maybe another name to go along with it. well….who’s the most famous cowboy ( only answer this if you’re over the age of 38). thankyouverymuch. so his name is “duke” as in john wayne. that was dan’s vote & only vote. i affectionately refer to him as #cowboyDUKEtherescuedog for the sake of organizing my instagram!

so welcome to the family duke. we sure love you already!

& ps…you guys have to watch the little video below. its to adorable and you’ll see “cowboy’s’ crate in there a couple times. i’m pretty sure that’s him around the 1 minute mark turning away from the camera…

AGA Turkey Dogs 3 Arrive – September 2015 Orphans of the Month from Vince DiCecco on Vimeo.

September 18, 2015 - 8:36 pm

Stacey - I’m crying from the music video and the sweet story! Paige, y’all have an international dog. How cool is that? He may not be just like Brinkley but he’ll be wonderful in his own way. Thank you so much for adopting a dog. We adopted ours and it was the best decision ever!

September 19, 2015 - 12:54 am

Marcy Norman Cox - Dearest Paige , I’m so happy that Duke found your family and stole your heart. I look forward to reading his many updates as he fills your life with love and memories. Thanks to AGA and the many adoptive families that are opening their hearts and homes to these beautiful dogs.

September 19, 2015 - 7:50 am

Andrea - I am so happy for you and your family and especially for Duke. We finally got a little dog after our Lily was gone after over 3 years we love him but my husband’s heart still isn’t open to really loving another dog. He is kind but hasn’t really opened up to him. Time.

September 19, 2015 - 2:33 pm

Susan - I know you’re pain in losing Brinkley. We lost our girl about 2 1/2 years ago and it’s a void. I get teary eyed looking at your post on Brinkley, because I get it, I’ve so been there, am there still. Like anything time makes is easier to live with the loss. It’s never the right time to lose a furry family member and never the wrong time to rescue a dog in need. Sometimes those two things coincide. Good luck with Duke! You are doing good work in the world to rescue him.

September 19, 2015 - 9:29 pm

Rebecca - So happy for you and your family. What a beauty that Duke is. We adopted a hound from “Mutt Love Rescue” here in Northern VA. She is the best thing that every happened to us. Wonder if this organization comes to VA. As the saying goes “Who rescued Who?” Truer words were never spoken when it comes to these wonderful sweet deserving animals. Congratulations!

September 20, 2015 - 3:26 pm

Mimi - Rescue dogs are the best! He is so cute : )

September 21, 2015 - 11:22 am

Melissa - Oh my gosh I loved reading this. I lost my sweet kitty Aeisha two weeks ago totally unexpected. My heart still breaks whenever I think about how much I miss her. I cried for days. On a whim I opened up a little white dog rescue site I knew about from past community events and fell in love with a dog named Saddie who is almost 7 and needs a home. I think we are taking the plunge but i keep thinking is it unfair to Aeisha to get a new pet so soon. Reading this made me realize we aren’t replacing Aeish, not even trying. Just giving another pet a chance.

September 22, 2015 - 7:33 am

Lynne - Paige.
Your stories always travel from Georgia via heaven to this PC in the PacNWest!
Welcome to Sweet Home America “Cowboy Duke”!