my little chalkboard wall projects

you guys know i am all about my personal disclaimers. so allow me to begin by stating the obvious. these photos are from my old-dying-a-slow-death iPhone. these are not high-res cool interior pinterest worthy shots. secondly. i am not a DIY person. i’m more of a let’s get it done, non-perfectionist painter. there are a plethora of youtube videos & blog posts out there that will give you all the best of the best tips on using chalkboard paint and why you season it, etc. i’m just going to give you the skinny on my experience. plus our bathrooms are not all updated with fancy new hardware. so this is like a real life, things aren’t always pinterest perfect are they? gosh. nothing like throwing my own self under the bus!

so now that the expectation bar has been set at a reasonable level,  let’s begin. i have three spaces to share with you. one- a downstairs half bath painted with chalkboard paint. two- the girls upstairs full bath painted with smoky charcoal by glidden. and three-caroline’s room which has three grey walls (smoky charcoal–not shown in this post) & one full chalkboard wall. it was getting a little confusing so hopefully this will help you follow along. both the smoky charcoal & the chalkboard paint were purchased at walmart.

caroline has asked nicely for quite some time if we could update her room. her room was probably my long time fave of all the girls rooms so i was shamelessly slow on this adventure. i painted it a seaglass-like pale blue with a little hint of periwinkle when we first moved here 18 years ago. it was originally madison’s room and then became caroline’s nursery.  sigh. that blue was a color that always reminded me of the beach homes that i love in seaside. we used shabby chic linens and the furniture was white and the walls were free of the usual nail holes that i tend to make changing out wall art. sorta my last hoorah of little girl rooms if you will. but she’s a cool teenager now and wanted something more “her”. they’ve all done that over the years but with the baby i guess i drug my feet. so we talked about different ideas & she decided she wanted to go with a dark grey on the walls & one large wall of all chalkboard. i knew the process would take a little time & money, neither of which was available when we began planning. she’s been patient & truth be told, we still have a few things to do. i purchased a great tapestry for christmas & we’re still deciding on the best way to hang it. we’re also still searching for a few more bed pillows…so until the entire room is completely finished i’ll just share the chalkboard wall.

okay. chalkboard walls and the infamous seasoning process. here we go.

seasoning the chalkboard is really important. like really important my friends. don’t go through this entire process ( especially if you’re painting a large surface) and opt to skip this step. chalkboard paint is very porous. if you do NOT season it, the first time you write on the surface the chalkboard will absorb the chalk and create ghost-like images. it won’t erase well and it will be quite a frustration. seriously, google “why season a chalkboard” and the professionals will walk it out for you. it’s a pain to do on large surfaces but it’s a must! i’ll share a few more steps further down in the post.

to tell you truth, i lost some steam seasoning the bathroom chalkboard. ( i painted it first thinking it would be easier since it was a smaller space). it made a huge mess and i don’t do well with chalk mess. in retrospect, i think it was because logistically a bathroom is just tricky. tile floors, sinks, mirrors & windows made that aspect a little more of a challenge. we probably won’t actually write on the walls in the bathroom as i have a huge chalkboard in my studio and who wants over-kill? but i love the texture & look of the walls in there with just the finished chalkboard…sans writing. but never say never right?

downstairs bath before~


downstairs bath after~all four small walls are chalkboard

upstairs, girls bath before~

upstairs girls bath after. smoky charcoal by glidden used. ( so hard to photograph small baths)

let’s switch gears back to the chalkboard. are you dizzy yet?

my wise girlfriend recommended purchasing gym chalk. genius. can you image covering a huge wall with tiny piece of chalk after tiny piece of chalk? the block of chalk i purchased came from academy sports & came with two blocks. i used one for the entire small bath & the other for caroline’s wall…and had some left over. she also recommend placing it inside a baggy because…well…chalk is messy. genius. cover the entire surface with the chalk. this took me hardly any time at all.

for wiping off the season process,  you can go a couple different routes. i used a damp mr. clean eraser and then went back over the walls a couple more times with a damp bath towel. you can pass on heading to the gym that day. trust me. seasoning caroline’s wall didn’t make as big a mess i assume because her floors are carpeted which helped absorb all the chalk flying around in air. this takes a little longer.

i also read on a popular paint website that using an actual eraser, like old-school, is discouraged. so i keep a baggy with a wash cloth in caroline’s room for her to use whenever.

this is after a few minutes of wiping the first coat with the mr. clean eraser. hang in there. it gets better. i promise.

this is after i wiped again with damp towels. two times..maybe three.

its obviously personal preference how much aged chalkboard effect you want for your wall. the girls might have wiped off a smidge more before they created a flipping masterpiece.


i promise to share the full reveal of caroline’s room once we get a few more details completed.


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March 19, 2015 - 12:15 pm

️Marcy Norman Cox - just beautiful rooms.. Caroline’s chalk wall is amazing !! You and your girls have such creativity and talent ..

March 19, 2015 - 5:46 pm

Bev - Where did you get the round mirror?

March 20, 2015 - 9:38 am

Katherine @ Grass Stains - It all looks beautiful, Paige! And — no surprise — the girls did an UH-MEEEEE-ZING job on the chalkboard art. If you don’t mind sharing, where did you find the Glenda the Good Witch artwork? I love it!

March 23, 2015 - 9:38 am

Peggy - Oh dear sweet Paige! I LOVE your chalkboard walls!!! Ok I might be a bit biased because I love chalkboard walls. We might just have a room (or three, maybe four) with chalkboard walls. And the artwork on Caroline’s wall is INCREDIBLE!!! Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! I have to second Bev’s question. Where did you find the round mirror? I’ve been looking for one for a few years but have been unsuccessful so far. xoxo p

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