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life lately plus CT scans & some prayer

good morning friends~ i have to first tell you a BIG praise~~~~ dan had a CT scan last week that showed NO other sign ofView full post »

so many things to share

first of all i want to thank you for reaching out this week. it’s so weird how just talking about gregg’sView full post »

sorority girls come home. i need to learn spanish & crowder itunes

doesn’t it seem that the further along we roll into may, the more your body seems to be saying….”View full post »

saying goodbyes & other laughing moments

my sweet abby girl is almost to texas by now.she & her mama, one of my dearest friends,packed up yesterday, headingView full post »

DIY for the college girl & back to school

we loaded up the car sunday & moved savannah in to her sorority house at school. yes, school cranks up mighty soonView full post »

sorority formals & surprise parties

  for years i worked primarily weekends & holidays. since leaving my position at the hospital i have loved beingView full post »

birthdays, salons, sorority events & such

 between valentines day & the first week of april we celebrate three of the girls birthdays valentines day myView full post »

game day in athens

saturday was such a fun day for us! dan & i headed down the atlanta highway to athens. it was savannah’s AXOView full post »

a ball & a homecoming dance

disclaimers & details regarding today’s post:  1. i have no problem shamelessly downloading images from myView full post »

introducing josh & the joy of red TOMS

i ran over to athens earlier this week to take savannah a little “congrats on your new sorority” gift, alsoView full post »

she’s a sorority sister!!!

it’s official she’s an Alpha Chi Omega!!!!! & so is her precious room mate, Mckinley! they were herView full post »

sunflowers & sororities

i have officially lost my mind. it’s 12:51  A.M. which means it’s approximately 3 hours past my bedtime &#View full post »