i promise~


over the last several months madison has had evening classes on monday nights. but last week she found out her final would be early in the day making is possible for she & i to head to the grove. let me tell you what the grove is…the grove is crazy. it’s crazy because women from all over the place fill up buses & minivans, grab their besties and flippin line up, hours in advance…expectant to meet jesus-to hear what he’s up to-to connect with other ladies, to touch & feel him in corporate worship—-and ya’ll, clearly this is a need because last night this “monthly gathering” filled up and over flowed the cobb energy center which holds four thousand plus. see. i told you it was crazy!


for weeks now my background music-while i drive, while i edit photos,while i “occasionally” cook a meal – has been christmas music. i created a pandora station & loaded it with chris tomlin, third day, jeremy camp, mercy me, & big daddy weave holiday. i shared on the holiday house walk tour that Noel, performed by my current fave lauren daigle, has been on repeat. that particular song is on the latest cd that christ tomlin released, called Adore. I’m tempted to keep this baby out year round. true story. chis lead worship last night ( sang several from this release) & it was both simply beautiful & profoundly powerful.



each morning my goal has been to read the advent devotion from my friends at she reads truth. ( pause-before i go further. i gotta tell you. this is not an ad for any of these people or places. these are legitimately how I’ve chosen to help redirect my scatter brained focus this month. just realized this was sounding sorta like a commercial & i want ya’ll to know this is the real deal sisters.). i love how they take us by the hand and walk us through scripture. it’s simple. it’s applicable. it’s relevant. is it every single morning? not always. sometimes instagram grabs my focus first, but i can redirect!


advent is essentially a time where we can focus our hearts & scattered mind on Him. the reason for it all. it’s so simple really, celebrating His birth yet we make it complicated and frenzy-like and all about the to-do lists. and yes sometimes thats just life but rebooting my thoughts & mind with music & written word & time with my girls or my girlfriends brings me back to where i want to be…celebrating that He came & changed it all for us. He chose to come without all the glitz, without the pomp & circumstance and yet He could have. He’s the king of angels…and yet he came so simply for you & me.


so…i promised i’d give a source update from the Holiday House walk…and i will…i just wanted to share my heart for a moment first. i know you wanna know where the fur pillows are from (restoration hardware) and you’ve asked about the bottle brush trees (anthro & a long time spent collecting along the way) but i really want you to know that you’re loved by jesus. and while hanging out with 4k+ women might sound over the top and while christmas music may seem “old” and far from relevant to you…or maybe reading god’s word just doesn’t seem real…He is my friend. He is so real. and He loves you so much. there’s no past or story that He can’t redeem. He can use you & use it all for good & for His glory. He’s faithful & true. I promise. with everything i have- i promise.



December 8, 2015 - 12:12 pm

Bethanie - Every month I tell my mom I wish I could just bottle up The Grove and send it to her. Unless you have experienced it, you just cannot explain the awesomeness (is that a word?) of it! Truly such a blessing to be a part of it and to see the way the Lord works in such HUGE and amazing ways…
So thrilled to see you twice in one week, my friend!

December 8, 2015 - 2:19 pm

Linda Stoll - Paige … I wandered over here from somewhere this week. And I love it your place. I feel the warmth, the welcome, the beauty, the truth. I’ve subscribed and will be returning often.

Blessings to you …

December 8, 2015 - 9:05 pm

Corey - Love the way you bring us back to the Truth. The Truth of His love and His grace. The music was icing on the cake!!

December 8, 2015 - 9:53 pm

Jan - Beautifully said…thanks for the reminder of the simple but profound truth of the gospel. Lauren Daigle is on my playlist. Her songs ministered to me this year over and over again as I walked through a season of waiting. ❤️

December 9, 2015 - 12:25 pm

Jackie - Thank you for this post, as I was enjoying look at everyone’s decorated house for Christmas somehow this post came up as my computer reset. I was feeling low and I felt like it was frivolous to be looking at such beautiful homes all decorated for the holiday. Someone in my life had done something they weren’t proud of and they confided in me, it immediately robbed me of my joy for the season. Then I listened to Noel and looked at the blog you recommended shereadstruth and I was able to lead that person to the passage that talks about not accepting our forgiveness and becoming legalistic. It was just what these hurting souls needed to hear, so thank you for sharing your faith! I know as a Christian we are often ridiculed and challenged when we share our faith, but sometimes we are sharing our faith to keep a believer from stumbling!

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